Jealousy Junkie

Jealousy Junkie

If you struggle with insecurities and jealousy in your relationship, this podcast is for you! Often these insecurities come from childhood or experience with betrayal and cheating partners in past relationships. This can leave you with feelings of jealousy and insecurity in your current relationship, even when there's no evidence or grounds to be worried. Former jealous girl, Shanenn Bryant, brings on experts in their field to tackle this green-eyed monster once and for all. Join us each week and start your new relationship journey from jealous and fearful to calm and confident.


March 7, 2023 14 min

Our obsessions seem so magnified, so big and out of control and we let that become "who" and "what" we think we are.

Because we're so focused on our jealousy, we begin to believe it's the only thing we bring to a relationship; insecurity and jealousy.

Have you ever considered accepting that jealousy and knowing that it's just a part of you.  It's not all of you.

I even guide you to pick the jealous pa...

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Have you ever been more curious than you should be about your partner’s past lovers? Where one question about their past turned into five, which turned into ten, then felt that very uncomfortable pang of jealousy? This type of jealousy is called retroactive jealousy. One of the more insidious types of jealousy because it is referring to the past, which no one can undo.

Retroactive jealousy can not only ruin an otherwise healthy rel...

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February 21, 2023 19 min

Did you know you're being rude when you shrug off a compliment?  After blowing off a compliment my husband gave me, he asked "Why can't you just absorb a compliment"?  

That made me wonder... why can't I?  What's behind that?  

What I learned was much more than I expected and realized we're actually being rude when we don't respond appropriately to a compliment.

I also have a challenge for you and give ...

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Recently, my husband and I traveled to Costa Rica for a conference.  We stayed in a beautiful hotel overlooking the beach and had a ton of fun experiences BUT day 4 would send me into a tailspin I haven't been in for a very, very long time.

In today's episode, I'm sharing lessons learned and why my mini meltdown is important to you.

For one-on-one coaching with me, schedule your FREE, 30-minute Clarity Call to see how I c...

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You learn so much in childhood.  How to walk, how to talk, how to do multiplication and division.

Unfortuantely, for some though, you also learn to be fearful, to not trust.  We learn not to get too happy because any minute, the other shoe will fall.

Today's guest, Reneau Peurifoy, author of 4 different books on anxiety, anger, and emotions, shares his knowledge from over 20 years as an MFT working with anxiety and other related ...

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Trauma leaves a chemical mark on a persons genes that is passed down to the next generation according to today's guest Dr. Galit Atlas.  It's about family secrets and the secrets we keep from ourselves that also keep us from living to our full potential. 

Dr. Atlas is a psychoanalyst exploring the unconscious of her patients and shares how the emotional inheritance and the legacy of trauma is passed down from generation to g...

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In today's quick dump episode, I share 5 statements I decided to stop making to my partner that changed the dynamic of our relationship.

Most of the time, you don't even realize how the words you choose can come across.  Even when you feel like you're being really clear or you mean what you're saying in the moment, these 5 statements are usually a signal to disaster.

For one-on-one coaching with me, schedule your FREE...

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Did you know that toxic stress decreases the size and impairs the function of different regions of the brain that are actually responsible for our learning, our executive functioning, our memory ?

Candace Alley, a five time internationally certified coach and the founder and CEO of Trauma Resource Network shares that: 

  • trauma is not a particular event, but rather how the brain processes that event 
  • every persons healing journey is as ...
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    One of the reasons it took me so long to overcome my jealousy is because I kept getting stuck or there would be long periods of time I wasn't working to improve it.

    I started to notice a pattern of these times and today I am sharing 3 things that could be slowing down your progress of becoming more confident and overcoming jealousy in your relationship.

    Here are the 3

  • a makeup
  • a breakup
  • a hiccup
  • but I dive deep into each one and give...

    Mark as Played

    Did you know when your brain is operating under duress, all of the "parts" are not coordinating which can ramp up your jealous mind.

    Our brains have a negative bias because it wants to save us.  It wants to keep us safe from danger.  But overload causes the brain to get out of symphony.

