How to Talk to [High Achievers] about Anything

How to Talk to [High Achievers] about Anything

Black and brown strivers achieving on our own terms.


December 11, 2023 16 mins

Charlene is advancing in her career as an actor. But contending with narrow industry notions of AAPI body shapes is draining and distracting. Stevon and Juleyka discuss strategies for inventing your own path forward in a creative field. And Stevon offers advice to avoid internalizing negative feedback that has little to do with talent or skill.

Stevon Lewis is a licensed psychotherapist and coach. Learn more about his work here. If ...

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Lloyd, a content creator, just moved to Los Angeles but is struggling to build a fulfilling personal and professional network in his new city. Stevon and Juleyka break down the importance of making meaningful connections that are aligned with your goals, and Stevon shares strategies for setting realistic expectations during and after a big move.

Lloyd George is a content creator with a passion for empowering creators of Color. Learn...

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November 13, 2023 15 mins

After a sudden passing in the family, Rita had a hard time adjusting to her “new normal" while balancing multiple responsibilities as CEO of her creative agency. Stevon and Juleyka discuss caring for ourselves during the grieving process, and Stevon shares tips for accepting help from loved ones.

Rita Thomas is an award-winning producer specializing in authentic storytelling that touches the heart of people. She established 110 Nort...

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October 30, 2023 15 mins

As an entrepreneur, wife and a mother of two, Jennifer cannot stop thinking about all the ways she falls short in her personal and professional life. Stevon and Juleyka discuss toxic self-criticism, and Stevon helps us interrogate our irrational demand for perfection.

Stevon Lewis is a licensed psychotherapist and coach. Learn more about his work here. If you loved this episode, be sure to listen to When Your Job is Killing You and ...

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October 16, 2023 14 mins

Elzie is stepping back from day-to-day operations to help his podcasting company grow. This stressful transition is forcing him to reconsider his business model, and even his own identity. Stevon and Juleyka unpack the dangers of narrow forecasting and Stevon offers strategies for staying grounded during business and career changes without catastrophizing the future.

Elizie Flenard is a business leader and entrepreneur and founder o...

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October 6, 2023 35 mins

The health and wellness of Latinas is crucial to the health and wellbeing of the U.S. economy. In 100 Latina Birthdays, an original documentary series from Peabody-nominated LWC Studios, reporters in Chicago investigate the health and lifetime outcomes of Latinas in the United States from birth to age 100. In season 1, the stories that unfold center Latinas during their perinatal journeys, childhood, adolescence, and up until age 2...

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To advance her career as a future doctor, Melissa is determined to improve her public speaking abilities, but doing so requires she overcome deep-seated insecurities.  Stevon and Juleyka discuss strategies for tackling impostor syndrome head-on, including collecting evidence from your environment and questioning the stories you tell yourself in high-stress situations.

Stevon Lewis is a licensed psychotherapist and coach. Learn more ...

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Keyonna is a mental health practitioner who loves her work. But when she doesn’t see the client progress she expects, she questions her own abilities. Stevon and Juleyka discuss strategies for remaining clear-eyed about your accomplishments.

Stevon Lewis is a licensed psychotherapist and coach. Learn more about his work here. If you loved this episode, be sure to listen to Your Lived Experience is Expertise and Proving Sel-Limiting ...

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September 4, 2023 15 mins

As the leader of an organization that supports formerly incarcerated individuals, DeAnna must constantly assert her authority when working with stakeholders who do not share her background. Stevon and Juleyka break down how to take back your power when your knowledge or skills are being undermined, and he offers tips for leading and negotiating without compromising our values.

DeAnna Hoskins is President & CEO of the nonprofit JustL...

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August 21, 2023 14 mins

When Yare decides to change careers to become a model and disability advocate, she must confront not only industry stereotypes but her own restrictive mindset about her abilities. Stevon and Juleyka talk about why taking chances and looking for evidence can help high achievers overcome their perceived limitations.

