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I Make a Difference

The I Make a Difference podcast is an adventure that explores the journey you experience as your human self and the pathway back to your true self. A journey involving a disconnection from who you truly are, being conditioned in your thinking, behaviors, and processing, being emotionally impacted and controlled by your reactions, and the experience of a past that can be complex and multilayered in its hold on you. As well as diving into and strengthening your connection with all the powerful elements of your true self as you find your way back to the real you. If you truly want to make a difference to yourself, it requires you to do the work to uncover and reconnect to the true you, for you to develop your awareness, ability to recognize what you are experiencing, face your truth, understand your processing, and to know how to work with all aspects of who you are not and who you are, so you can come back to you. The I Make a Difference Podcast is here to support you to achieve this. Subscribe, review and rate The I Make a Difference podcast if what is shared is helping you make a difference to you.


March 2, 2023 37 min
Episode 30: Being Inspired By Yourself

Being inspired by yourself is a natural and powerful process. Where you are fascinated and curious with who you are, the inspiration and potential you have within you, and the inspiration you will discover and express from you.

Yet you may look to other people, objects, and environments for inspiration. You can experience bursts of inspiration instead of a flow. When you are inspired, the ener...

Mark as Played

I am so excited to introduce you to 'Processing Reflections With Minz And Barb' and to one of the most beautiful people I have ever met, someone so dear and precious to me - Barbara Binns.

Barb, as she is called by many people, is someone whom I have journeyed with for many years. We share the love of I Make a Difference, personal growth, and catching up to share and explore our processing together.

Barb mentioned to me at ...

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For decades one of the most powerful patterns of conditioned approaches I have had with my mum is the responsibility I took on board for her emotional and physical well-being.

My need to be over-responsible has governed my interactions, my decision-making, and my relationship with my mum since a very young age.

The result is, I have been serious in my relationship with her, the problem solver and protector. It was late last year wh...

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This time of year is powerful on so many levels.

It is a time to celebrate and enjoy family and friends.

Yet the coming together of family, having time away from your daily routine where you have space to think and feel, missing people who have been a part of your life, all contribute to you having emotions triggered.

The emotions can end up controlling and dictating what you experience and how you feel and will keep you in pattern...

Mark as Played
November 1, 2022 25 min

You probably believe that boundary setting is about valuing yourself.  But is it? In this episode, I explore the truth about boundaries.  One of the truths is you set boundaries for yourself, with yourself. You are limiting yourself from doing what you have previously done, accepting and allowing what you do not deserve. So you set boundaries to grow your ability to experience what you do deserve. Yet boundaries are a little more c...

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Having explored in the previous two episodes responsibility and self-responsibility, how do these states of being and qualities relate to the world of your soul?


  • Explore responsibility and self-responsibility in terms of your soul
  • Come to know how being responsible is innate and natural to you
  • Explore the human processes that resulted in you not naturally being responsible
  • Know how responsibility and self-respo...
  • Mark as Played
  • Are you over-responsible?
  • Do you take responsibility for adults and fulfill their responsibilities?
  • Do you parent adults? Because if you are over-responsible, that is what you are doing.
  • If your answer is yes to these questions, then you have learned to take responsibility for others.

    You have been conditioned to carry the weight of others' responsibilities and to feel responsible for their emotional well-being.

    And as you learne...

    Mark as Played

    As you become more and more self-responsible the more powerful you become.  You own more of who you are, what you do, not do, say and not say. And you honor your commitment to yourself to own who you truly are, to do the right thing, and to do right by you.

    Grow your ability to take responsibility for you and everything you do. And in doing so, grow the power of you. Explore seven key processes that I apply in my life, that have su...

