Comic and multimedia storyteller Lenny Peppers and famed journalist, comic book writer/publisher and book author Lynsey G.'s podcast about decolonizing sexuality and gender.


July 19, 2021 75 mins

When Gaia Morrissette decided to get married, it was to game the system. But she discovered that people didn't like it when she told them that. Instead, she slowly realized that everyone around her was a member of the Cult of Marriage! So she undertook a grand experiment: Getting married to see how the rest of the world would react. And the results have been stunning. From high-pitched squeals to lovers getting squeamish to fin...

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We welcome Amanda Barr—ceramicist, teacher, and disability advocate—to the show to talk about the experience of disability in a colonial society. A society that often seems as though it would prefer if people with disabilities would vanish from public life. We touch on the impact of being disabled in everything from education to parking to work to dating and sex education, making connections between the colonialist state and disabl...

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We’re joined by the incandescent dancer, poet, spiritual abolitionist Nikki Darling to talk about how sex work both is and is sometimes not a force for healing and decolonization. From porn to private sex work to stripping and beyond, we break down the systems that oppress people, and how to divest your own energy from them. Along the way, we visit adult time outs, energy exchanges, roots, floaters, and the mothership. 

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April 6, 2021 79 mins
The Red Badge of Courage. Moon Time. Good ol’ Aunt Flo. Call them what you will. Periods are a part of life. A very big part of it for people who menstruate, in fact. But it’s not helping anyone if we pretend they don’t happen just to make people who don’t menstruate more comfortable. Lenny and Lynsey talk about why it’s in everyone’s best interest to normalize periods, and share their favorite snacks when they’re Surfing the Crims...
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March 20, 2021 65 mins

The rules are all made up, so let’s make everyone valid—especially the elderly. Thus spoke Lenny and Lynsey in this episode all about aging. Your favorite decolonizers talk about issues faced by the elderly in the dominant culture: silencing, media invisibility, medical discrimination, and unacceptable sexuality. Plus side quests into MILFs, cougars, Blanche Devereaux, J-Lo, and more!

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March 6, 2021 76 mins

Lenny and Lynsey sit down over some beer and cider to talk about fashion! From a brilliant form of self-expression and rebellion to a tool of the patriarchy and colonization, fashion is where art meets utility, and it’s part of literally every human society. So let’s talk about it, and talk a little sh*t about it, too. From corsetry to hypersexualized headdresses to vablazzling (!?) to Dandyism, this episode touches on a little bit...

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Are we all living in ancient Rome? Because it kind of feels that way to us. We’re joined by Jenny Williamson, co-host of Ancient History Fangirl, to dig into how weirdly familiar gender and sexuality were 2 millennia ago in ancient Rome, and how a lot of those ideas were passed down to use today (hint: it was colonization). Along the way, we hit a lot of questions about public bathrooms and underwear, why the Roman public was so no...

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February 22, 2021 85 mins

Lenny and Lynsey get personal about beauty standards as they’re applied to female-identified folks in America—including themselves. They also discuss how modern beauty is tied to colonization, how whiteness came to be considered supremely beautiful, and the lengths people have gone to in different times and cultures in order to be considered beautiful…whatever that means.

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February 12, 2021 72 mins

Monogamy is not the only option for romantic relationships, folks! Lenny and Lynsey start the second season of Hourgasm by breaking down what ethical non-monogamy means to them, why it makes sense for many human beings, how it was forced on indigenous groups by colonizing forces, and why Pagans are so horny for polyamory.

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January 23, 2021 78 mins

First of all, we cannot spell or pronounce this word. Secondly, it's a really difficult concept to pin down. We talk about what it meant for some groups in pre-colonial America, what it means now, and how it’s impossible to hit this moving target that’s defined more by what it’s not than what it is. Plus, we spend a lot of time giving lovey eyes to feminine icons Dolly Parton and Morticia Addams. Because, seriously.

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January 16, 2021 82 mins

Lenny and Lynsey dig into the way marriage functions as a means of population control, from time immemorial up through the Dawes Act of 1887, the post–World War II push toward nuclear families and suburban living, and the expectations we live with today. Why is marriage so damn important in our culture, and why did it get that way? And how do our cohosts feel about this institution of acceptability? (Hint: Not great.)

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January 9, 2021 76 mins

The voice of your generation, Charley Macorn, joins us for a long look into the history of queer representation—or lack thereof—in the American comic book industry. From "Seduction of the Innocent" to the comics code of conduct to the subversive machinations of Wonder Woman to sneaking queer representation into stories by way of villains who broke the rules about gender expression to the visionaries who started blowing up t...

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January 2, 2021 64 mins

Let's all take a moment to appreciate Ursula the sea witch. Now that that's done, let's settle in to talk about Disney films. They've played a huge part in normalizing gender expression in American youth for decades—so what did they teach us? How do their lessons hit differently for someone who was raised on them (Lynsey G) and someone who came to them later in life (Lenny P)? Plus, our first foray into queer-coded ...

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December 26, 2020 45 mins

We’ve figured it out, folks. The ingredients of any good sex scandal (and pretty much everything else) are revealed in this episode, where we look more closely at modern political sex scandals, different kinds of sex parties, and Lenny and Lynsey’s conflicted feelings about Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

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December 26, 2020 53 mins

Politicians seem like they’re always getting themselves into compromising situations and then into the headlines. But why do we care so much? And what should we expect out of politicians? How are women thrown under the bus for male politicians’ foibles? And what are some examples of female politicians who had their own sex scandals?

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December 26, 2020 77 mins

Horror films are a conundrum. They’re both deeply subversive and highly problematic. They rely on gender stereotypes and sexist tropes, but they also allow women and queer characters to take the upper hand in ground-breaking ways. What gives, and how do these films work for or against colonialism? Lenny and Lynsey have thoughts.

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December 22, 2020 40 mins

In Hourgasm, we’re here to decolonize sexuality and gender. But what does that even mean? In the pilot episode, Lenny and Lynsey share topics they want to cover, utopian visions for decolonized sexuality, and some juicy personal details.

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