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January 11, 2021 20 mins

95% of diets fail. 95%! Wondering why there is such a high failure rate? Are you ready to ditch the diet and get off that diet hamster wheel? That’s what we are chatting today on Healthy Harmony.

As I was prepping for this podcast, I felt myself thinking, Why bother? What purpose does this serve? The world has lost its mind!  But I was brought back to one thing. This is how I can help! This is how I can love and serve by bringing simple health information and encourage you to take control of your health. Your complete health…body, mind and soul. And if there is any time to protect your health, it’s now! Even though the world is spinning out of control, there are people in your life who depend on you. They need you, a healthy you. This is why self-care is so crucial. It’s not really so much about self as it is about others. When yourSELF is well, you can love well, care well and serve well.

Today, we are talking diets. Why? Because it’s January and a vast majority of people vow to get healthier and start looking at diets as THE ANSWER. Now, I am going to disclose my bias…I’m anti-diet!  An Anti-diet dietitian.  And today I'm sharing with you the top 4 reasons that diets don't work!

Can you imagine having someone to assess your body, mind and soul health and help you develop simple strategies to transform your health. Someone with the education and training and experience that doesn’t talk down to you or make you feel guilty but someone who empowers you and helps you feel like, I can do this!

Can you imagine that? You don’t have to imagine it any more. This is what I do.  I help women just like you! Consider booking a one-hour Wellness Warrior session.

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