Inner Peace & Other Cool Shit

Inner Peace & Other Cool Shit

Find freedom from anxiety, overwhelm, worry and stress with the Inner Peace & Other Cool Shit podcast. Hang out with curious human and certified coach Siobhán Friel as she explores a revolutionary understanding of how our minds work and what's going on beyond all that darn conditioned thinking. There’s nothing you need to do - just a lot of cool shit for you to see for yourself. Listen in to transform your relationship with your noisy old brain, see life in a new and fresh way, and experience more peace, ease and fundamental amazingness.


March 19, 2023 64 min

Stephen Ladd joins me on the podcast today for a hopeful, light-yet-deep and wisdom-packed conversation.

Stephen, also known as The Renegade Life Coach, is a ridiculously experienced transformative coach who has worked with many kinds of people for almost three decades.

He has a varied and fascinating background in many teachings, practices and philosophies and he now focuses on helping people discover who they really are, how they e...

Mark as Played

This special episode celebrates the first birthday of the podcast. The show is a dribbling, babbling, messy one-year-old!

Come and explore:  

  • What the show is about (erm, in case it's not obvious after a year)
  • What has deepened for me in the past year, or that I have seen fresh 
  • How this may help you 
  • How to win some trees or coaching together by sharing what you've seen with me
  • Opportunities for free spaces to connect and ...
Mark as Played

I can’t wait to share an intriguing, wisdom-filled and utterly delightful conversation with Wyn Morgan in this episode.

Wyn is a highly experienced executive coach who has worked with business leaders around the world, as well as providing mentoring and one-on-one services to coaches and other humans.  

Wyn is one of my favourite people in the inside-out conversation and he shares with such humanity, authenticity, insight and wi...

Mark as Played

Why are we not seeing the changes we want in life, even when are working really hard to get them? There's a bit we are missing and it's f*cking huge. 

Come and explore:  

  • Why we want change in the first place
  • Why it feels hard, or the results don't 'work' the way we want them to
  • How understanding the nature of thoughts and feelings is the missing piece 
  • Well, what is the nature of thoughts and feelings then?
  • ...
Mark as Played

I can’t wait to share a conversation I had with Gabi Fisher in this episode.

Gabi is a wife,  full-time mother to her one-year-old daughter, and part-time teacher and coach. She shares the spiritual paradigm of mental health and well-being that transformed her life from depressed and anxious to happy and thriving. 

She’s a warm, kind, funny and smart human and I loved hanging out with her!

Please join us to explore:  

Mark as Played

Join me to explore the true nature of human beings (including and especially YOU), and how seeing how we are designed changes the experience of thought storms, panic, challenges and other life stuff. 

Come and explore:  

  • Human beings ARE nature and we share the same amazing design 
  • How have we come to see ourselves as separate from nature?
  • The mind-blowing features and functions that we get to use 
  • How to see more around this in you...
Mark as Played

Join me to explore the incredible power of NOTICING when it comes to finding freedom from overthinking, worry and anxiety. 

'Noticing' sounds unsexy, boring and nebulous. How can something as little and benign as"noticing" help jostle us along the path to peace? That's what we are talking about!

Come and explore:  

  • What even is 'noticing' and how do we do it?
  • How does noticing help us with ou...
Mark as Played

I can't wait to share a conversation between me and Kristy Halvorsen in this episode.

Kristy is an author, a guide, a mentor and a nomadic world traveller, who helps people completely reimagine what it means to be human. Kristy has a gift for sharing how we can move through life from a place other than logic, reason and the conventions of society. 

Please join us to explore:  

  • What it means to unpredict your journey and be op...
Mark as Played

URGH. If you're tired of the usual goal-setting malarky at this time of year, join me for the second part of our fresh look at this whole thing**

**thing = persistent and unquestioned compulsion to improve ourselves via goals and plans. 

Come and explore:  

  • A quick recap of part one, where we talked about the drivers and influences of our goal-setting culture
  • How to take a fresh look at what we even think  - and what we m...
Mark as Played

It’s that time of year when we are bombarded with messages to set goals, review our year, make plans for the next year, improve ourselves and generally be better humans. We are told that if we set and meet goals, we will feel good. 


