Introducing Me

Introducing Me

Join Sarah each week as she talks with a new guest on Introducing Me, a podcast where people of many different backgrounds share their stories. With a focus on inclusion and diversity, Sarah’s guests talk about culture, advocacy, race, ability, gender and sexual identities, or whatever else they want heard.


July 9, 2024 52 mins

Jason Tuttle is the father of two special needs children with mental and physical disabilities who lost his fifteen-year-old son Zachary. Zachary had Eagle-Barrett syndrome and when he was two, Jason left work as an elementary physical education teacher to become a stay at home parent. After Zachary passed away, Jason’s counselor recommended journaling which eventually led Jason to creating his Letters to Zachary Facebook page to s...

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Luaskya Nonon is a first generation Afro-Latina American whose parents empowered her to navigate different spaces while staying true to herself. Growing up in Brooklyn, Luaskya was used to diverse communities until she went to college and then law school at predominately white institutions. A corporate lawyer for twenty years, she more recently founded her consultancy Equity Principle Consulting where she helps leaders create inclu...

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A disabled Army Veteran, Zorina's retirement hasn’t been quite what she expected. Retiring from Veterans Affairs in 2020 didn’t mean that Zorina stopped helping her fellow veterans and a few months prior, Zorina had become a caregiver for her brother who had a brain stroke. In December 2021 she was inspired to create a children’s game, ZomadicShift, to help combat digital balance. Since then, she’s continued to work on different ga...

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June 11, 2024 47 mins

Growing up, Karen Anne Coccioli experienced a lot of trauma and turned to writing when she developed a stutter. Her writing truly saved her and now in her seventies, she has published her memoir, Paradise, to help others who have experienced such hardships. Karen has always known she was gay and ultimately, began to live authentically. She also publishes gay erotica under her pen name, Annie Moon.


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Michael Fosberg grew up in Chicago with his Armenian mother, step-father, and half-siblings, but didn’t wonder about his biological father until he was in his 30s. Armed with a name and potential location, Michael quickly found his father and learned about his previously unknown Black heritage and family. He published his memoir Incognito: An American Odyssey of Race and Self Discovery which he also turned into a one-man play. Mich...

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Jack Schaefer was only five or six-years old when he took his first judo class. Since then, he has learned more about the culture and language of Asian countries. First training and teaching martial arts, he was guided to learn medicine and went on to study Chinese medicine in both the US and China. More recently, Jack's lifelong interest in Daoism led to the co-creation of Parting Clouds to further Daoist education.


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Edward Miskie has spent his life in the theatre and ten years ago, cancer didn’t stop him. Edward was diagnosed with a rare Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma right before he turned 25. He got back on the stage after he went through treatment, but now he’s more focused on writing and producing. Edward recently republished his book, Cancer, Musical Theatre & Other Chronic Illnesses, as a 10-Year Cancer Survivorship Anniversary Edition. 



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For the past eight years, Miguel Yga has been traveling to experience different cultures. He grew up in a conservative Mexican culture and became a corporate lawyer. But Miguel decided to quit his job, pay off his debts, and with little in his bank account, embarked on a journey of exploration and self-discovery that led him to travel throughout North and South America, especially to experience life among indigenous cultures. Migue...

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Nicole “Nikki” Lewis knew she wanted to go into law in the fourth grade and has now been a practicing attorney for more than twenty years. She got her first attorney job at the LA County Children’s Support Services Department and now owns and operates a family law firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a kid, Nikki thought that fitness wasn’t for her, but stress from her job made her realize she needed a change and she eventually f...

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April 16, 2024 42 mins

In 2012, Hanan Merabi started the non-profit Earth’s Angels with a main focus of helping combat infant and maternal mortality. Orphaned at 8-years-old in Ghana, Hanan moved to the US at 15, but ran away at 18 from her adopted family and later started her career in nursing. Now a mother of two sons, Hanan works to help other mothers and folks in Ghana. 


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April 9, 2024 54 mins

In 2016, Jason Muth made his first investment in real estate and has since left the traditional workforce. Prideaway Stays offers short-term rentals in Provincetown with a commitment to the LGBTQ+ community. He also hosts the podcast, The Real Estate Law Podcast with his real estate attorney husband. In this episode Jason shares how his journey in real estate has grown along with his growing family after adopting their almost five-...

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Boots Knighton was diagnosed with three separate congenital heart diseases in 2020. Delayed from COVID, she was able to have open heart surgery in 2021 and has been working her athleticism back up. Boots started her podcast The Heart Chamber to help other patients like herself know what to expect. In this episode, Boots goes into detail about her surgery and her life prior and afterwards, including how her life as an educator has c...

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Jennifer Gasner was diagnosed with a rare, neuromuscular disease called Friederich’s ataxia at age 17. She had always been clumsy, but her handwriting had gotten worse and about a decade later, she started using a wheelchair. At first, Jen had a lot of fear, but eventually found acceptance and has recently authored her memoir, My Unexpected Life: Finding Balance Beyond My Diagnosis. 


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At a young age, Amethysta (Ami for short) believed that genetics held the key to engineering a better human being. Struggling with mental health and identity, Ami transitioned genders in 2022 to better align with who she always knew she should be. In doing so, she now knows that you can’t engineer a better human and her professional focus has shifted from biochemistry and analytics to researching gender and identity, alongside beco...

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Jacey Keller lost her mom, Shawn, ten years ago when she was still in high school. Three years ago she was inspired to help others with their own grief and she started coaching. In this episode, she shares her personal grief story, her growing family, and how to support other people through grief.


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February 20, 2024 40 mins

Asher's musical journey began at the tender age of two, though he never anticipated it would become his full-time pursuit as an adult. Initially, while residing in NYC, he took up the violin as a means to supplement his income. However, over time, his musical endeavors blossomed into a full-fledged career, diverging from his academic background in biology and nursing. In this episode, Asher delves into his musical passions and shed...

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February 13, 2024 57 mins

Jean Jacques Brun, better known as JJ, or The Retired Spy spent 20 years in the Intelligence Branch of the Canadian Armed Forces and now 25 years as the founder of DHC Training Co. As a child, school was hard and he loved sports, so it was natural for him to join the service. He now trains the Four Temperament (DISC) Model of Human Behavior for personal and professional growth. 


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February 6, 2024 50 mins

Ryan DeLena is about to get a degree in outdoor education, but he’s already adventuring outside and guiding others. Ryan is currently a climbing guide with Acadia National Park and likes to have the chance to connect with guests on their outdoor excursions. He started skiing at a young age with his dad and knew that that would be his realm. While on an excursion in Antarctica, without wifi, his dad started writing a book, which end...

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Alex Williams is the granddaughter of Black Panthers and has always been inspired to care for others. She started in home health care, went to school to become an EMT, is trained as a doula for home births and went into law enforcement to pursue justice. As an ironman triathlete turned wrestler, she learned about the benefits of hyperbaric chambers and for the past seven years she has been growing her business, Holistic Hyperbarics...

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January 16, 2024 51 mins

When speaking with Kristof Morrow, you may notice that he says “Shakespeare” throughout the conversation, and while he has a fondness for the author, it’s an audible tic because of his Tourette’s. Kristof has relocated to Vancouver after having a rough childhood, serving as a medic in the US Navy, and being a journalist in Texas. He recently published his first book which is a fantasy novel showcasing many walks of life.


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