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November 2, 2022 1 min

Is JFK Jr. still alive? Who actually IS the Deep State? Was Osama bin Laden a CIA operative named Tim? 

In this all-new, limited-series podcast from The Daily Show, Jordan Klepper unpacks some of the most… imaginative conspiracy theories he’s heard in his seven years covering Trump rallies. He chats with experts, journalists, and psychologists to understand how these theories spread,  and what they mean for American democracy. All new episodes are every Wednesday.

Listen to new episodes starting November 9th, and watch the Klepper Fingers the Conspiracy special on Comedy Central and Paramount+.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hi. I'm Jordan Clapper, Daily Show contributor, Trump Rally Press
pass holder and as of today, my most daring title
yet podcast host. This is Jordan Clepper Fingers the Conspiracy
and all new limited podcast series brought to you by
The Daily Show. Now, normally, when I hear Trump supporters
bring up these, let's just call them what they are,

unverified banana gram conspiracy theories. We grabbed the sound by
packet in the segment for The Daily Show and move
on to the next person. But now we're doing it differently.
We're going way down the rabbit hole. Look what's on
your back? Q Flack? One of those crazy people, like
did you know that Osama bin Laden is a guy
named Tim It's been Laden still alive from the c

I A. Yeah, We're doing a whole episode about that one.
Is there anything you can tell us that I don't know?
JFK Jr. Is still alive? What JFK Jr? Coming back
from the dead? That's an episode? Are they making pedophile
look cool? If you go online, there's a whole list
of pedophile symbols. Really, the Deep Eight that too. Where
do these conspiracy theories come from? You might think the Internet,

and well, yeah, you're pretty much right. But where on
the Internet, and how do they spread and metastasize, and
how do we access those websites without getting a virus.
That's a question for our I T guidentist who has
upen in the office recently. I wonder why the point is.
I'm super excited, mostly terrified to unpack some of the

wildest conspiracy theories I've ever heard with experts who know
all about him, journalists who come across the stuff every day,
and even jfk Jr himself. Guys, can we get jfk
Jr one of the guys that the rally gave me
a cell. I'll pass it on. So that's the deal.
Jordan Clapper Fingers The Conspiracy premiering November nine eleven nine,

which is the opposite of nine eleven, which never happened.
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