Yarelbys Túa Pachano is a model, content creator, and disability and inclusion advocate. You can learn more about his wo...

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August 7, 2023 15 mins

Our show is back with a new format! Stevon welcomes Juleyka Lantigua, the show's creator, as a discussion partner as he delves into the complexities high achievers face. In this episode Deepa tells us that after 20 years of moving up in corporate America she felt like the epitome of success. But when physical symptoms of burn out began to intensify, she knew she'd reached a breaking point. Stevon and Juleyka talk about how to addre...

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The newest narrative podcast from LWC Studios is out now! “Still Paying the Price: Reparations in Real Terms” is a 14-part series exploring how reparations should be paid and to whom. This podcast is meant to be enjoyed in an order that makes the most sense for our listeners. You can begin by listening to this episode or wherever you find your podcasts–-and start your own reparations exploration.

For more information, all episodes, ...

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December 26, 2022 14 mins

As we look ahead to 2023, we leave you with one of our favorite episodes to set you up for success in the new year. Takara is an Emmy-nominated producer and director making her way in a new industry. She's doubting her abilities and questioning the decisions that got her here. Stevon helps us tackle self-doubt by updating our definitions of success.

This episode originally aired on April 4, 2022.

Stevon Lewis is a licensed psychother...

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David Bizzaro is an award-winning professional puppeteer, actor and filmmaker who has taken an unconventional path toward breaking into the entertainment industry. While successful, he sometimes feels pigeonholed by an industry that frequently treats him as a stereotype. Stevon offers strategies for standing out by emphasizing rather than downplaying our full selves.

Learn more about David's work as a professional puppeteer on his w...

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November 28, 2022 13 mins

Amanda has transformed her love of travel and living abroad into a lucrative career as the creator of a digital platform that celebrates Black expats. But her rigorous efforts to represent the full spectrum of the Black experience have started to feel like a burden. Stevon helps us avoid the pitfalls of perfectionism by sharing practical tips on how to worry less about the "how" and focus more on what we want to accomplish.

Stevon L...

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November 14, 2022 14 mins

Chandi is a fundraising professional advancing her career in the nonprofit world. She’s the face of her organization and interacts with donors, but behind the scenes she often feels dismissed and overlooked. Stevon helps us develop a sense of belonging and get comfortable taking up space in rooms that don’t feel affirming.

Stevon Lewis is a licensed psychotherapist and coach. Learn more about his work here. If you loved this episode...

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October 31, 2022 13 mins

Lindsey is a social media marketing leader who has witnessed his years of hard work and focus blossom into a successful career. As a newlywed, he feels torn between his desire to be a caring and attuned partner and his professional ambitions. Stevon helps us reevaluate our constant drive to produce and create a path forward towards a more harmonious work-life balance.

Stevon Lewis is a licensed psychotherapist and coach. Learn more ...

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Tech founder Anna DeShawn is driven by her startup's mission to elevate the work of BIPOC and QTPOC creatives. But asking potential investors for support and capital makes her feel raw and vulnerable. Stevon breaks down how we can make key decisions and talk about money confidently when business feels personal.

Stevon Lewis is a licensed psychotherapist and coach. Learn more about his work here. If you loved this episode, be sure to...

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Felicia Pride has big ambitions for her production company, Honey Chile, but her sense of responsibility makes it hard to acknowledge the value she brings to creative projects, collaborators, and her team. Stevon helps us avoid burnout by honoring our needs and asking others for the time and money we deserve.

Stevon Lewis is a licensed psychotherapist and coach. Learn more about his work here. If you loved this episode, be sure to l...

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Risa is a therapist and writer who starts book projects with gumption and enthusiasm, but struggles to reach the finish line as self-doubt sets in. Stevon offers advice for standing up to our inner bully by building in down time and celebrating our accomplishments.

Lisa Williams is a writer and therapist. Learn more about her self-help book series, The Ultimate Toolkit Books  and her other projects here.

Stevon Lewis is a licensed ps...

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