How To Love Forever

How To Love Forever

Explore the endless possibilities of Love, Romance & Sexuality. Hosts Heather & Marco seek relationship wisdom to share wit you. Intimate, fun & outrageous!


May 24, 2022 57 min

IN THIS EPISODE, we explore the biggest decision you can probably make in your life

We dive into parenthood, looking at the landscape of it in culture and in personal life. 

We see how parenting has evolved from a social obligation to a personal choice.

And we lay out a list of reasons you just might want to skip the Parent aspect of a long term relationship

And reasons why you would want to embrace it.

On today’s episode we are br...

Mark as Played

(NOTE:  We have 3 episodes to go before we bring this show to a close.  The journey has been very informative and we’ve made many friends along the way.  However, our current life has so much activity in it, and demands on our time.  It’s not like it was in the middle of the pandemic.  We may pick up this podcast series again in the near future, but it really is up to you dear listeners.  Let us know in comments or emails if you ge...

Mark as Played

IN THIS EPISODE, we share our conversation with war veteran now therapist, Mark Cunningham.

Mark sheds some light on what it is like having witnessed battle and what he learned from it that now informs some of his work with patients as he develops his couples counseling practice.

He explains what a soul wound is.

And he reveals what his secret wish would be if he happened across a magical genie in a bottle, and you might be terribl...

Mark as Played

We are back from our two-week break!  We had a very nice time!  And we took a 100% complete break from all things podcast!  But we missed you. Thanks for sticking around!

IN THIS EPISODE, we are digging into the crates, we are revisiting some popular love songs in the history of pop music.  It’s a playlist of dysfunction, codependency, and even mortal danger.

We get critical with the lyrics to determine exactly what love lesson th...

Mark as Played

(NOTE:  We’ll be off the air for the next two weeks celebrating our wedding anniversary!

It’s lucky #12, bunnies! So you know we have to make it special. 

Yup, we take our romance quite seriously. We will be back as of Tuesday, April 26th where we will be taking on Shitty Love Songs.  )

Masturbation! Is it healthy? Is it harmful? 

IN THIS EPISODE, we talk about touching ourselves.

We answer 7 questions & address the changing at...

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IN THIS EPISODE, we share 10 hot tips to enjoy more sex.

We offer suggestions for setting the stage, becoming more conducive to sexuality, and working to earn it.

(& We share with you our 3 favorite C-words)

We love sex! Sex is good. And good sex is even better. And since so many people in the world feel similarly, sex is used as the motivating factor for much of what happens in our society. It’s used to sell just about everyth...

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IN THIS EPISODE, we explore three levels of relationship strength; fragility, resilience, and anti fragility.

We see how these states differ from one another, and how that relates to the strength of one’s relationship.

We discover how chasing happiness can make you miserable.

& We touch on ways we can get past relationship challenges and emerge stronger from them.

Books!  Click the Amazon links below to get these great books fo...

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IN THIS EPISODE we dive in to the deep dark waters of experiencing trauma.

We break down the many ways trauma can affect not only our own lives, but the lives of those around us, and our most important relationships.

We share methods and resources for working through different kinds of trauma.

& We share some modern techniques & treatments, some of which might surprise you.


#traumahealing #lovetips #relati...

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IN THIS EPISODE, we interview director of the STI Project, Jenelle Marie Pierce. 

Jenelle teaches us the difference between an STI & an STD.

We learn how many Americans are likely to have an STI at this very moment.

& We see once again how important it is to have honest & courageous communication.

Most people can’t imagine being the one who suffers an infection or injury.  We tend to consider ourselves impermeable, unas...

Mark as Played

IN THIS EPISODE, we get spicy!

We get frisky!

We get fancy!

& We share with you some of our favorite ways to keep your love life blazin’!

Today’s episode is all about incorporating fun ways to keep your romantic lives exciting, even when you’ve been together for a super long time.

You’ve been together for a while now. Say, some years. You’ve become accustomed to each other as your relationship matures. The pandemic didn’t do an...

Mark as Played


To be more specific, we get intimate with Hollywood!

(To be even more specific, we go to Vancouver)

We learn about how the film industry is evolving its creation and representation of intimacy in movies and TV!

& We get behind-the-scenes peaks in our conversation with a real life intimacy coordinator in the film industry!

had the privilege of conversing with Megan Gilron, intimacy coordinato...

Mark as Played

Don’t be so serious! Play, y’all. 

IN THIS EPISODE, we get silly!

We discuss how beneficial play can be within our relationships.

We share the most common ways partners play with each other

& We spill the tea on the secret pet names we have for each other.

So yesterday was Valentine’s day, and in light of this oh-so-romantic holiday, we thought we’d do an episode all about how to make relationships fun!

Do you and your partner(...

Mark as Played

Hoping you *have* much love and *give* much love in 2022!

We have tons of love for you!  Every Tuesday!

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IN THIS EPISODE, we share the second part of our interview with TALENTED Sexologist Dr. Amanda Morgan

We dish about our shared time working/volunteering at the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas. 

She reveals some steamy NASA sex secrets ... SERIOUSLY!

And she tells us about her first time meeting a … ManPuppy!

This is the second half of our fascinating & hilarious interview with sexologist Amanda Morgan, PhD.  It touches on s...

Mark as Played

IN THIS EPISODE, we sit down for a talk with groundbreaking Sexologist and educator Amanda Morgan, PhD 

We chat about her experiences as a professor at UNLV, and how the pandemic impacted her and her students’ experience

We cover her formative years and what led her to become the youngest Sexologist in America

We hear about many myths and misconceptions that afflict our society that she has dedicated her life to dispelling.

We disc...

Mark as Played


We expose ourselves.  By which we mean we open up about getting vulnerable.

We define what is vulnerability.

We share examples of healthy & unhealthy vulnerability.

We break down the benefits of being vulnerable.

And share with you a handful of ways it can enrich your relationship

Without being needy,

Or a doormat,

Or an inscrutable jerk!

 In today’s episode we are discussing vulnerability, why it’s crucial ...

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IN THIS EPISODE we enjoy a conversation with writer, poet, & aspiring Antarctic janitor, Christine Jupp.

She shares her perspective on ethical non-monogamy & the importance of being able to travel well with a partner.

We learn what a “glitter gringo” is!

And she gives us goosebumps with a piece of spoken word poetry.

We met Christine through a digital nomad group on FB, and it just turned out to be one of those kismet kind ...

Mark as Played

(This is a follow-up episode to Episode 09, The 5 Communication Styles)

IN THIS EPISODE, we explore & define 4 Message Types

We explain the difference between being an analytical, intuitive, functional and personal Message

We see which ones work best with each other and which ones are more challenging to combine in relationships

We share tips on how to get along with each Message type

& We help you pinpoint you & your p...

Mark as Played

IN THIS EPISODE, we explore & define The 5 Communication Styles

We explain the difference between being assertive and being aggressive

We provide tips on how to break out of being passive and get your needs communicated 

We share insight on how to tell if you’re dealing with a manipulative communicator

& We help you pinpoint just what type of communicator you & your partner(s) are

Some online resources for your benefit:...

Mark as Played

In this episode, we explore the evolving landscape of gender diversity

We take a look at how gender & sexual identities are quickly changing, & how this fast evolution affects individuals, relationships, and society

We inquire about how we, as a pretty average couple, can be an ally to those whose voices need to be heard

We have a long conversation with the multi-pronouned, pan-gendered, and simply awesome Executive Directo...

Mark as Played

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