It's No Secret

It's No Secret

It’s No Secret is a podcast for Kiwis who want their money questions answered. Are you wondering when is the right time to get on the property ladder, whether you should invest with family or how to talk to your significant other about investing and budgeting? If yes, you’re in the right place. Our hosts Cat Emerson and Christine Jensen will answer these questions and more. They’ll take you through the ins and outs of all things finance, money, property, investing and building wealth so you can move towards achieving financial freedom. Whether it’s learning about budgeting, what to do with your savings or whether you should be investing in the share markets, we’ve got you covered. Each Tuesday we’ll release one short episode that answers a specific money question. No long ramblings and no financial jargon. Investing hacks, budgeting tips and financial freedom included. You’ll be left feeling inspired, relieved and ready to take the next step in your financial journey. Happy listening! Submit a money question or get in touch at


August 23, 2023 40 mins

Today on the podcast we are joined by Chelsea Traver, Founder & Investment Adviser at Evergreen Advice.

Chelsea brings over a decade of experience in the financial space and has a strong background in investment analysis, specialising in Fixed Interest and Socially Responsible Investing. After years of working as an investment analyst, she shifted her focus to working directly with clients, helping them reach their fin...

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What are the common money misconceptions you've heard before? In this episode, we're bunking a few that we believe don't always stand true.

It's #MoneyMonth in NZ during August; A yearly campaign run by Te Ara Ahunga Ora Retirement Commission (Sorted NZ). Money Month helps Kiwis maximise their money in a way that’s relevant in the current climate.

To celebrate, we're debunking the money m...

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June 27, 2023 25 mins

As Kiwis, we’re savers at heart. Generally speaking, we tend to rely on savings accounts to grow your short-term money. But are there investment funds that might also be suitable for getting you to the same goals? 

*Cash Funds enter the room* 

The funds that Cat reckons are getting a glow-up in 2023. 

So what are these types of funds, why use them and how do they compare to savings accounts? We cover all this and more in this episode....

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June 21, 2023 71 mins

Recently, Kernel hosted an event in collaboration with Lighthouse Financial, Haigh Lyon, and Edwards & Co. all about the exciting world of investing for your family. And one of the panellists in this event actually happens to be our very own co-host, Cat!

Tune into this special episode as Cat adds her unique insights on how parents can set their families up for success. We were also lucky to have James Blair, the Weal...

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On today’s podcast, we're back at it again with Insurance Specialist & Financial Adviser, Carley Ellis to dive into the financial side of all things unfortunate.

If you haven't listened to part one, stop right now and go back to our previous episode. It's one not to miss. Plus this podcast will probably make a little more sense after listening to the first one.

Specifically, we cover:

  • The dif...
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On today’s podcast, we're joined by Insurance Specialist & Financial Adviser Carley Ellis to dive into the financial side of death. 

As a topic that isn't often openly talked about, today we have an honest chat about ensuring the cost of death - those around you, and yours - don't lead to having a large impact on your situation, particularly in a time of grieving.  

Specifically, we speak about:

  • Mark as Played

    Today on the podcast we are joined by Daphne van der Oord, Head of Australia and New Zealand at S&P Dow Jones Indices.

    Daphne has an impressive career spanning 20 years, after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and History and a Master’s Degree in Applied Finance. Daphne has worked at many international financial institutions you may have heard of; Man Investments, ING, Credit Suisse and Citibank.

    Daphne manages S...

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    May 17, 2023 32 mins

    You might've noticed that there is a new KiwiSaver provider on the block, this time offering a unique opportunity to DIY your KiwiSaver. 

    On today's podcast we chat about what this entails, the pros and cons and whether DIY'ing your KiwiSaver is something you might like to consider. 

    Specifically, we speak about: 

    • Finding the sweet spot with how engaged you are with your KiwiSaver; is there a poi...
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    After reflecting on our episodes this year so far, we wanted to pick out what we feel are our favourite moments so far. 

