I Am Perfect! Podcast

I Am Perfect! Podcast

Unleash Your Power By Claiming Your Perfect(ion)! The I Am Perfect! Podcast is the show where you’ll go on playful adventures that flip the switch on what you’ve been told about being Perfect. In realizing you’re whole and complete, you’ll shift your focus from what’s “wrong” or what needs to be “fixed” to becoming aware and leveraging what’s already there WITHIN you. This is Holistic Health and Authentic Leadership in the works! Dancing at the intersection of Holistic Health/Well-Being and Leadership, you realize your Holistic Health impacts the way you Lead, and the way you Lead impacts your Holistic Health. So get on board where you explore what plays a role so you can intentionally design your Environment that makes way for your Perfect Authentic Self to shine! Join De’Nicea Hilton Harper - Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Holistic Well-Being Consultant, Workshop Facilitator and Speaker - on multi-dimensional rides where you begin to see your life experiences differently…where you open yourself up to insight and guidance that’s being offered by symptoms and conditions of the Whole Body Self to support you in your Holistic Health, Well-Being and Leadership Journey. Shift your Perspective and Perception about your life so that you may experience the Possibilities. De’Nicea shows you that what may appear to be disconnected in Spirit, Emotion, Mind, Body and Environment are actually all connected, one in the same - for you are Whole and Complete. Through this process, you’ll become more clear about who you are authentically, and discover ways to confidently Be in your purpose. Proudly stand and declare: I am Whole. I am Complete. I am Perfect!


November 29, 2020 23 mins

Did you know there are three key players offering guidance and support in your Self Healing Journey? Yes, THREE! So you see, you’re not alone, my dear. 

In this episode, you’ll learn who those players are and the role each of them plays in your Self Healing Journey to Embracing, Embodying and Expressing Your Perfect Authentic Self.


Mark as Played

Have you built a trap for yourself by setting health goals that have this end date to them? Or even what that’s supposed to look like?


De’Nicea Hilton Harper puts your Spirit, Heart and Mind at ease by sharing what it really means to be in this Healing Journey. Offer yourself grace as you come to see that Healing is a Journey...NOT a destination.

Mark as Played

It’s Part 2 of exploring just what it means to being Holistic and the relation to Being Perfect! De’Nicea Hilton Harper introduces you to the four primary pieces that make up the individual Whole.

These four players are always running and speakin’ with each other (and you!), so imagine what you could learn when you pay attention to their messages as they offer d...

Mark as Played

The word “Holistic” gets thrown around a lot and there are many meanings to it. In this episode, De’Nicea Hilton Harper takes you on a journey of what “Holistic” means here on the Perfect PlayGround. Let me tell ya, just understanding and embracing this one concept will carry you millions of zillions of miles in your Self Healing Journey.

This is a key step to C...

Mark as Played

Many think about Play only pertaining to the kiddos. Pfftttt! Allow De’Nicea Hilton Harper to show you two things:

  1. You’re a kid yourself! That inner child is just screamin’ to come out, so allow her! She just wants to play. 
  2. You’ve got such a beautiful oppor...
Mark as Played

You’ve been kickin’ it on the Perfect PlayGround - and thank you for being here! Listen in as De’Nicea Hilton Harper shares the vision and transformations intended for you as she guides you along in your Self Healing Journey to Embracing, Embodying and Expressing Your Perfect Authentic Self.

I mean, it’s kinda cool to jive with where someone’s guiding you. And, ...

Mark as Played

“Nobody’s Perfect!”

“There’s no such thing as Perfect.”

These are statements that many have said and very much so believe in, yet it limits you in what you’re capable of. As we continue along in the podcast premiere of “I Am Perfect! Podcast,” De’Nicea Hilton Harper shares what Perfect really means for you...and it’s a mean...

Mark as Played
November 2, 2020 12 mins

Kickin’ off this season of the I Am Perfect! Podcast by breaking down what the Perfect PlayGround is. De’Nicea introduces you to the concept where it applies while listening to the podcast and simultaneously see it being carried out in your life.

Understand the space you’re in and the feeling what it has to offer in your Self-Healing Journey.

Mark as Played

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