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November 30, 2023 49 mins

Ever feel like stress is a just an inevitable part of being a woman? The constant juggle, the overwhelming demands, and the advice to "just reduce stress" that feels nearly impossible. Well, guess what? You're not alone, and on this episode of Healthy Harmony, we're breaking through the misconception that stress is something you can magically erase. We are tapping into the HPA axis and your adrenal function and looking at the role of cortisol. Today we have a remarkable guest, Karin Reiter, joining us all the way from Israel. She is no stranger to stress. And In the midst of life's most stressful moments, Karin has a treasure trove of simple steps to help you not just survive but thrive. Ready to rewrite the narrative on stress? Tune in and let's discover the power of supporting our bodies through life's tumultuous ride. This is not your average wellness podcast—this is Healthy Harmony, where we redefine resilience for women.

Our guest today is Karin Reiter, a Functional Medicine Nutritionist, meditation and breathwork teacher, fitness trainer, speaker, author, wife, mama and the visionary founder of Nutritious N' Delicious. From Australia to Singapore, Hong Kong, Israel, and back, she's been on a mission to touch lives, offering knowledge, support, and guidance for a healthier lifestyle.

In this episode, Karin and I delve into the world of resilience amidst the unyielding tempo of stress. From breathwork to natural nourishment, Karin's passion for education shines through as we discuss practical, simple strategies for women in midlife.

And hey! I see you. I know you need hormone help but you are overwhelmed with the holiday hustle!

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Serenity Now: Boundary Building for a Blissful Holiday Season

Revitalize and Renew: Your Midlife Detox Guide for Radiant Well-Being

Snooze and Shine: The Secret to Radiance Amidst Holiday Glitter

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