In The Rising Podcast- A Health and Wellness Podcast

In The Rising Podcast- A Health and Wellness Podcast

In the Rising Podcast: A Health and Wellness Podcast for those going through and those supporting those going through cancer was born out of a personal connection to the disease by Physical Therapist Bettina M. Brown. With two cancer scares of her own and the knowledge that she is more susceptible to breast cancer due to genetic testing, she understands the unique experience of dealing with cancer firsthand. With a focus on the wheel of life, from relationships to finances, the podcast offers practical advice to help listeners navigate this unique experience and live a fulfilling life beyond cancer. So hit subscribe and get ready to choose a life aligned with your light! The views presented on this podcast are those of Bettina M. Brown, MPT, CWS, CLT-LANA, and are for entertainment, with no medical advice provided. For full terms and conditions, please see


March 1, 2024 6 mins

Discover the strength it takes to share a personal health struggle with the world, as we did in our latest episode featuring the powerful revelation of Wendy Williams and her battle with lymphedema. Wendy's candidness not only brings this condition into the limelight but also serves as a beacon of information for those silently suffering. Through our in-depth conversation, we unravel the intricacies of lymphedema, emphasizing ...

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When the shadow of cancer recedes, the emotional landscape it leaves behind often remains uncharted.   Dr. Anne Blaes, a specialist in hematology, oncology, and the transformative SPECs program, underscores the critical psychosocial needs of breast cancer survivors. B

This short episode is a reminder for anyone carrying the invisible scars of cancer, that it is okay to find emotional support. 

As you join me for t...

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Combatting insomnia while navigating the tumultuous waters of cancer treatment can feel like an uphill battle, but our latest episode offers a review of what you can employ to reclaim your night's rest. 

With each Tuesday release, our conversations aim to uplift and enlighten you on a journey that covers more than just health; it's about nurturing the mind and spirit, too. 

Thank you for your time a...

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Discover the transformative power of a holistic approach to beauty as we welcome Alison, a nutrition expert with a passion for enhancing women's health, especially as they navigate the challenges of life after 40.

Her enlightening tales, from personal battles with teenage acne to professional insights on hormones' impact on skin health, promise to guide you through the nutritional and lifestyle shifts essential ...

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When Jenny Fielding faced the monumental task of healing, she discovered the power of pausing. As a physiotherapist intimately familiar with the recovery process, Jenny shares her insights on the art of giving oneself the grace to just be in this week's heartfelt episode.  I review her article as it weaves through the importance of self-care, especially when life's storms, like cancer, challenge us.  I explore the often n...

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Feeling utterly drained and powerless isn't just a symptom of a bad day; it's a daily reality for those battling cancer fatigue. 

Join me, Bettina Brown, as we unpack the exhausting journey that often accompanies cancer treatment.

But it's not all about the fight; it's about finding ways to rise again, stronger and more informed. 

In this latest episode, I share the power of movement o...

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A recent Mayo Clinic blog post & research findings from the journal Cancer, I shed a quick light on the complexities of dietary sugar and its potential to impact body weight and increase cancer risk. 

Whether you're curious about the links between sugar and specific cancers or seeking clarity amidst conflicting nutritional advice, this episode promises to arm you with valuable insights and factual knowledge.

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Discover how to liberate yourself from the clutches of sugar addiction with the insights of Dr. Nicole Avena, whose groundbreaking research shines a light on the hidden ways sugar is controlling our lives. In our candid conversation, Dr. Avena, armed with knowledge from her acclaimed book "Sugar List," presents a seven-step plan that guides you toward breaking free from sugar's addictive grip. We take a deep look int...

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Ever found yourself sizing up your life against someone else's Instagram highlight reel? It's a universal struggle!

As a physical therapist, I've seen firsthand how this tendency can either kickstart a person's journey to better health, or trap them in a cycle of negativity and self-doubt.

I share the article from Liz White, " 7 Effective Strategies to Overcome Constant Self-Comparison,&q...

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Ever found yourself obsessing over the details, like how clean your pot is, only to realize there's another side to the story?

Khevin Barnes, a male breast cancer survivor, graces our podcast with an enlightening conversation about his extraordinary encounter with this life-altering disease and the unexpected life lessons he gleaned from it. He connects the dots between the thoroughness of scrubbing cookware and his ...

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When my own body started rewriting the rules during perimenopause, weight management turned into a bewildering quest. I soon realized that the conventional arsenal of restrictive diets and punishing workouts was failing me.

 Join us as I open up about my personal struggles and breakthroughs in finding a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that resonates with the changes of midlife. Alongside the wisdom of health coach and fitne...

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Mary O'Dwyer shares the transformative power of breath work in stress management. Our conversation takes a deep and personal turn with Mary O'Dwyer, who candidly recounts her evolution from a skeptic to a passionate advocate for spirituality and alternative healing. Mary's remarkable narrative is not just about embracing practices like Reiki and breath work but about the power these tools have to usher in extraordina...

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Ever wondered how movies can serve as a beacon of hope and a means of personal healing? Join me, Bettina Brown, as I share an enriching conversation with Phil Strangolagali, the author of "Jesus Loves Movies." Phil's heartfelt journey through grief and how films became his lifeline will resonate with anyone who's ever been touched by the magic of movies.

Together, we delve into the massive impact movie...

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As your host, Bettina Brown, like many, I've walked a tough road here and there in life., Those experiences have helped me reshape my perspective on life and the holidays. This episode is my heartfelt sharing of those experiences and the (hopefully) wisdom earned. I take a close look at the emotional roller coaster the festive season can often be.  I discuss the stress, the expectations, and the potential disappointments that ...

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Imagine a world where menopause is no longer a taboo topic but a life phase embraced with understanding and empathy. Meet Helen Marray-Finlay, a brave woman who shares her personal journey through menopause, revealing the trials she faced in getting an accurate diagnosis, and the frustrating lack of knowledge within the medical profession about this natural part of a woman's life. Listen as we explore why it's so essentia...

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Have you ever felt lost? Are you struggling to redefine your identity? Antonia, the author of 'Underwater Daughter,' certainly has. She shares her journey of surviving sexual abuse, a debilitating bike accident, and a battle with narcotics dependency with raw honesty and a dose of inspiration. Antonia reveals how writing became her lifeline, helping her re-craft her identity and make sense of her emotional landscape.

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Have you ever wondered how to cope and transform grief into something meaningful? Join us for an enriching conversation with the inspiring Annie Gudger, author of the powerful memoir, The Fifth Chamber. She vulnerably shares her journey of grieving her husband's death while pregnant and the way she constructed a legacy for her offspring from the ashes of her loss. Annie's testament to strength and resilience will leave yo...

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Discover what it really means to achieve financial freedom in our milestone 200th episode! Not only do we promise to help you build a more positive and empowering relationship with money, but we also bring you insights from the inspiring Joseph Oklay,  a certified financial planner, and Alyssa Davis, founder of the Mixed Up Money Finance podcast and blog. Both guests share their invaluable advice on saving money realistically and g...

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Is it ever truly too late to enhance our health?

 I promise you'll discover that the answer is a resounding "No!", as we explore the profound impact of diet and exercise on cancer treatment. We'll debunk the myth of missed opportunities and will shed light on how targeted dietary and exercise interventions can drastically improve chemotherapy outcomes for breast cancer patients. Equipped with compelling...

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