    Leader in the field of stress mastery, Dr. Cindi Ackrill shares what stress and comparison does to your brain and the intersection between ho...

    Mark as Played
    November 15, 2022 9 min

    It all feels like its falling apart when you screw up and show your jealous side... AGAIN. 

    But, there is an important mindset to have when you are trying to tame your jealousy and in today's episode, I'm sharing the importance of practicing, not mastering.

    For one-on-one coaching with me, schedule your FREE, 30-minute Clarity Call to see how I can help

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    Grab the 5 Mu...

    Mark as Played

    Life strategist, relationship specialist, creative solution finder, and heart-centered problem solver, Sarah Ramsey lets a surprisingly simple philosophy guide her: indecision is the enemy of success.

    Viewing clear decision-making as the ultimate form of self-care, Sarah brings life-changing clarity to formulating solutions for those pesky problems that often seem impenetrable on the surface. Her book, Problem Solved, provides reade...

    Mark as Played

    In this quick dump episode, I'm sharing O.N.E. thing I did to break my negative mindset and take off the green lense I saw life through.

    Our adult brain can be lazy and it wants to refer back to old patterns of information we learned in the past.  If those patterns are negative, they stand out even more and shapes the way we view life and approach situations we interpret as similar.

    To shift these pattens, its all about being ope...

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    October 18, 2022 23 min

    Aviation is one of those professions that has always been associated with infidelity and cheating, but Jackie Ulmer believes that every situation is as unique as the people involved.

    Jackie is a peak performance coach who has been married to a pilot for more than 30 years. She worked in aviation for eight years before becoming a pilot’s wife, meeting lots of regional airline crews and spending time as a crew scheduler and flight att...

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    James Preece is UK's top dating coach and often compared to Will Smith in the movie Hitch.  In today's episode he shares some differences and similarities of men and women when it comes to dating and relationships.

    Here are just a few tips and words of wisdom James shares in this episode:

  • Women often unknowingly situate themselves in unapproachable situations.  At the gym with their headphones on or going out in packs with ou...
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    Is your partner a narcissist? If you feel like they are, it may be true, so we decided to present 10 warning signs to watch out for so you can know for sure. 

    In this episode you will learn: 1. Learning about narcissism in order to emancipate yourself from self-blame and self-doubt. 2. Understanding that narcissism exists along a spectrum, and that not everyone with narcissistic traits has a personality disorder. 3. Recognizing the ...

    Mark as Played

    All of us tend to lead with our thinking mind, which only makes up about 10% of who we actually are. There are other parts of our brain that have a larger capacity to accurately intake the information around us. However these parts of our mind are difficult to tap into, which is why there are tools such as hypnotherapy that can be used to enter these wiser faculties of our mind and help aid us in dealing with unpleasant feelings an...

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    August 30, 2022 25 min

    In this episode, Shanenn walks through an exercise she did to stop her jealous actions.  She breaks these action habits into two categories

  • Undercover Action Habits
  • Direct Action Habits

  • Download the Action Habits Worksheet to follow along to identify and tame your jealous actions.

    Connect with Shanenn:



    For one-on-one coaching with me, schedule your FREE, 30-minute Clarity Call to see how I can help

    For further support, ...

    Mark as Played

    “We need to understand that being kind to ourselves has nothing to do with stuffing down our feelings or burying them, or smothering them with consumerism or addiction. It's really about looking inward. Seeing what feelings and what needs are there and trying to find realistic and compassionate solutions.” - Dr. Marcia Sirota

    Being kind in our society is unfortunately very rare. Not just kindness to others, but kindness to ourse...

    Mark as Played

    Jealousy can be insidious. It can cause us to unravel and mistrust ourselves to the point of exhaustion. Also, what feels like a deep knowing can oftentimes come across as a possible fear because of how activated our nervous system is at the thought of a partner cheating. 

    Intuition is real and it can be trusted. As long as you know how to differentiate your intuition from anxiety and fear, it can be used as a powerful tool to help ...

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