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Inner Peace & Other Cool Shit

Find freedom from anxiety, overwhelm, worry and stress with the Inner Peace & Other Cool Shit podcast. Hang out with curious human and certified coach Siobhán Friel as she explores a revolutionary understanding of how our minds work and what's going on beyond all that darn conditioned thinking. There’s nothing you need to do - just a lot of cool shit for you to see for yourself. Listen in to transform your relationship with your noisy old brain, see life in a new and fresh way, and experience more peace, ease and fundamental amazingness.


April 15, 2024 34 mins
Tired? Yep. Seems many of us are struggling with tiredness as the speed of society gathers pace each year. This episode is about 34 minutes. Take a nap and we'll wake you at the end. There's nothing new here. You know it all already. You just don't like it (and me too).

We'll explore: 

  • The increase in tiredness and exhaustion in modern society - is this a thing?
  • My expe...
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It's the first episode back after the summer break and I can't wait to talk about horrid feelings with you. 

Join me for an exploration on the birth and evolution of anxious, restless, unsettled feelings, and how understanding this helps ease their ickiness so we can return to peace.

This episode will  meander through: 

  • A long intro vividly describing my anxious thought storm while on holiday 
  • A reminder of...
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Join me to explore how we can answer our questions, solve our problems and get clarity and guidance from within.

We often want to seek guidance and counsel from others when we're unsure of the way forward, but getting a feel for our own inner guide, and learning to trust it, can be transformative.

Luckily, we humans are perfectly equipped with the features that guide us to clarity... although very few of us know or trust this.

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What an honour to have Sarah Armitage and Michelle McCartan as my special guests on the Inner Peace & Other Cool Shit podcast.

Both Sarah and Michelle are masterful coaches and facilitators with their own practices working with leaders and organisations. In 2023 they came together to create Pure Potential, a unique offering designed to explore the limitless potential of humans through a shared developmental experience.

Sarah and ...

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I loved having Lisa Esile as my special guest on the Inner Peace & Other Cool Shit podcast. 

As well as being a writer and author, Lisa specialises in helping people navigate challenges, understand what their mind is really up to, and tap into their inner strengths and insights. Lisa is also the founder of the Do Nothing meditation school

She is also bloody delightful and I loved hanging out with her. This conversation lingered...

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Have you ever been musing on the inside-out nature of the human experience and thought...

"Feelings come from thoughts, so you say? OK. Maybe. But my thoughts come from the problems in my life anyway. So how does all this stuff about understanding the human experience help me?"

If so, me too! And many others. This episode is for you. 

We'll cover:

  • YAY! My feelings aren't created by my job/partner/lack ...
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I'm plucking a popular early episode out of the archives, dusting it off and serving it with a side of my fresh-this-morning opinion. 

Everything is always changing: out there in the world and inside you. Our thoughts, feelings, moods, perspectives, ideas, emotions, opinions and everything else are constantly on the move.

For those that haven't heard this one, join me-from-ages-ago to explore:

  • Why it ...
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Today we are taking a look at the cool clues and hidden hints in everyday life that point to our human design...and why we ignore them or miss them to live in suffering instead!

Join me to explore:

  • The incredible powers that we humans have available to us to heal from anxiety, stress and worry and live in more peace and calm
  • The everyday, hidden-in-plain-sight, ordinary clues surrounding us that can help us recognise and build tru...
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How wonderful to have Erika Bugbee as my special guest on the Inner Peace & Other Cool Shit podcast. 

Erika specialises in working with teens, young adults, and parents through her global coaching practice. She also trains and mentors practitioners, as well as speaking and presenting at international conferences about finding more resilience and peace of mind, and navigating stress and uncertainty. 

I loved hanging out with Erika...

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Please join me for the second part of our exploration into myths and misconceptions around having less anxiety and more peace. 

