In the Weedz

In the Weedz

In the Weedz is a weekly podcast recorded live onsite at Pickeyweedz; North East Pennsylvania’s largest & most diverse esoterica / occult boutique. Discussions range from all manner of esoteric topics, upcoming events & presenters at the store, remote & live guest speakers and more! Pickeyweedz is located at 105 Layton Road, South Abington Township Pennsylvania 18411 open Weds-Sun 12pm-8pm.


June 23, 2024 86 mins

On this episode we touched on a lot of subjects from supporting local businesses, shout-outs to a few favorites in the area and how we the people - have the final say regardless of the distraction techniques used ad infinitum in all forms of media and 'representation'.


Wipe the deck, clean the house and hit the reset button!  We need to turn this thing off and back on again, clear the cache of stupidity and start fresh.


The oth...

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In a near homage to one of our favorite podcasts "Fed Up" here's one detailing some of the things we are just sick of!  Everyone has their pet peeves and things that grate their nerves.. here are a few of ours!


Menthal vapes may just be topping the list for John... or maybe the banana lady at Aldi's... it's a toss-up.


This episode was also captured via FB Live video and may be viewed on the Pickeyweedz Facebook Page here:


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June 9, 2024 74 mins

On this episode we forayed into our first attempt at combining video with a podcast via Facebook Live - see it at


We talked about a ton of differing topics from experiences in the store to past experiences within careers of the past as well as esoteric experiences we had over the years. 


It was a ton of fun engaging with our audience live, which may be something we continue going forward.



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On this episode, we sat down with our good friend Christopher Bilardi, author of The Red Church one of the best books on Pennsylvania Dutch we've ever read.  We talked a bit about his upbringing, background and the state of things in the esoteric world today.  We're also very excited to see a new Sybil Leek book in the works that he has edited to be released hopefully in the next year or so!

We had a wonderful time as always with C...

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On this episode, we had the good fortune of sitting down with Brandon Puglisi of Puglisi Counseling in a conversation that ranged from his background to his multi-faceted approach to therapy.  No two people are exactly alike and neither should be the approach to each person's mental health.  Brandon spells it out in his unique, open, and friendly way where there is never any judgment. 

As practitioners, occultists, pagans, etc. thi...

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May 13, 2024 77 mins

On this episode we discussed the ongoing block party on social media platforms, the genocide happening before our eyes, the corporate overlords and the powers working behind the scenes to control our world.  We also talked about just how important the currency of the people is on where they spend their money and that the fight isn't about left vs. right - rather it is between the haves and have-not's. The 99% of us struggling and t...

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April 29, 2024 72 mins

On this episode we took a brief look into Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs as it may apply to spiritual practice.  That is, in terms of addressing one's basic needs as best as they can in this whirlwind of crisis that we all live in today so as to be able to open ourselves more fully to spirit.  


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April 22, 2024 77 mins

On this episode, we had a wide-ranging conversation from talking about the man who self-immolated this past week to the importance of voting, and even threw in a quick run-through on intuitive tarot!

A bit of everything in this one.

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On this episode, we sat down with our friends & local practitioners of NEPA: Tim & Tina who are also the hosts of our popular weekly meditation & the bi-weekly 'Sin-Day School' held at the store. We talked a bit about Tina's background and practice and just had a good old-fashioned bullshit session... the kind of conversations that happen every day at the Pickeyweedz counter.

It was a great time and we hope you enjoy th...

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On this episode, we continued with our focus series featuring practitioners of NEPA by hosting a long-time customer and friend of the Weedz... Nathan!  We ran the gamut on this from his background as a son of a minister to a practicing occultist and of course, you'll be sure to note the occasional input from Bella the overfamiliar.

This conversation could have well continued for hours but we had to open the store at some point...


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On this episode, we discussed a lot of stuff ranging from people under the influence of whipped cream cans to pizza crust disposal and even Tay's addiction to Tarot cards.  Sound crazy? Welcome to our world! 

The counting is done, the new system is fully live and we have been shipping goodies like crazy.  We are thrilled with how well the new system is working and all the new things we can offer to you - our customers.

We are also ...

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On this episode, we talked a bit about everything... from the bullshit antics a few people have attempted to the fantastic people we have met in this community who are thankfully the majority.

We talked about learning from mistakes, taking corrective actions, setting firm boundaries, enforcing them, and the beauty of the diversity in our community.

The website is live with a complete inventory accounting and we are shipping A LOT. ...

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March 11, 2024 72 mins

On this episode we talked about the the importance of continuing to build that solid foundation as well as keeping a beginner's mindset while walking the crooked path.  It is truly more than winning the "prize" of a leadership title.. it is all about the journey. 

We talked about perspectives, seeing things from another's point-of-view and reading everything, especially from someone you don't agree with. Most of this originating fr...

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On this our 25th episode we discussed just how vital community support is for any small business. We talked about some of the issues, frustrations, and joys of being part of the struggle to stay alive in trying times.  Fact is... we are 100% reliant on the support of the community to exist. So if you enjoy the environment and personal touch any small business offers - please consider supporting them if not financially then by shari...

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We are back after a one-week break while we continue the buildout of the brand-new Pickeyweedz website with our very good friend Jenna Carmichael! This conversation could have gone on for several more hours as we had an absolute blast.  We covered a bit of everything in this... and yes... even purple tomatoes!  

Have a listen!

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On this episode, we were fortunate to land an interview with Hexologist Hunter Yoder; owner/operator of The Hex Factory out of Berks County, PA. 

Here is a brief excerpt describing Hunter & his amazing work:


The most prolific and outspoken artist of a modern school of "hexologists" is Hunter Yoder, owner and operator of the Hex Factory in Philadelphia. Born and raised in Berks County, Hunter w...

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On this episode, we had a great conversation with one of our favorite people in the area - Corinne from Mettaphysical.  We talked about her beginnings, the learning curve, how much travel makes a difference in one's perspective, and talked about what an amazing experience her retreats are both locally as well as out West.

Corinne is an amazing person, healer, and all-around down-to-earth person to listen to. Her work is a perfect e...

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On this episode, we were joined by special guest Morgan Daimler author of some of the best works on Irish Paganism & practice available today.  Morgan is also one of the foremost authorities on Irish Fairy practice in the US.  

We had a fantastic conversation from the importance of scholarship and accurate research to the value of knowing and understanding the context of the original language when working within an indigenous c...

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January 22, 2024 63 mins

In this episode, we grabbed a handful of the books found on the top shelf that people look at but don't always recognize for what they are.  From Agrippa to Yeats to the Orphic Hymns - there lies a treasure trove of esoteric knowledge.  The shiny books may be the first ones you read but don't deny yourself the wonder that lies beyond the entry level. 

Not quite bibliomancy as we weren't seeking answers to inquiry; rather, we read t...

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On this episode, we were joined by Tim Anderson for the debut of our new podcast series "Practitioners of NEPA" in which we feature local practitioners of the esoteric.

We had a fantastic conversation with the typical laughter we always have when Tim is around.  To bring laughter is a gift after emerging from the darkness of addiction and the traumatic experiences of a challenging childhood. 

Tim talks about how his intuitive work ...

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