Is that true? Let’s do some poking around these internalised ideas in another two-parter!

Come and explore:  

  • Why we are obsessed with goal-setting and planning 
  • Why and how we set goals, ...
Mark as Played

I loved having Christine Heath and Judy Sedgeman as my special guests on the pod! Chris and Judy have been working with groups, individuals, couples and classes for - literally - decades to help them find freedom beyond their personal thinking and see life in a completely new way. 

They also co-host the incredible podcast Psychology Has It Backwards, which completely reimagines mental health awareness and 'recovery' and is...

Mark as Played

Hang out with me for the second part of our two-parter on 'thought work' and what we should be doing with this incessant, powerful thought-thingamabob.

Come and explore:  

  • A round-up from part one where we took a look at what thought is and when it may be helpful or not to poke it and try and change it
  • How to tell the difference between helpful or unhelpful 'thought work'
  • What to do if you get it wrong (you can&...
Mark as Played

I'm recovering from a cold so if you can handle the un-edit-out-able sniffles, then join me while we take a look at managing, controlling or changing our thoughts.  

Come and explore:  

  • What is thought work??
  • Should we be doing it? Why? When?
  • What is thought anyway? (Erm, we talk about this all the time!)
  • How does understanding the nature of thoughts and feelings help us decide whether to poke or work on our thoughts?
  • And, as wa...
Mark as Played

I loved having Daniel Magnusson as my special guest on the pod! Daniel is a coach with a zillion years of experience and extensive professional training. A couple of years ago, he came across the inside-out nature of how humans work that is shared on this show and it transformed his own life and those of his clients. 

Please join Daniel and me to explore:  

  • How seeing how our experience is created changes everything
  • Where stress c...
Mark as Played

Join me while I share your stories of returning to peace and calm after feeling intense anger, hurt, overwhelm and panic.

Come and explore:  

  • Tales from your fellow humans on how thoughts and feelings changed without intervention
  • What do they make of that? What did they see?
  • How does noticing our experience change even help us?
  • How to see this more for yourself around the self-settling mechanism of our amazing minds 
  • And, Anxious Ali...
Mark as Played

It was brilliant to have Clare Downham, Queen of Calm, on the show. Clare was a busy and successful headteacher before burning out and becoming a hypnotherapist on a self-development kick. But then she came across the principles of how humans work (that this show is based on) and she now works with people to help them uncover their calm, clarity and confidence. 
She's also a smart and funny human and I loved hanging out wi...

Mark as Played

We recently explored how we don't create our thoughts. We can't control them and we don't 'think' them up. So where do they come from? 

Come and explore:  

  • Why do we have the thoughts we have?
  • The visible and invisible influences which may inform our thoughts 
  • How seeing this is enormously helpful when it comes to our experience of anxiety, overthinking, worry, stress and all the others. 
  • Three pieces of Ama...
Mark as Played

It was brilliant to have Matt Roberts on the show. Matt is a psychological performance coach and former international high jumper who now works with athletes and business leaders to guide them to their own source of flow and peak performance. He's also an exceedingly nice human and I loved hanging out with him. 

Please join Matt and me to explore:  

  • What is psychological freedom…and how can we experience it?
  • The relationship ...
Mark as Played

Welcome to part 2 of our exploration! Perhaps you may be on board with the idea that you are not your thoughts (part one is here if you missed it) who are you then?

Come and explore:  

  • Why, if we come to see we are not our thoughts, we instead think we are the things we DO: our behaviours, habits, actions and responses...
  • ...But are we really though?
  • If we are not the things that change, what or who are we?
  • Are we even asking t...
Mark as Played

Do you take your thoughts seriously? Do you think you create them? Do you think your thoughts are advising you of important information about you, the future, the past or what other people think of you?

Yep. All part of being human. What a riot, huh?

But we're told through influences, culture and messaging that our thoughts ARE important and we DO need to pay attention.

But your thoughts are nothing to do with you. 

Come and explo...

Mark as Played

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