James O. Henman, PHD

James O. Henman, PHD


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Dr. Henman has spent the past 40+ years in full time practice as a Psychologist, counseling & educating in areas of self-esteem, addictions, relationship dysfunction, depression & anxiety. He is currently in full time practice with Psychological Associates in Modesto, CA as a Coach, author, & lecturer. Dr. Henman developed Cognitive/Perceptual Reconstruction as a integrated Coaching approach to the treatment of Adult Children of Dysfunction in 1985. He wrote "Changing Attitudes In Recovery - A Handbook On Esteem" in 1990, & "Who's REALLY Driving Your Bus?" in 2003. He has shared presentations over the years to help listeners learn how to approach the process of healthy change & build their own “Inner Coach”. His style of sharing combines humor & sensitive self-disclosure in a deep, thought provoking, impactful way. ~The Journey Series~ In “The Journey Series,” Dr. Henman uses examples from daily life to illustrate various aspects of recovery in a way that ma... Show More

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