Innovative Insurance Training

Innovative Insurance Training

Boost your recruits’ insurance skills with INGAGE Institute’s innovative training solutions: - Increase your competitivity, stand out and bring the latest technologies to your business thanks to powerful INNOVATION CONSULTING - Gamify training, maximize performance, incentivise collaboration with an AI-powered UNDERWRITING AND CLAIMS SIMULATOR - Master the sales process, win customers over and learn from mistakes by immersing yourself in real-like Zoom meetings with our AI-powered SALES SIMULATOR - Shine, strengthen employer branding, attract and retain talents thanks to EXPERT INTERVIEWS


April 2, 2024 25 mins

00:00 Introduction

00:47 Georges Roos

01:01 Understanding Futurism

01:38 Population Growth in Africa

02:51 Role of Education

03:25 Demographic Changes

05:23 End of Death?

05:52 Biological Transformation

06:21 Impact of Longevity

10:27 Understanding Megatrends

11:58 Top Global Megatrends

12:15 Geopolitical Transformation

12:50 Democracy in Crisis

15:38 Future Predictions

16:13 Understanding Megatrends

17:44 Exploring AI and Human Co...

Mark as Played

Impact of the new law on brokers – Watch and read about this free exclusive interview with Markus Lehmann, Managing Director of SIBA Swiss Insurance Brokers Association to learn more about the impacts of FINMA's new law.
This episode is part of a series of 12 interviews brought to you by the INGAGE Institute - Innovative Insurance Training and thebroker.
Great thanks to Markus Lehmann for sharing his wealth of experience ...

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Insightful interview about the largest online platform of business book summaries, with Patrick Brigger, Co-founder and Chairman of getAbstract. Sit down - or walk or even run - and listen to this very interesting and pleasant discussion. :-) Patrick Brigger's profile:   / patrick-brigger  

00:00 Patrick Brigger 01:25 Structure of this interview 02:02 getAbstract concept 03:17 Summaries of business books 04:33 Platfor...

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How to keep your reputation safe... and insurance? – Watch this free exclusive interview with Sophie BACKER, ex Editor-in-Chief for Political Affairs at Radio France Internationale and learn more about the media. Follow us on social media and podcast platforms for weekly free exclusive interviews with thought leaders from around the world 👉 The INGAGE Institute Chapters: 00:00 1. Welcome 01:02 2. Editor in chief, political...

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A World Without Us short extract.

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Your partner in times of need – Watch this insightful interview about dealing with insurance claims with Marc Scheidegger, Global Chief Claims Officer at Swiss Re Corporate Solutions. (👉 find the link in the comments)

Sit down - or walk, or even run - and listen to this very interesting and pleasant discussion!

Great thanks to Giusy Cannella from Swiss Re for her feedback, our colleagues Laura Servadio for coordinating the ...

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Welcome to our podcast series. My name is Philippe Séjalon and in this podcast I had the pleasure to talk about innovation with Claus Nehmzow, CEO at Binex Singapore.

Sit down - or walk or even run - and listen to this very interesting and pleasant discussion.

Great thanks to our colleague Laura Servadio for coordinating the development of this interview!


00:00 1. Welcome

00:21 2. What is innovation?

05:16 3. ...

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Welcome to our podcast series “The Future of Training in Sales and Insurance”. My name is Philippe Séjalon and in this podcast, my colleague, Christiane Moeschler, and I had the pleasure to talk about sales with Gabriela Fuchs Frei. Gabriela is an Executive Director in one of Switzerland's most successful financial companies.

What does it take to be a good sales person? - How can you overcome rejection?  - How to build a succe...

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In this interview, Alex Solomon and Philippe discuss the blockchain and why it’s time to start paying attention to this space!

From the benefits of decentralisation and current use cases, to the regulatory front, this non-technical discussion will quickly get you up to speed.

The team is also currently collaborating on an exciting new blockchain project called Myntflo and plans to share more about the launch and early adopter progr...

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As part of our podcast series “Innovative Training in Sales and Insurance”, I had the pleasure to talk with Ali Hauser about buying insurance for large companies on the global insurance market, risk management and the role of captive companies.

Ali is the former CEO of Kot Insurance Company AG, Pemex’s Reinsurance Captive Company, with assets of US$1 billion. As such, he was one of the largest buyers of insurance in the world.

He i...

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September 19, 2022 33 mins

As part of our podcast series "Innovative Training in Sales and Insurance", I had the pleasure to talk with Francis Srun about luxury selling and the impact technology has on it.


Francis is an International Executive with a proven record in Management, Sales, Marketing and Strategy. He did his entire career with world-class brands such as Carrefour, Relay, Piaget, Ralph Lauren, Boucheron, spanning 20 years of a su...

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As part of our podcast series "Innovative Training in Sales and Insurance"Wilma Hartenfels interviews Philippe Séjalon on "Seamless Blended Learning", the Metaverse and the future of training.


Wilma: “Today I'm talking to Philippe Séjalon. Together with his brother Patrice and another founder, Marion, Philippe founded Ingage several years ago. Ingage brings innovative and immersive training experiences to the st...

Mark as Played

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