Impactful Parenting Podcast

Impactful Parenting Podcast

The Impactful Parenting Podcast gives helpful parenting tips, advice for making family life easier, and resources to parents of school-aged children. Why? Because parenting is difficult and you don’t need to do it alone. School-aged children bring different challenges to parenting that younger kids don’t. The Impactful Parenting Podcast brings help for raising your adolescent child. So if you’re asking yourself questions like: • ”How do I get my child to stop procrastinating?” • ”How can I discipline more effectively?” • ”When do I have the sex talk?” • ”Help! I think my child is addicted to video games?” • ”When should I allow my child on social media?” • ”What is the best first phone for my child?” • ”What do I do if my child is cutting?” Then YOU HAVE FOUND THE RIGHT PLACE! These types of topics are just the tip of the iceberg! My passion is creating better relationships between parents and their children. The more support you have and the more help you can get will make your parenting journey more manageable. Teen years don’t need to be difficult. Teenagers CAN have a special bond with their parents! Listen and learn how the Impactful Parenting Podcast can help YOU too! Let’s do this!


November 30, 2023 31 mins

Managing Parenting Stress. Are you drinking?

Do you drink to cope with the stresses of parenthood?

Or maybe you deal with your stress by numbing out on other substances? Wine? Weed? Mushrooms?

You are not alone! Managing stress is NOT EASY. Parenthood is full of stress. It is too easy to rely on substances to help us cope. Heck, society even encourages it with TV ads, commercials, and even merchandise.

In this episode of The Impact...

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The Moody Season: Exploring Seasonal Affective Disorder

Is your house on the edge of a blowout too? EVERYONE is in a mood! In this episode of The Impactful Parent, Melissa and Kristina talk about:

  • their "moody" households,
  • discuss WHERE this moodiness is coming from,
  • explore Seasonal Affective Disorder (symptoms and solutions)
  • and get real with how this time of year makes parents feel EXHAUSTED, OVERWHELMED, and LESS.


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Our Crazy, Amazing, Pull Your Hair Out, Kids

Part 2 of The Impactful Parent Video 1 of Season 2

It's time to shake things up! The NEW Impactful Parent is still going to be FULL of parenting tips and hacks for your school aged child,

BUT NOW it will also be with a dash of friendship, a splash of real-life, and a load of laughs! Welcome my new co-host and best friend, Melissa Clark!

Melissa is a mom of 3, a teacher, a social worker, ...

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November 16, 2023 25 mins

New Season. New Host. New Stories.

It's time to shake things up!  The NEW Impactful Parent is still going to be FULL of parenting tips and hacks for your school aged child, BUT NOW it will also be with a dash of friendship, a splash of real-life, and a load of laughs!  

Welcome my new co-host and best friend, Melissa Clark! Melissa is a mom of 3, a teacher, a social worker, and a therapist. She is going to bring even MORE amazing p...

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How Is My Teen Driver? YES! SIGN ME UP!

🚗When Matt Carter got cut off by a distracted teenage driver, he immediately was thankful he didn't get into an accident, but his second thought was, "I wish I could tell his parents about this." 😡

Matt wasn't trying to get the teen in trouble, but he did wish that his parents knew how that teen was driving so they could help the teen correct their bad habits. 💟

💡Suddenly, an idea was bor...

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November 2, 2023 28 mins

The Truth About Mom Wine Culture

Society has normalized moms drinking wine. Heck- they even encourage it with merchandise and commercials. But what happens when the stresses of motherhood become too much and the consumption of wine gets unhealthy? Learn how one mom beat the "Mom Wine Culture" and started coping with stress and anxiety in other ways. Celeste Yvonne's story is heartfelt, honest, and SO SIMILIAR to millions of moms ev...

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October 26, 2023 19 mins

Parenting A Dyslexic Child

Two moms of dyslexic children, founder of the Impactful Parent Kristina Campos and children's book author Lynn Greenberg, discuss their own parenting journeys of raising a dyslexic child to success. This candid interview gives tips to parents and will leave you feeling inspired. Discover how you too, can raise a dyslexic child to success!




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Keep Track of Kids After School Dismissal

If your child has ever taken the wrong bus home, gotten picked up by the wrong adult from school, or had to walk home from school alone- THEN THIS EPISODE IS FOR YOU! Discover Keeping Your Kids Safe (or KYKS for short) can bring peace of mind to your afterschool routine with your child. Learn how schools can implement this simple program to make sure ALL students are accounted for and neve...

