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From Idea to Action The IBJ Podcast delves into the real and relatable journeys of people who are making things happen. Rather than solely focusing on the distant world of super-successes, the IBJ podcast shines a light on those one or two steps ahead, providing tangible inspiration and actionable advice for listeners on their own paths. Ida believes that ordinary individuals can achieve extraordinary things, and IBJ is dedicated to proving it. The podcast explores the transition from "wanting” to "doing" through unfiltered conversations with guests from different backgrounds. Expect to hear from: Tech employees navigating the ever-evolving industry. Content creators building their brand. Entrepreneurs turning their passion into reality. Fitness nerds building fitness communities. Experts like resume writers and career coaches offering practical tips. No matter your goals, my goal is to provide insight and inspiration to help you take your first step toward success. Join the journey - subscribe today!


February 29, 2024 45 mins

Rachel is an applied scientist at Uber. We discuss her transition from academia to tech and the value of an economics degree in the industry. Rachel shares her experience with remote internships, the challenges of onboarding virtually, and the importance of being resourceful. She also talks about the lifestyle in tech, the potential for job insecurity, and the need to adapt to the industry's volatile nature. She provides insig...

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Skylar Steudter is a former LinkedIn employee turned entrepreneur. In this episode, Skylar shares his personal journey, shedding light on the nuances of LinkedIn's algorithm, the art of brand building, and the role of sales in entrepreneurship. Whether you're a student stepping into the professional world, a solopreneur seeking to amplify your LinkedIn presence, or a small business aiming to make your mark, you will find ...

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Esta es la segunda parte de mi conversación con Mardoqueo Arteaga. Tocamos un tema que afecta a muchos en el ámbito académico y profesional: el “síndrome del impostor”. Mardoqueo relata cómo este síndrome influyó en su vida como inmigrante indocumentado y estudiante y comparte su experience como economista.

Un punto clave que discutimos es la importancia de cambiar la narrativa personal para superar las limitaciones autoimpuestas. M...

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This is Part 1 of my interview with Mardoqueo Arteaga. Stay tuned for Part 2 in Spanish!

Mardoqueo Arteaga is an economist at KPMG. We discuss his experience transitioning from a PhD program to the real world. Mardoqueo shares his insights on the structure of a PhD program and the challenges of the job market. He discusses his motivation for pursuing a PhD and how it has helped him have a fulfilling career. Mardoqueo also ...

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Kelsey is an economist and a researcher of well-being at STATEC Research in Luxembourg. We discuss the economics of happiness, the importance of happiness research in policy-making, and the influence of social media on well-being. Kelsey describes his journey from the U.S. to Europe and the cultural differences in work ethics between Europe and America. You will learn about Luxembourg’s unique approach to statistical research and t...

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John Frechette is the founder of Sourced Economics. His mission is to bridge the gap between business and economics, and his company utilizes academic research to solve business problems spanning pricing and revenue management, supply chain finance, organizational restructuring, and sustainability. John and I discuss the challenges and nuances of integrating academic findings into business models, highlighting the need to criticall...

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Luca is a Research Scientist at Amazon, and previously, he was a Senior Economist at Zillow. We discuss everything from getting a job, assessing if your prospective manager is a good fit, and getting buy-in from stakeholders as a scientist. You can find a detailed discussion summary here and watch the entire episode on YouTube.

Topics Covered

  • Spectrum of jobs in the tech industry
  • To get a PhD or not
  • Hiring criteria beyond degrees
  • In...
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Andreas Aristidou is a PhD economist and a Senior Data Scientist at Netflix. In our conversation, we dive deep into navigating the tech industry, from leveraging internships to mastering the art of networking; we cover topics that will help you get your first job in tech. You can find a detailed discussion summary here and watch the entire episode on YouTube.

Topics Covered

  • The value of an internship during your PhD
  • The importance...
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