Inspired to Be Authentic

Inspired to Be Authentic

Inspired to Be Authentic is a podcast where we converse with people who are living their most authentic lives. We get real with our guests and talk openly about how they live with courage to be themselves. We explore barriers they have overcome to be more authentic and aligned to themselves and their purpose.


December 14, 2022 54 mins

This guided meditation is designed to help you restore balance between your masculine and feminine energy. When I use the terms masculine and feminine, I am not referring to the gender or sex of an individual. I am referring to the energetic duality that exists within all human beings. We all have a masculine or yang energy, and we all have a feminine or yin energy within us.

Mother Earth is restoring balance after thousan...

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In this episode I take you on a vision quest into the future. We dive into the deepest aspects of your being to discover your potential and create the vision of your future self.

Matt Landsiedel is a transformative life coach, empathic healer and spiritual teacher from Calgary, Canada.

Matt specializes in teaching people how to heal shame + trauma and embody their authentic self so they can enjoy meaningful connections...

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In this episode I speak with Meli Guidance, a past-life psychic and a certified advanced Akashic records reader about how to discover your life purpose. 

Many of us can feel lost at times in our life as we navigate what we want to do with our lives. Meli shares how she guides you towards your soul calling and how you can start to connect with these deeper parts of yourself to discover your unique life path through understa...

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In this episode I speak with Soul Activation Guide and Speaker, Kat Renee. We talk about how to embody your soul in your work and other aspects of your life. Kat and I met in an authentic relating workshop and we both have made it our life mission to show up authentically and share our wild spirit with the world. Come and join us and learn how we are living from the deep soulful place within us and get inspired to live this way too...

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In this episode I speak with social change explorer and leadership/life coach Leslie Ng. Leslie shares her story about how climate grief has impacted her life and the changes she has made in her own life due to the impact of this grief. Together we unpack the heaviness in this world and how we are choosing to live more authentic and outside the norms that society has indoctrinated us to believe is the only way to live.  Come on thi...

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January 28, 2022 66 mins

In this episode I speak with Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, Ginger Jen. Ginger shares her story about being a sex worker/escort and how she moved through the stigma of this work. Ginger gives us the insider scoop about sex work and how we can all learn from healing our own sexual shame and practicing more acceptance. If you are wanting to learn how to connect more authentically with your sexual self and feel more sexually empo...

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In this episode I speak with yoga teacher, Buddhist practitioner and healer Jane Lyon about how to consciously suffer on the journey through spiritual awakening. Jane and I share all our tips and tricks on how to move through suffering from the place of least resistance. If you are going through a lot of adversity in your life right now, then I would recommend taking a listen so you can learn ways to support yourself through the pr...

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In this episode Patrick and Matt talk openly about their own shadow work journey and what they each learned from this deep inner work. They talk about their best tips on how to do shadow work and how it can have a lasting impact on healing shame and living more authentically.

Questions we explored in this episode:

  • What is shadow work?
  • What have you learned from your own shadow work?
  • What are some of the reasons that peopl...
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December 29, 2021 44 mins

Are you a sensitive soul who finds it difficult to be with your own feelings?

Do you struggle being present with your body because your mind is always so active?

Do you want to heal trauma so you can finally find inner peace and happiness?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this guided meditation was created for you.


What is embodiment?

Embodiment is the alignment of mind and body. Embodiment means becoming whole. To ...

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In this episode Ken and I unpack the hot topic of spiritual bypassing. We explore how the spiritual and conscious communities are inundated with people who are not actually doing the deep shadow work required for growth and transformation by avoiding the most important aspect of the transformative process - feeling your feelings!

About Today’s Guest:

Ken is a Relationship Coach from Sydney, Australia. 

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In this episode I speak with Writer, HSP Guide and Reiki Energy Healer, Alissa Boyer about why it’s awesome to be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

Alissa and I share our sensitivity stories and how we are learning to turn our “curse” into our greatest gift. We share how we have moved from a state of disempowerment to feeling empowered in our sensitive nature. We breakdown a list of amazing benefits of being HSP and how you can start...

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In this episode I speak with Trauma Recovery Coach and Spiritual Mentor Sam Garcia. We share deeply our own trauma that has led to challenges in our lives, especially in relationships. We share many of our tips and strategies on how to recovery from trauma so you can stop living in the past and experience more emotional freedom. We unpack the 4 protection mechanisms that we use to adapt to our trauma as children and how these "...

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In this episode I speak with Hannah and Mason about all things related to navigating jealousy in relationships. It doesn't matter if you are polyamorous, monogamous, or just dating casually, this podcast is a must listen to if you are someone who experiences jealousy in your relationships. Join us and learn what jealousy is, why we experience it, why its so hard for most of us to sit with, and most importantly how to feel this...

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In this episode I speak with author, speaker and spiritual guide Nick Burgett. He teaches us his secrets to finding love by taking the journey within ourselves. Nick teaches us tips from his latest book, How to Find Love - A Journey Within: 7 Simple Principles to Experience Everlasting Love. He shares his own personal struggle through suffering a lack of life purpose and how that led to his spiritual awakening that has enabled him ...

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In this episode I speak with Amanda McFadyen about all things codependency. I share openly about my own struggle with codependency and how boundaries are changing my life and enriching my relationships. Amanda shares her story about her journey to living her life mantra of "you alone are enough". We break down what codependency is including the victim/saver dynamics typically played out in codependent relationships, the n...

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In this episode I speak with Authenticity Coach Lukas Sliz. We talk about how to feel more worthy and whole in the experience you have of yourself. Lukas went from feeling alone in this world and not feeling like he belonged to living his best life through practicing living authentically. Lukas teaches us how to have our own sense of emotional freedom so we can begin to feel at home within ourselves regardless of the external circu...

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In this episode we dive deep with Relationship Coach Ken Reid where we unpack everything people pleasing. We talk about how it starts, why we do it and how to overcome it.

Ken provides us an in-depth perspective on how people pleasing is a major barrier to having a successful relationship. Both Ken and I share our personal experiences with people pleasing and how we are overcoming this within our own lives.

We a...

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In this episode I speak with Mikayla Abadies about her journey being a transgender woman and how she chooses to live with courage. Mikayla embodies living her truth and choosing authenticity over conformity and she wants to share her story with you. Mikayla shares what it was like to transition and the impact this had on her mind, body and spirit. This podcast left me emotional with a new understanding and compassion in my heart fo...

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In this episode we unpack the hot topic of racism in the gay community. We share experiences of overt and covert racism, how our preferences can be a way to hide behind attitudes rooted in racism, and how to overcome the conditioning that may be contributing to our preferences. We also openly share our own personal biases when it comes to our own preferences/attractions and provide some solutions on how to start taking responsibili...

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In this episode I speak with male sex coach and tantric arts enthusiast, Nitya Mahlynn. We deep dive about how to embrace the teachings of tantra to last longer in the bedroom and feel more fulfilled with deeper more meaningful sexual connections. Nitya teaches us 5 of her most effective teachings in her sexual mastery intensive coaching program and how we can start to implement some of the techniques into our own sex lives. Join u...

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