Ignite Creativity with Marysia Czarski

Ignite Creativity with Marysia Czarski

Join me as I explore and celebrate the power of curiosity, inspiration, playfulness, imagination, and collaboration to ignite creativity. We will have guests from all over the world who, from a human-centered approach, have embraced risk-taking, failure, paradox, challenge, and discovery to be authentic and vibrant leaders


June 28, 2023 34 mins

Living with the surname Bragg, Lisa has wittingly leveraged ways to use it in the context of her life’s work! I talk with Lisa Bragg about mastering the art and science of authentic self-promotion and when she’s seen being too humble cost people international deals and when bragging right has unlocked opportunities leading to untold fortunes.

Jealousy is a lagging indicator of desire.

Have you ever felt a pang of jealousy when you he...

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Have you ever felt unacknowledged for your work or contributions? What did that do to your motivation, engagement, and commitment to producing results?  I talk with Michele Bailey about the necessary and sometimes forgotten role of offering gratitude to others and the transformative impact it can have.  While you may be familiar with the practice of acknowledging what we are grateful for in the form of a Gratitude Journal, this is ...

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In this episode, we introduce you to the world of scenario planning and its role in making your organization more resilient in the future.  Find out how this work will help you better manage the next disruption coming your way! 

In this conversation with Maggie, we discuss the following: 

  • The limits of traditional strategic planning
  • Today’s complex, fast-paced world demands Scenario Thinking. 
  • Scenario Planning will help you make s...
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Why Unconscious Bias Also Impacts Creativity & Innovation

What is holding back your creative potential and, ultimately, your Human potential? This is the question I delve into with my guest on Igniting Creativity. Genein Letford is energized by this question and passionately engaged in helping people discover the answers.  

Here is what else we discussed:

  • The best way to get novelty into your thinking and strategy (should incl...
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25 years of experience at IBM leading transformational projects have provided Michael Ackerbauer with a unique perspective on the role of technology, creativity, and innovation.  Listen in to hear ‘Macker’s’ sage advice to boost your creativity.

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How the collision of artistic creativity and law school produced an award-winning entrepreneur. 

In this episode, Andrea Robinson shares her journey that shaped her scaling a business that in the very early days earned her the reaction, ‘you must be crazy’! The company she founded, Robinson Global Management, advances innovative, ethical, sustainable & complex procurements globally.  She shares how people reacted to the concept ...

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In this episode, Nadia Hamilton of Magnusmode talks with such energy about what it takes to recover, learn and iterate from those moments of failure and utter breakdown in a way that will translate to any kind of business. Her company's mission is to create practical tools that improve everyday experiences and enable people with cognitive disabilities to participate in the world in ways that are meaningful to them. 


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Social Entrepreneurship and the Everyday Entrepreneur

Madeleine Shaw is a multiple award-winning social entrepreneur and author based on unceded Coast Salish territory (Vancouver BC). She is best known as the co-founder of Aisle (formerly Lunapads), one of the first groundbreaking ventures in the world to commercialize reusable menstrual products, today a thriving industry. In 2014, she founded G Day, a national event seri...

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We are in the age that every single entrepreneur needs a social media plan integrated into their marketing strategy. If this feels like a daunting thought, stay with me, you are in the right place!

In this week's Create Velocity Podcast, I talk with Lisa Pedersen about finding your comfort zone with social media, why your ideal client needs to see you being 'social' and the importance of authentic engagement...

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A human resources strategy is so much more than how much you pay your team members.

No matter what size your company is, you need an HR (Human Resources) strategy. And whether you have employees or a bench of contractors, this strategy is a very important foundation for business growth. 

In this episode, I chat with Doreen Harvey who is a seasoned HR strategist. Doreen shares many important considerations regardi...

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You don't have to look too far to get inspiration and ideas from entrepreneurs who have been building back, learning from, and creating a new during the pandemic. My guest on this week's Create Velocity podcast, Kevin Wilson, Chairman and CEO of Buzz Franchise Brands, is one of them. With franchises like Pool Scouts (pool cleaning), Home Clean Heroes (residential home cleaning) and The British Swim School (swimming lesson...

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This episode is dedicated to the act of gratitude. It has been a roller coaster of a year and in some cases downright awful and in others, has had some lovely Silver linings. As an entrepreneur I know that taking time out and reflecting isn't always one of our strengths. However I'd like you to join me and my guest this week Liz Doyle Harmer to do just that. Liz will end the podcast with a gratitude meditation.


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How to build out your business from one channel to many.

In this week's podcast I talk to Lisa Rafter who is the president of RAM Group Holdings, a media and publishing company based in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Lisa is a force of nature in the cause for equity, inclusion and diversity and how to use your business as a catalyst for change. We talk extensively about ways she is using her business as a platform to transf...

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How to Create More Value for Your Business Creatively

Do you ever find yourself drained while doing certain tasks in your business? Or realize after the fact you solved the wrong problem and subsequently wasted a lot of time and money doing so? Maybe you just sense there is something missing in your business, and you can't quite put your finger on what it is. If any of this happens to you, you will want to tune into m...

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There are many ways to finance your business and if you've gone to a bank lately you may find that channel is not one of them. That's why you may want to consider 'bootstrap financing", but it takes a certain approach to living and working to make it successful.My guest to share her successful journey doing this since 2012 is Ilana Ben-Ari, a dynamic innovator. She is the founder of Twenty-One Toys, and behind t...

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The Time is Now!

"Everything is broken, what a great time to be alive!"* The re-frame of this current moment in time is just one of the compelling conversations I had with BE Alink, the founder and inventor of The Alinker a non-motorized walking-bike without pedals. With an adjustable saddle and handlebars, it is custom designed to challenge society's assumptions about disability.  Challenging assumptions an...

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Seven Considerations For Your Brand

Abena Perryman joins me for this week's podcast to talk about vital considerations for brand agility. Abena brings her over 20 years of experience in the marketing and branding space to share her insights and ideas for how to think about your brand strategy during a pandemic and powerful movement for social justice.

You will learn from this podcast:

  • How technology is an...
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Building a Critical Muscle of Entrepreneurship

In this episode, Lisa Mattam, the passionate entrepreneur and founder of Sahajan Skincare, makes the statement, "If you are standing still, you are actually going backwards." Lisa shares why, her entrepreneurial journey to date, the moment she almost gave up, or was practically brought to a stand still and how resilience played a huge part. She reflects on her key le...

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A magical approach to seeing the world.

Entrepreneurs have been asking me what does the future hold after COVID-19 and how can I make sense of what the new reality will be? These are great questions, and ones that Dan Trommater, Magician extraordinaire, explores with me by not providing any answers, but posing more questions! Consider a good question is worth its weight in gold and Dan delivers some golden ones. I promise ...

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Access and Insight into the Intangible Metrics of your Company

To assess where to start takes a deep understanding of the intangible assets of your company and then the know how to have them work more effectively. The exciting news is that there is a tool that can help you with this - a crystal ball of sorts that can reveal the metrics needed to transform your company's culture into improved business performance. In t...

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