Join @stuartbrisgel @davidsolomon on The Rant Network

Join @stuartbrisgel @davidsolomon on The Rant Network

Who We Are And Why We Are Doing This Stuart Brisgel, from the United States, and David Solomon, from Canada, have debated so many different topics. Many enjoyed our banter and rants and our friends recommended that we share it with others. That is exactly what this forum is! We will broadcast a 15-minute rant every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12:00 Eastern on a variety of topics. Join us and share your thoughts here, on our social media pages and even recommend a topic for us to discuss.#therantnetwork #podcasting #opinion #podcaster #podcastshow #live #business #discussion #economics #politics #discussion #sports #racism #socialmedia #education #conservative #education


September 29, 2023 14 mins

The Biden Inquiry went off as expected - the GOP wants clear and untouched evidence about Hunter and Joe Biden. Meanwhile, the Democrats, needing to steer the message in another direction used props and messaging about a government shutdown. At the same time, Democrats are lying about border security and, for once, are being challenged by some members of the liberal media. The Dems need to insulate Joe Biden at all costs and Americ...

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In the United States and in Canada, there are politicians dealing with a scandal that has rocked both countries. In Canada, the Speaker of the House invited a Nazi to the Canadian Parliament as a gesture to the President of Ukraine. He claimed that he was unaware of his past and due to pressure from all parties, resigned within two days. Senator Bob Menendez has been indicted in a bribery scandal and has claimed racism against him ...

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September 25, 2023 14 mins

Jewish People around the world are encouraged to reflect on this Day of Atonement. For David Solomon, this reflection begins with the greatest atrocity inflicted on humanity and ends with a question - what is our response to similar forms of cruelty still being inflicted. As an enlightened society, we claim to know better and then we let the same horrific actions to reoccur. Why?

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Migrants are now entering the United States in record numbers and the Biden Administration is in denial. Karine Jean Pierre, the government press secretary, continues to avoid answering questions about this crisis. The governor of New York does not want anymore migrants in her state. Other states are crying the same. Yet, Biden wants them all…regardless of their impact on the US. Who is really running the United States? 


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September 20, 2023 14 mins

To accommodate Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman, the Senate has permitted him to join his colleagues on the floor dressed in his usual sweatshirt and gym shorts. Democrats are willing to accommodate Fetterman with complete disregard to the dignity of the institution. This attitude is a reflection on how we handle issues today - catering to a small minority regardless of its real impact. 

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Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has vocally supported the United Auto Workers demands claiming that corporate greed is impeding their ability to earn fairly. Raising wages and cutting the work week to 4 days is the way to go. Sanders avoids holding the Democratic Party responsible for the increased cost of living and expects the corporations to fix what ails Americans. 

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September 15, 2023 14 mins

Made up stories, lies, his son’s indictment and age are conspiring with Joe Biden. The question asked - should President Biden step aside and let another candidate run in the upcoming election? Even the New York Times have suggested that Biden should let someone else run. But whom should that be? The VP, current candidates opposing Biden or someone else? 

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With North Korea, Russia and Iran developing closer defence ties, the Western World needs to take notice. These alliances are very similar to the way the Axis powers allied before World War Two. The West is too quiet on this front preferring to focus on Trump, Biden and other political nonsense. Could we be heading towards a new world order or war? 

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September 11, 2001 was the day our Freedom was attacked. Terrorists wanted to destroy what we cherish the most - our ability to live as we please. 22 years later, with the political divide in the West coupled with the societal issues that force this divide, we are forgetting why we should stay united. Even today, our Freedom is at risk and, yet, our leaders are not present on this important day. We cannot forget or neglect Septembe...

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September 8, 2023 14 mins

Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Diane Feinstein, Mitch McConnell and others are well past their age prime and are showing cracks. This leads into the question - should there be term limits for all politicians and not just for presidents. While those who could physically do the job continue, one has to wonder after how many years should a politician continue to be in power?

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A couple of kids have COVID in a Maryland school and now the entire grade is forced to wear an N95 mask for 10 days. This is their solution! A complete disregard for the impact that masking has caused these youngsters. Politicians on the Left are craving a return to this type of control and are watching how this unfolds. Is this our future?

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In the latest Wall Street Journal poll, Trump and Biden are in a tie in the race for president. ABC News went ballistic wondering how this is possible. As usual, they blame GOP voters and ignore Independents’ voting desires and the real polls indicating how real Americans feel. Neither Party is paying attention that real leadership is lacking and that Americans are craving a real change. 

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New York City and Chicago are forcing migrant kids into public schools with local kids and have turned classrooms into an even worse situation. Classrooms that had too many students are now larger. Moreover, in Chicago, migrant students do not have to present health documents, prove immunizations and COVID vaccines. Meanwhile, Chicago residents must prove for the kids or they will be thrown out by mid-October. In what way is this h...

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August 30, 2023 14 mins

First, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister, Melanie Joly, talks about contingency plans if a MAGA government is elected in 2024. This week, the Government issues a travel advisory for LGBT travelers about states with anti-LGBT laws. How come the Canadian government is focusing on the US and not other countries with real issues? Why is the Canadian government meddling in the US?

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Imagine a Newsom-DeSantis debate…no this is not for President of the US, just a Fox News debate. Pitting the California and Florida governors head to head makes for great TV. So why is the White House against this debate? Simple, they want to preserve the Biden-Harris ticket. However, the Party may not comply…seems that they may want another candidate instead of Biden at the helm. Seemingly, the VP is not an option either. So is th...

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Eight of the Republican candidates for President debated on Wednesday, but the one who should have been there was sorely missed. Without the front runner, Donald Trump, the debate missed a significant piece, but for a first debate, it made a difference. Will this impact Trump’s lead? Will some bow out? 

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August 23, 2023 14 mins

We are five months away from the first primaries and 8 of the GOP candidates will take the stage to debate and try to sway Republican voters their way. With Donald Trump not attending, this debate should be very important to each candidate to score points. It will be interesting to see which candidates improve their position and which ones are likely to withdraw. With topics like Trump, Biden, the economy, crime, immigration and mo...

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We should be jumping for joy that Saudi Arabia would want to normalize relations with Israel. However, the Biden Administration, that is brokering this deal, is not taking Israel’s needs into account. First, it is the US’ need to keep China away from the Middle East that will put Saudi Arabia in a very strong negotiating position. It has demanded a Palestinian State and access to build their own nuclear program. Israel is hardly at...

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Once again, the Left needs an escape goat for the economic problems, and the Democrats are not responsible. They want to further tax the rich because that is the ONLY solution to fix the economy. Joe Biden has been trying to convince Americans that his programs are working and that real Americans are prospering. The opposite is the reality and the Biden Administration has done more harm than good. Yet, the Left will not give in and...

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Joe Biden has been on the wrong side of decisions when it comes to international relations. As President, his failures have been magnified - his horrible negotiations with Russia to return home 1 basketball player, the misguided departure from Afghanistan and his weak approach to Russia and China. Biden has focused on his 2024 election and not helping his allies globally. Countries that depend on the US are petrified while American...

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