    In this episode, we chat about: 

    • Reframing how we think about "living pay cheque to pay cheque"
    • Whether side hustles are worth it or not, especially in tech 
    • Modeling financial behaviour for your kids, particularly as a couple 
    • Tips for job hunting in today's climate - marketing yourself 2...
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    Back by popular demand is our friend and Recruitment Partner, Rose-Marie (Rosey) Nathan, to chat about navigating your career through a recession. 

    With over 20 years of experience across various industries, Rosey has a deep understanding of the needs and goals of both candidates and organisations. She's our go-to for all things career & money. 

    In this episode, Rosey answers all your career questions. We...

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    In today's Money Moments episode, we're joined by Rachel Arcos, Automation Engineer, avid podcast listener, and big financial spreadsheet fan!

    Immigrating to NZ when she was young, we chat to Rachel about her and her family's experience with money growing up. From how this played into her career choice, and the way she manages money as an individual and now in a couple. 

    In this episode, we chat about:

    • Rachel's...
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    Whether we're in a recession or not, a lot of us will probably agree that our budgets are feeling a bit tighter lately, and you're not wrong. From groceries all the way to mortgages, many Kiwis are feeling more and more worried about their money situations.

    But what can you do during more expensive times like this? Tune into this episode where we'll be chatting through exactly that.

    In this episode,...

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    Helloooo and welcome to this episode of Money Moments, where we chat with real Kiwis about their experiences with money. Today, we've got Tim Rodriguez, Marketing Coordinator and  Gen Z'er spilling the tea on his personal finance journey.

    Tim's love for all things business and finance inspired him to prioritize his personal finance journey right out of uni - so much so he even ended up working in the FinTech...

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    In today's Money Moments episode, we're joined by Ryan Potter, friend, Senior Front End Developer, and all round good guy. 

    We chat to Ryan about his journey with money - the good and the not-so-good - plus dig into what he's learned in his 10+ year career as a developer. 

    Specifically, we chat about:

    • What it was like graduating into a recession in NZ and starting at $33k in 2010 
    • His strategy in negotiating salaries...
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    March 28, 2023 37 mins

    Aaand we're back for part two of our creating a financial plan series with Lighthouse Financial

    If you haven't listened to part one, stop right now and go back to our previous episode. It's one not to miss. Plus this podcast will probably make a lot more sense after listening to the first one too.

    Without further ado, let's jump right back in as Christine and her partner Ollie are put on the ...

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    March 22, 2023 56 mins

    Our podcast is all about having real, honest conversations about money. We believe that talking openly about our personal finances is the first step to building a better financial future for ourselves and our community.

    That's why this week and next, we're bringing you a two-part financial planning series in collaboration with Lighthouse Financial.  Christine and her partner Ollie are put in the hot seat as Weal...

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    Today on the podcast Cat is joined by Tim Edwards, the Managing Director and Global Head of Index Investment Strategy at S&P Dow Jones Indices (S&P DJI). Tim hails from London and has vast experience working in derivatives all through to global equities. His team crunch data on over 2 million indices per day!

    In this episode we cover:

    • The history of S&P Dow Jones Indices and why it was created
    • Why Tim chose ...
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    March 8, 2023 22 mins

    Hello and welcome to a super special episode of It's No Secret - why is it so special you may ask? It's because we have a few milestones that we'll be celebrating!

    Firstly, today is the two-year anniversary of the podcast (woohoo!). Can you believe that it’s been two years already since we’ve been chatting away? The second milestone is that we are juuust about to hit 100k downloads! It’s hard to believe we’ve reached ...

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    Today on the podcast we're back with another Money Moments episode with Cat & Christine. Money Moments is where we chat with real Kiwis about their journey with money. 

    In our case, it's an update on what happened after the Christmas break, how our international trips went, and what we've been up to with our finances since then.

    Specifically, we chat about: 

    • What challenges we faced on our ov...
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    With the 2023 general elections right around the corner, now is a great time to take a moment and reflect on how any change in leadership or government might impact your financial stability.

    Today we're looking at some key policies from a few political parties that could financially impact you if they are elected (or reelected).

    In this episode we cover:

    • Different policies that a few parties are offering, ...
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