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iDigress with Troy Sandidge

Want the blueprint to growing and scaling your business faster? The iDigress Podcast simplifies how to maximize your business' growth potential giving you the strategies, systems, and solutions necessary to increase sustainable profitability and scalable revenue. Learn the marketing frameworks, sales tactics, business insights, mindset shifts, and proven methodologies host Troy Sandidge, aka the Strategy Hacker®, uses to launch 35+ brands and generate over $175 Million in revenue for clients worldwide to achieve the business success you want in under 30 minutes! iDigress is a Webby-nominated podcast on the HubSpot Podcast Network.


November 29, 2022 25 min

Google search has changed. Social media platforms have changed. How we use data analytics has changed. Not to mention the marketplace and values of your ideal audience have shifted. The pandemic has accelerated so many things for your customers and potential customers, from how they consume to how they make buying decisions. With so many things evolving almost at the speed of light, where do SEO, social media, and data analytics fi...

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As the state of social media is getting more complex, the stakes for having a strong brand presence are higher, and trying to reach the decision-maker is even more challenging. How do B2B and agency-centric brands – and the social media managers behind them – create content that breaks through within the LinkedIn platform ecosystem that also converts into tangible ROI? 

Regardless of what industry you are in, what product or service...

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Creating good content consistently leads to conversations that lead to connections that lead to conversions.

Your content either needs to make the demand to be valuable, or it meets the demand of the marketplace to be valuable.

Good content is only confirmed by those who consume it. Most will never see your content if you don't distribute it enough.

I've spoken on this in quite a few episodes in my podcast catalog to this poin...

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In this "Ask The Strategy" episode, I talk with Global Branding Expert JP Hightek about what it takes for content creators can to achieve success. We get real about the adversity, the challenges, the sacrifices, the resolve, the clarity, and the very things one must do in order to level up as a content creator, as a business, and as a person. In Part 2 of this two-part episode, we share some of our own personal stories and ...

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In this "Ask The Strategy" episode, I talk with Global Branding Expert JP Hightek about creating content to increase your GAP — Growth Authority, and Profitability. In Part 1 of this two-part episode, I cover things from the deep work to establishing a foundation where authentic content can come from, how my content has increased my authority, the process required to help you grow in your content and in your business,  and ...

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Your target audience is too big. You're moving too fast. Your sales messaging is too broad. What you need to do is think smaller, move slower, and be more specific with your offer in order to grow your business. The reality is, in many cases, we either have too much zeal or too much fear to change directions when clearly we've hit a massive roadblock that is not going away anytime soon. If you're serious about leveling ...

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A confused mind will never buy. To be real, if you aren't getting the attention, the engagement, the conversations, and ultimately the sales you want, it's because of either two things: 1) you're talking to the wrong audience or 2) what you're saying doesn't make sense to anyone, and therefore no one sees your value will not and buy your product or service.

The biggest reason you're not getting where you want...

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This episode is devoted to recapping INBOUND 2022 (Part 2), where I was the host/emcee of the event. I carry on my conversation from the previous episode covering my experience from Day 1 to Day 3, giving more insights into meeting Viola Davis, reflecting on Obama Day, and some of the challenges and pivots I made throughout as host. 

And if you wanted a complete play-by-play of my entire experience at INBOUND 2022, it is far too lon...

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This episode is devoted to recapping INBOUND 2022 (Part 1), where I was the host/emcee of the event. How did I get the opportunity? How did I get prepared to take the stage? How did I juggle all of my responsibilities on and off the big stage while giving a dynamic experience for those in-person at Boston and all who watched all over the world? Not to mention meeting Viola Davis, seeing President Barack Obama,  and much more. So le...

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Less than 10% of all startups will succeed. Why aren't more succeeding? Because they don't implement and excel at building a custom growth engine designed for the sustainability and scalability of their startup to achieve hyper-growth and longevity, whether that's to become one of the new breeds of legacy brands or to sell or eventually be acquired. Learn how to attract and convert your ICP from your content velocity an...

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Have you ever been in a situation where you're waiting for a client to pay you? Maybe you're waiting for that signed contract to come through? Does it feel like you're always playing the waiting game? Waiting for someone to get back to you, for payment to process, for those "promised" referrals, and so forth? This is the episode for you.

People want to grow 3x, 5x, 10x, or even 100x, but most don't have the c...

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September 2, 2022 26 min

Growth in anything requires consistency and productivity in your actions.

Stop saying what you can't do and start making the time necessary to do.

Set goals. Achieve goals. Repeat. Set goals. Achieve goals. Repeat.

The people that may judge your value or ability in many cases are only looking through a very narrow lens, and their lens was wrong. Their opinion doesn’t determine your value. You determine your value by your outputs a...

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Everybody wants to grow, and they want to grow fast. 

Everyone wants to scale, and they want to scale even faster. 

We all want to fly like lightning, strike like thunder, and give a "here comes the boom" as we assert our dominance and value in the marketplace. But here's the thing, not everyone can, and most won't simply because as they were trying to increase speed and boost momentum, they didn't check the funda...

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Two words can make all the difference in being the best leader possible and maximizing your team's productivity. The two words are listening and motivation. When you practice active listening and know the motivation behind every team member, you can catapult your business to growth potential you didn't even think was possible.

Pulling from Amazon's Leadership Principles, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, and McClelland...

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Two things you need to learn in order to successfully launch, grow, maintain, and scale your business: sowing and building.

There's an art, science, and philosophy to sowing seeds that we can apply to sales nurturing and enablement.

The ability to build is critical when it comes to the sustainability of your business, especially in times like these navigating a post-pandemic, pre-recession, volatile marketplace. 

Mastering both sk...

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Are you good at prospecting?

Every business must do it, and every successful business is good at it.

But the approach and strategy to holistic prospecting have changed drastically.

To be the best you can be at prospecting, you must understand what makes a good prospect for you and your business.

And you must understand the difference between intent and actual action. Don't confuse or mistake the two.

Many don't do the deep work ...

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Many people have a ton of talent. But there aren’t that many who have the discipline, determination, and drive to manifest the potential of their talent to an extremely high level.

To be a master of something, a master of your craft, Malcolm Gladwell says you need at least 10,000 hours.

Now in the grand scheme of things, that’s only 1.142 years. Doesn’t seem like a lot, right?

But in actuality, that’s a lot of time to invest.


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It is common knowledge that matter exists in three states—liquid, solid, and gas.  

Water can transition between these states depending on the temperature it is exposed to.

Often, as professionals, businesses, or even in our personal lives, we refuse to change our state to adapt, survive, and thrive in our environment.  

A big reason for us not growing and taking action comes down to our thinking.

Let's explore how to master our th...

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There are only four true currencies out there. And no, I’m not talking about crypto. 

The four currencies are:
1. Your Time
2. Your Money
3. Your Knowledge
4. Your Skill

This episode breaks down how to acquire, maintain, and utilize the four currencies to get what you want, both professionally and personally.

Beyond The Episode Gems:

See what the HubSpot CRM can do for your business at

See all of the podcasts on the HubSpot Podc...

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Did you know that growing a business is actually difficult? I'm sure you did.

But did you know a big secret in growing, sustaining, and scaling a business comes down to having clarity?

Sometimes we are too quick to take action and don't spend enough time asking the right questions and getting the right answers before making any moves. 

This episode dives into  the five growth secrets to gain more growth and learn communication...

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