We'll cover:

  • An example of my human brain being a silly billy recently 
  • A quick recap of common myths from  Anxiety Freedom: Big Fat Myths Debunked (Part 1)
  • The myths and misconceptions you sent in (thanks to those who contributed)
  • What these all have in common 
  • Why seeing this is helpful, especially fo...
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I'm plucking a popular early episode out of the vault, dusting it off and serving it like an aged cheese. 

For those that haven't heard this one, join me-from-ages-ago to explore:

  • The normal ways a brain behaves 
  • Why a brain being a brain is not a problem to be solved 
  • How understanding this can transform our relationship to anxiety, worrying and overthinking
  • What does Anxious Alice think about a brain being a br...
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We humans love to match our feelings with a thing out there in the outside world, don't we?
And no wonder - all of society is set up to reinforce that other people, events, things and situations cause our feelings.

But what if that's not true? And what if seeing more around that can make us feel lighter and more at ease in life?

Join me to explore
- Why it looks like the outside causes our feel...

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June 28, 2023 4 mins

Hello dear friends. Come and join me for a few minutes as I explain why the publishing of the podcast has been interrupted (mostly blaming my cat and taking zero responsibility myself)

Then I squeeze in a quick teaching moment about thoughts, before backing away again and letting you know the next episode will be out next week.

Ok, that's it. I guess you don't need to listen after all.


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What an utter privilege and joy to have Dr William F. Pettit, Jr, MD ("Can I call you Bill?") as my special guest on the podcast. 

Dr Bill Pettit is a much-loved practitioner, mentor, teacher and guide in the space of the Three Principles, and a retired Adjunct Clinical Professor of Psychiatry. He has worked with many people from many countries over many decades (4!) helping them to realise their innate wellbeing and to li...

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Us humans seem to think that a journey to less anxiety and more peace will look a certain way. But that’s utter rubbish. 

We think there’s a path to follow, and that path will have a certain timeline and certain steps and will feel a certain way. 


Come with me as we explore the common myths we encounter when we look in the direction of anxiety freedom. We’ll see why these myths even exist (clue: it’s ou...

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What fun to have coach, laughter expert and vibrant human Dave Berman on the Inner Peace & Other Cool Shit podcast. 

Dave has laughed with people in all 50 US states and in 70 other countries, and he has a unique way of working with people to help them have a more joyful experience of life through their own insights and realisations.

Please join us to explore:  

  • Dave’s journey from mental illness and medication to travel ...
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It's time for your insights, realisations, contemplations and! 

Back in the episode Connection, Feelings, Knowing & Trees: A Birthday Special, I shared a few of my own insights since starting the podcast and I invited you to do the same. And you did! And they were great. 

Join me on the show today to hear a varied selection of some of insights and stories. We hear from humans who have seen new things arou...

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What a joy to have the warm, witty and wonderful Lindsey Elliott on the podcast recently. Lindsey is the owner and founder of Lindsey Elliott Coaching based online and in Brighton, UK. She is a former worried and anxious, self-help seeker, who now knows she is always OK (and that you are too).

I loved this conversation so much. I laughed, I cried, I had tingles. It was great!

Please join us to explore:  

  • Lindsey's story of ne...
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Join me for part 2 of our fresh look at uncertainty. We'll look at how to actually deal with uncertainty, AND what to do when the bad-thing-that-our-brain-made-up actually happens. 

Part one is here

Episodes and books mentioned in the show: 

"Who We Really Are Is Unbreakable” with Wyn Morgan


But What About When An Actual Bad Thing Happens?


"Security Is Built-In" with Christine Heath and Judy S...

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Ah, us humans hate uncertainty don't we? But why? No, really. Why? Join me to take a fresh look at Uncertainty In this two-parter.

Come and explore:  

  • What even is uncertainty?
  • Why it drives us a bit wild 
  • A deep poke at the root of uncertainty 
  • How seeing something new around this helps us navigate life with its never-ending unknowns

Mentioned in the show: 

Check out the birthday competition on my website 

Submit your share ...

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