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October 12, 2023 14 mins

I Caught My Teenager With Porn

How do you confront and address this uncomfortable conversation? I got you! Learn 5 reasons pornography is bad for the adolescent brain, discover 8 strategies for having this conversation with your child, and 6 ways to prevent your child from watching pornography again!


LINKS MENTIONED IN THE RECORDING Download the FREE Impactful Parent App! Available on Apple a...

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    September 28, 2023 23 mins

    Teaching Kids How Money Works

    Teaching kids about money has to be so much more than just handing out an allowance for chores! Financial and money literacy can start early and Jorge Loyo (financial advisor), gives parents tips for teaching kids how money works! It doesn't matter if your child is 6 or 16. It is time to talk MONEY with your child. Discover WHAT you need to talk about and HOW is the best way to teach financial literacy...

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    Unlocking Success: 8 Essential Lessons Every Parent Should Instill in Their Children

    Here is your *Secret Sauce Formula* for RAISING SUCCESSFUL CHILDREN! The new episode of The Impactful Parent gives 8 lessons parents should teach their children (and HOW to teach those lessons) to grow a successful and well-balanced child!


    LINKS MENTIONED IN THE RECORDING Download the FREE Impactful Parent Ap...

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    10 Things I wish I knew when I was going through a divorce

    Divorce SUCKS! This episode of the Impactful Parent is raw, truthful, and OH SO HELPFUL! Kristina Campos, founder, gives her top 10 tips for the newly divorced so that you can do more than just survive this stage of your life, but THRIVE!


    LINKS MENTIONED IN THE RECORDING Download the FREE Impactful Parent App! Available on Apple and An...

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    College Abroad: Why University in Europe May Be Better

    *Cheaper Tuition

    *An amazing life experience

    *A career even faster

    And these are just a few things that a European University can do for your child! Michael Leppo, helps families find their perfect European University for college. He says, "It's not for everyone, but it can be a great choice for many students and their families! There are many advantages to Universities abroad"...

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    August 31, 2023 21 mins

    How To Teach Critical Thinking: A Look at the Socratic Method

    The secret sauce for a successful future in ANY field of discipline is CRITICAL THINKING! I was blown away by Michael Strong, founder of Socratic Experience when he explained HOW and WHY we need more kids thinking critically for future jobs and academic success. Discover how YOU can teach critical thinking at home! Learn how the Socratic Method might help your child bec...

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    August 28, 2023 18 mins

    Starting School Parenting Hacks

    Get tips and tricks for an easier school year! Ashley Bartley, a school counselor, gives recommendations for simple things you can do to make the morning easier, weekly routines better, and a better connection with your child. Watch it this week inside the Impactful Parent app!


    LINKS MENTIONED IN THE RECORDING Download the FREE Impactful Parent App! Available on A...

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    When Your Child Doesn't Need You Anymore: 5 Parenting Tips for the Teenage Years

    You knew this day would come but it feels too soon! Letting go when your child no longer needs you is really difficult! BUT- you aren't alone. This week The Impactful Parent gives 5 tips to parents for dealing with this tough new phase in parenting.


    LINKS MENTIONED IN THE RECORDING Download the FREE Impactful Par...

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    Looking For A Different Kind of Education? Discover The Waldorf Method

    Do you want a different kind of education for your child?

    One that:

    *doesn't has textbooks

    *encourages creativity

    *promotes individual thinking

    *believes in bringing out the "gifts" inside your child

    *And wants kids to explore the world instead of sitting at a desk?

    Then you need to check out the Waldorf Method. Catherine Read, explains how YOU TOO, can use the ...

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    Helping Young Children With Fears

    Managing fears in young children can be challenging! Jeff Tucker, author and school counselor, gives tips for dealing with children's fears and helping kids over their anxieties. Also, get a glimpse of Jeff's new book called Vinne The Brave!


    LINKS MENTIONED IN THE RECORDING Download the FREE Impactful Parent App! Available on Apple and Android App Stores. FRE...

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    Preparing Children For School Lockdown Drills

    In an age where kids are asked to hide under their desks or in a corner as part of a drill..... It can be very scary for children!

    In this episode of The Impactful Parent, Claire Marie, a school emergency management expert, gives tips for parents on how to talk to kids in order to eliminate anxiety and worry.

    *This video is a must-see if you have a young child entering school or a child...

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    Tips for Surviving a Teenage Daughter

    Colleen O'Grady, therapist, and author, gives amazing tips for moms who want a better connection with their daughter and easier teen years! This video is packed full of gems for every parent raising a teen, but if you got a daughter- this is a must-see! Check out the full video to get all the great tips!



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