    Mark as Played
    May 13, 2022 12 min

    Self-belief is not just about your confidence, it is a process and aspect of you that goes far deeper and lies at the core of who you are. Being clear on the different elements and aspects of your self-belief, supports you to know what processes you need to work with to reclaim your self-belief, for you to grow and strengthen it. Your self-belief lies at the core of who you are. THIS EPISODE  You will be:

  • Explore the essential elem...
  • Mark as Played

     You would possibly believe that given I am an expressive and outspoken individual who has a very strong energy that this would mean I was visible visible (in keeping with the title of this episode). However, you would be wrong. Or at least that is what I believe and more to the point experience. I am, in my world - what I call "visibly invisible". 

    You know that I am there, but I am invisible to the other person in terms o...

    Mark as Played

    Family soul agreements have an almost mystical element to how they are so interwoven.

    Exploring whose agreement with whom contributes to and influences the soul agreements you have directly with members of your family, is fascinating in the commitments that we all make to each other.

    There are so many layers of purpose and meaning to your soul agreements.

    They contribute to your growth and evolvement, giving you the opportunity to ...

    Mark as Played
    December 23, 2021 6 min

    A Merry Christmas to you and if you do not celebrate Christmas, then may you have time being with you and those that are dear to you. Christmas can surface so many different emotions, and can involve so many different experiences. Embrace this time for building a greater connection with yourself and the people around you. 

    Have a wonderful Xmas.

    Subscribe To, Rate and Review The I Make a Difference Podcast On Your Streaming App Ap...

    Mark as Played

    When you consciously accept the impacting variables that send you on detours, new pathways, and different directions to where you believed you were traveling, and where these experiences would traditionally trigger emotional processing, you find yourself trusting that you are being sent on a new adventure. An adventure where there are immediate benefits you can gain if you choose to see them. And magical benefits that you are not y...

    Mark as Played
  • How much power does neediness have over you?
  • Do you squirm at the thought of you being needy? 
  • Are you emotionally attached to people, beings, objects and substances? 
  • If you do not know the level of neediness in you, then you are needy to be safe and secure from your neediness. And if you squirm at the thought that you are needy, is you being needy of being safe and secure from your neediness and truth. Then any emotional attachment...

    Mark as Played

    Vulnerability - your rawness, being exposed and transparent. When you truly connect to your vulnerability you connect to a gentle, surrendered and beautiful part of you. You own and honor your truth, without judgement, with acceptance and love.

    Yet you and I go through a journey to find that out.  I spent time reflecting on my vulnerability journey, and discovered processes I was not fully aware of or even aware of, that contribute...

    Mark as Played

    Integration, the bringing together of two or more aspects of yourself, so that you can be whole. If only it was that simple, but in reality, it is when you want to know what you are to integrate, how to identify when you are experiencing your integration process, and how to integrate each element of you, on your human adventure back to your soul self.

    There are three key areas for integration, but they entail many components for yo...

    Mark as Played

    You can fear grief, you can be overwhelmed by grief. As grief is the most powerful emotion that you can experience as a human being. But this is one of the many reasons why there is magic to the process of grief and loss. 

    When you feel grief, you go to depths within you, you generally do not go to. You feel not just the emotion of grief, but many different emotions. This is why it is the greatest opportunity for healing. But it is...

    Mark as Played

    Part Two of last week's episode - involves the unraveling of more limiting relationship patterns of communication. This week's episode explores the 'I am irrelevant', the 'hello', 'the lob', and more. Patterns of communication that you are conditioned to be engaged in and where you are emotionally impacted and impacting on the other person. But you can change this.

    You, and if the other person is rec...

    Mark as Played

    Have you experienced 'push back' or being 'shut down' in your communication and interactions in your relationships?

    Are there times when you feel disrespected, not heard, not seen, or understood? These are signs of conditioned patterns of interactions that you are experiencing in your relationships.

    Changing the pattern and unraveling the conditioning is what is required for you and the other person (if they are on ...

    Mark as Played

     When you face experiences that trigger emotions, where you feel vulnerability, anguish, disappointment, and even pain, do you find yourself saying "why is this happening TO me?".

    Do you believe you are being punished and cannot make sense of why it is happening? What if you could see these experiences as "why is this happening FOR me?". And see the experience through different eyes. What if, instead of seeing what ...

    Mark as Played

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