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How the Wise One Grows

Welcome to How the Wise One Grows – where we live with intention by connecting to inner wisdom, one another, and the natural world through mindful conversations and meditations. Join me, your host Holly Zajur, and guests for heartful interviews about topics like spirituality, wellness, and anything and everything that aids us in navigating the human experience. Episodes alternate between guest interviews and guided meditations to help you integrate mindfulness into daily life. The intention is to empower you with a deeper sense of awareness and confidence as you cultivate a fulfilling and authentic life. Each episode is an honest exploration of what supports people as they navigate life’s twists and turns– and a reminder that we are all in this together. Join us every other Wednesday for new episodes!


June 12, 2024 70 mins

We're honored to share a deeply moving story of love and loss with Gabby Wadsworth. You may remember her from Episode 104, where she shared her journey of leaving the Mormon Church. If her strength and resilience touched you then, this episode will resonate even more deeply.

This episode focuses on her husband Colten Wadsworth, who battled cancer for 3.5 years. Gabby opens up about Colten's fight, their life together durin...

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What would it take to walk away from everything you know? Tune in to hear the brave journey of a woman, Gabby Wadsworth, who left the Mormon church after being raised in it. Listen as we discuss the critical role of intuition, the courage to challenge church elders, and the path to healing from spiritual abuse.

Gabby shares a raw and honest account of her journey to leave the church, offering insights and encouragement for all peopl...

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Having trouble making a decision? I got you covered! In this episode, we offer a guided meditation designed to help you navigate the complex process of decision-making. Building on our insightful discussion from Episode 102 with Clarity Coach Keltie Maguire, we focus on one of life's significant choices, like the decision to have kids or remain childfree.

In this 13 min mindfulness-based meditation, we explore three essential c...

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In this episode, clarity coach Keltie Maguire helps us navigate one of life's most significant decisions—whether to embrace parenthood or opt for a child-free lifestyle. We delve into the societal norms, cultural expectations, and personal considerations that impact this choice. Our discussion is guided by listener questions and stories, addressing the stigmas associated with opting out of parenthood and exploring emotional jo...

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In today's episode, we've got a guided meditation to help you through life's most embarrassing moments-- and general feelings of embarrassment and shame. Using mindfulness and compassion, you'll learn how to gently let go of negative emotions and cultivate a stronger sense of self-acceptance.

Whether you're new to meditation or looking to deepen your practice, this meditation is crafted to support anyone see...

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Celebrate two years and 100 episodes of spreading the How the Wise One Grows podcast with laughter as we share our most embarrassing moments. 

Imagine beginning every friendship with the raw, unfiltered stories that make us human—this episode does just that with host Holly Zajur and guests Emma Hern and Kelly  Eberle, as they introduce themselves by sharing their most embarrassing stories. 

But the laughter doesn’t end here...

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This episode shares the breathing technique that helped Natalie Rainer (from Ep 98) find relief through extreme pain while in the ICU followed by a meditation to connect with your core values to navigate life with clarity, as Natalie did after the accident.

Box breath is a great way to:
- Calm the nervous system
- Improve mood
- Regulate body temperature
- Decrease stress
- Lower blood pressure

This epi...

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We all face hard moments in life. But some, seem impossible to overcome. Those are the moments we learn how resilient we truly are. 

On August 13, 2022, Natalie Rainer and Jonah Holland were in a horrific bike accident that took the life of Jonah Holland, a beloved friend and community member, and left Natalie severely injured. Natalie’s recovery story is a testament to finding resilience and compassion throughout the heal...

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Unlock the secret to conquering self-doubt and embracing your creative potential in this episode. Join us as we dive into the story of Jada and David Parrish, former wedding photographers turned conceptual artists. Discover how they bravely shifted careers and embarked on an ambitious 100-set project that showcases their artistic expression and personal development journey.

In this episode, not only will you get an inside look at Ja...

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This week we are time-traveling back to Episode 55 where we talked all about Forest Bathing with Daillen Culver, a compassionate well-being educator, nonprofit director, and yoga teacher.

 Join us as we explore compassion fatigue, the profound impacts of eco-anxiety and climate distress, and the transformative power of forest bathing (Shinrin-yoku). Daillen offers valuable insights into the emotional toll of these issues a...

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In this episode, we dive into a mindfulness of death meditation, inspired by the Buddhist practice of maraṇasati and Episode 93 with death doula, Jill McClennan. "Mindfulness of Mortality" offers a guided meditation focused on the acceptance of life’s impermanence.

By acknowledging mortality, we are encouraged to live with more purpose and mindfulness. The practice draws on mindfulness of death to facilitate a deeper conne...

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The only thing we know for certain in life is... that we die. So why are we so afraid of it and talking about it?! 

In Episode 93 we dive into the taboo topic of death with  Death Doula and End of Life Coach, Jill McClennen. Jill shares how we can stop fearing death and start embracing mortality to live with courage, openness, and authenticity.

This episode is not just a conversation about death; it's a guide...

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In today's episode, you'll hear a guided meditation for the upcoming New Moon in Aquarius, the Lunar New Year, and learn the most helpful advice as we ride the waves of life.

This meditation helps you establish your core values, enabling you to set clear intentions during this pivotal time of renewal. Whether you're seeking to refresh your mindset, align with the cosmic energies, or establish a foundation for the year...

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Have you ever wanted to pack up and move somewhere completely new? In this episode you hear from life coach turned therapist, Marisol, about what the reality of that is actually like. 

In this episode, you'll discover:

  • Essential Self-Reflection Questions: Before you pack your bags, dive into key considerations that will guide your decision to move
  • Why running from our shadows doesn't work and ways to work with ...
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This meditation practice invites you to introspectively examine your past and present experiences with substances while setting an intention for the future relationship you'd like to have with substances.

Whether you're exploring sobriety, sober curious, California sober, or seeking a healthier lifestyle, this meditation offers a judgment-free space for personal discovery and growth.

Go back and listen...

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This episode continues our "Sober Curious" conversation from Episode 88, diving deeper into community stories and examining the roles of cannabis and psilocybin and being "California Sober". We also explore the question, "What is a substance?"

You'll hear from community members about their evolving relationships with substances, the impact these substances have on personal relationships a...

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What does it mean to be "sober curious"? From "dry January" to the sober curious movement, people are questioning the societal pressure to drink in a culture that emphasizes alcohol consumption. In Episode 88, we explore the concept of being "sober curious" through a conversation with Jody Sidel, a shop owner and advocate for non-alcoholic alternatives in Richmond. We also share insights from our liste...

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What if instead of setting resolutions, you start the new year by facing your fears? This episode shares a meditation designed to guide you through fear by acknowledging it, feeling it physically, and witnessing what aids in being with it. 

We explore the positive transformations that can occur when you meet your fears and help you tap into what lives on the other side of fear. Discover how fear and excitement share similar sensatio...

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Traveling can make it challenging to keep up with a wellness routine. But, it doesn't have to be that way. In this episode you will learn how we drove cross country to Canada and back with our dog without eating fast food, getting 6,000+ steps/day, AND not losing our minds.

 Learn how to take care of your body and mind while on the road. From mindful eating tips to the benefits of brown noise for better sleep, we&apos...

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In this Winter Solstice episode, we embrace the solstice as a time for inner stillness and rejuvenation. It's an opportunity to transform the shortest day into a deeply spiritual experience, one where we connect intimately with the rhythm of Mother Earth. This episode includes a guided meditation to practice during the winter solstice,  helping us to turn inwards and anchor ourselves in the natural cycles of growth.


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