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Insights into Entertainment

An original podcast by a husband and wife team of self professed pop-culture geeks. It is a discussion about all things entertainment from movies and music to television and pop culture. We examine some of the more obscure aspects of the entertainment industry and ask the questions that most mainstream media tends to gloss over or shy away from all together. We give you the insights into the entertainment happenings that you didn't even realize you wanted.


November 20, 2023 63 mins

Prepare to embark on a gripping journey through the riveting world of gaming! We've got a spectacular lineup with detailed insights into the Game of the Year nominations, including the renowned Zelda games - Tears of the Kingdom and Breath of the Wild. As we navigate these contrasting worlds, we'll explore the unique gameplay mechanics that set them apart and discuss why Nintendo games continuously captivate audiences of ...

Mark as Played

With writers and actors on strike, box office numbers struggling to rebound after the pandemic, and missteps with streaming costing studios billions, what could Hollywood possibly do to save the day? 

Maybe have a firesale and make some money, or at least that’s what Bob Iger is looking to do. 

But before we see our heroes on the picket lines or the unemployment lines we first saw them on the silver screen in Indiana Jones and the Di...

Mark as Played

After a long hiatus we’re back with a revamped studio and some interesting experiences to share. The first was from our trip to Niagara falls. Then a new convention came to town. And then we’ll wrap up with thoughts on a few of our favorite shows coming to an end.

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After a long hiatus we’re back with a couple events we attended and a brief Disney discussion. First we’ll talk about our experience at the Disney 100 Exhibition at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. Then we’ll discuss our time and our treasures from this year’s Zolocon. Finally we’ll talk about some of the impact of Bob Iger’s to Disney.

Mark as Played

Chapek is out, Iger is in at Disney again. What impact will that have on the company, the parks and the material coming out of the media giant?

After 11 seasons the Walking Dead comes to an end, kind of. We'll take a look at the impact the show has had over the last decade and where the zombies are going next.

Finally we'll recap some of the seasonal events and pop culture shows we've been able to s...

Mark as Played

As previously promised on the podcast, this week we bring you our review of the current state of Disney parks in Florida.  Having spent a week down in somewhat sunny, often rainy and oppressively hot Florida we’ve had a chance to see if Disney has been able to bring the magic back. We’ll take a look at the resort, the amenities offered and the service. Then we’ll take a look at the technology Disney is trying to throw at it’s guest...

Mark as Played

Today we’re continuing our discussion from our previous episode about the state of Star Wars 10 years into Disney’s stewardship of the franchise

In today’s episode we’ll take a look at where the two men who have kept the franchise alive and given us A New Hope came from, of course I’m referring to Dave Filoni and Jon Favrau

Then we’ll take a look at the future of the franchise based on recently discussed projects revealed at Star War...

Mark as Played

So today we’re going to discuss the current state of Star Wars. We’ll take a look at how the franchise has progressed since Disney took ownership and what their stewardship looks like. Then we’ll take a dive into some of the properties that have come out recently and the trend towards streaming.

We’ll give our thoughts and opinions on the recently completed Obi-Wan Series. Then we’ll take a look at what the current forecasted future...

Mark as Played

Today in our Disney Detective we’ll take a look at MagicBand Plus and some of the exciting new things they can unlock coming to a Theme Park near you.

Tales from the Edge of the Galaxy takes a look at an innovative new documentary coming out about famed special effects house ILM

And then we’ll finish up with our review of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Mark as Played

This week on our Disney Detective we’ll learn how NOT to cancel Disney. Then in our Entertainment news we have a disappointing update in the Walking Dead universe And in our Insightful Picks we’ll talk about Halo the Series

Mark as Played

This week we take a look at how Disney manages to do it wrong yet again. We’ll also get a look at how Star Wars almost got very “Weird” on us.  Finally we’ll talk about the unavoidable news from this past weekend’s Academy Awards.

Mark as Played

This week we’ll take a look at how Disney CEO handled, or rather mishandled Florida’s controversial “Don’t Say Gay” bill

Then we’ll dig into the next major consolidation move in the Entertainment industry with Amazon’s acquisition of MGM.

We’ve also got a great Insightful Pick for you this week and some convention news.

Mark as Played

This week in our Tales from the Edge of the Galaxy we’ll take a look at what’s brewing in the rumor mill about a possible upcoming Disney+ movie

Our Entertainment News focuses on a new Walking Dead series that’s got us scratching our heads a bit

We’ll be introducing a new Convention Recap segment where this week we’ll talk about our experience at Zolocon before we finish up with some upcoming conventions and afterthoughts

Mark as Played

When we started this podcast it was originally meant to be a deep dive into selected entertainment news and pop culture information that being die hard fans of a number of key areas of these topics we thought we could lend some unique perspective on.

Over the course over 130 episodes we drifted away from that more to a reporting on current news and events with a little commentary mixed in. We’re hoping to get back to our original pu...

Mark as Played

Today in our Disney Detective, Inspiring Black Youth through Imagineering plus Disney is in the community building business again

In our Tales from the Edge of the Galaxy, Andor gets a season 2 and The Old Republic gets a new trailer

And for our Entertainment News, we remember Ivan Reitman and how do you show the young heads that the old heads have still got it, we’ll talk about it and more…

And as always we’ll finish up with our Insi...

Mark as Played

Today in our Disney Detective, fans prefer Universal over the Genie and Tik Tok wants us to think Disney put a shop owner out of business

In our Tales from the Edge of the Galaxy, Happy Birthday to John Williams plus we finally get a release date for Obi-Wan Kenobi

And for our Entertainment News, Dolly is paying the bills and Mickey’s tribute to the Monkees

And as always we’ll finish up with our Insightful Picks of the week

Mark as Played

Today in our Disney Detective, Abigail Disney fires a shot across Chapek’s bow while Disney Reveals their Avenging Expansion in Paris

In our Tales from the Edge of the Galaxy, The golden one returns to the franchise and the Galactic Starcruiser Itinerary is finally revealed

And for our Entertainment News, Iger on Movies plus Walking out on the Masked Singer

And as always we’ll finish up with our Insightful Picks of the week

Mark as Played

Today in our Disney Detective, Disney’s looking to dig up some local talent in New Orleans plus Florida locals are buzzing about a sweet post holiday deal

In our Tales from the Edge of the Galaxy, Why no one cared when Star Wars blew up a planet and the wait for the next Star Wars game is almost over

And for our Entertainment News, Daniel Radcliffe is getting “Weird” and the Yellow Brick Road tour was on but is now off again

And as al...

Mark as Played

Today in our Disney Detective, Disney CEO Bob Chapek has a new strategy for Disney. But do fans agree, and Guests Show Distaste For Bob Chapek at Magic Kingdom With Giant Signage

In our Tales from the Edge of the Galaxy, DISNEY, LUCASFILM, AND FIRST JOIN FORCES ONCE AGAIN plus Disney+'s new 'Star Wars' series 'The Book of Boba Fett' hasn't caught on with audiences as quickly as 'The Mandalorian&apo...

Mark as Played

Today in our Disney Detective, Bob Iger goes back to his roots and why are so many people saying they’re done with Disney?

In our Tales from the Edge of the Galaxy, Galactic Starcruiser reservations are available…but do you really want to book it, then the on again off again saga of Patty Jenkins Star Wars movie…I think it’s on again…maybe…this week…possibly 

And for our Entertainment News, Taylor Swift show’s she’s a class act and V...

Mark as Played

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