Journey of an Artist

Journey of an Artist

The path to success is rarely a straight line. And the path to success as a creative professional? That line tends to be especially squiggly. In the new series, Journey of an Artist, singer-songwriter and poet, Emmeline, talks to creatives from all walks of life about their passions, their paths, and the persistence they’ve employed to reach a point of professional and personal fulfillment. Emmeline sits down with voice actors, poets, dancers, musicians, graphic designers, stylists, and more to discuss the decisions they’ve made, the challenges they’ve faced, the obstacles they’ve overcome, and where they’d like their vision to take them next. She also reinforces the belief that—with love, grit, perseverance, and an abundance of joy—anything is possible.You can live the life you want, the life that brings you the most joy, and Emmeline's guests are living proof. Episodes air every Sunday night at 5 PM CST on Deep Ellum Radio. Then, each episode is available as a podcast the very next day! For behind-the-scenes information and insights, follow Emmeline on Instagram at @EmmelineMusic.


February 13, 2024 56 mins

Being productive as a creative isn't about being perfect or being perfectly in control; it's about taking action.

In this first episode of 2024, Emmeline sits down with Simon Pruitt--a 20-year-old writer, venue manager, and live music event curator--to talk about the value of starting before you're ready. The Founder of OTO Experience, Simon booked his first music festival at age 17 by acting on his crazy id...

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When do you take the leap out of your comfort zone to invest in yourself?

When do you give yourself permission to sound like you, and not like the people you've admired?

What is the process by which your differences become your strengths?

In this episode, Emmeline tackles these questions and more with singer-songwriter and voice coach Carly Carroll.  She comes from a very musical family and has a deg...

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"There's only going to be a certain portion in any given room of people who are broadcasting on the frequency I'm broadcasting on." - Matthew Broyles

How important is a niche in the creative arts? What should you do if you're inspired to create something outside your comfort zone or your normal area of operations?

Matthew Broyles says, "Go for it!"

In this episode, Emmel...

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"Clarity is important."

Do you feel like there is a story inside of you that desperately needs to be told? Have you always wanted to publish a book, but felt discouraged by the difficulties of the publishing industry?

In this episode, Emmeline sits down with independent author and anthologist Adam D. Jones to talk about developing one's creative career as an adult, exploring the world of independen...

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"It is my responsibility to be in control of the narrative of my own life."

Calling all women in entertainment! We all need the reminder that we're not alone in the messiness and imperfections of our creative pursuits. In this episode, Emmeline sits down  with writer, dramaturg, and librettist Amy Andrews for a heartfelt, honest, candid interview about the twists and turns of Amy's creative journey--an...

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"I just felt this itch..."

Jacob Niemeier had a great, stable life. He had a job in his field that earned him a comfortable wage, a satisfying living situation, and lots of friends with whom he could hang out on the weekends. Deep down, though, something was calling him to do more. To do something scary. To take a risk.

Jacob was positive that God was calling him to start his own nonprofit and spend his...

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How do you make a living doing what you love in the creative arts? Can music really make full-time money?

Brad Thompson has the answer.

In this episode, Emmeline sits down with professional musician Brad Thompson of Brad Thompson and the Undulating Band to talk about their reunion show on January 12th, 2023 at The Bartonville Store, how life impacts the process of songwriting, and how Brad has learned to shift fro...

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"People really just need to be heard." - Lauren O'Connor.

 It's been a rough few years for mental health. The pandemic, the fear, the feelings of isolation, the political unrest--all of these have contributed to what sometimes feels like a Herculean fight. But if you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, or struggling to find purpose and community, there IS hope.

Foundation 45 ...

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"Lord, thank you for taking me through this journey. Grant me strength as I go through each day. Grant me a cheerful spirit and give me courage to do whatever needs to be done." - Angela Mendoza.

Tony Mendoza was a CFO. His wife, Angela, was an accountant. They were, by self definition, not "creative" people. Yet they created a beautiful life together by choosing to love each other through life's ...

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"We live in hope."

Have you ever wondered how you can contribute to the arts if you don't feel like a traditional creative? Can you still make an impact if you're not the one drawing, or painting, or making music?

Dr. Diane Miles says yes.

In this episode, Emmeline sits down with arts advocate Dr. Diane Miles to discuss her career in education, her experience in human resources, and h...

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"Authenticity is key."

What do you do when you have so much creative energy that you can't possibly focus on just one project at a time? How do you balance all of your passion with your desire to stay sane?

Joseph Fisher-Schramm knows.

Joseph is a musician, a producer, an arranger, and the CEO and founder of the independent record label, A Study in Expression. In this episode, he sits down...

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"How you do anything is how you do everything."

Have you ever wanted to learn an instrument? Did you start learning? Did you immediately start to wonder why playing an instrument is so hard?

This is your episode!

In this episode of Journey of an Artist, Emmeline sits down with YouTube star and fellow pianist, Marina from The Piano Keys, to talk about why it matters not just that you practice yo...

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If you're struggling with your artistic identity or contemplating a shift in a new direction, look no further. Blue Capricorn is here to empathize with you!

In this episode of Journey of an Artist, Emmeline sits down with alternative pop artist Blue Capricorn to talk about the nonlinear nature of the musician's journey.  From his early days in school band to his search for the right producer, Blue Capricorn gets ...

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“It’s normal to have ups and downs. That comes with the world. It’s how you handle those ups and downs.” - Lamar Strait

Do you ever feel like you can't focus on just one thing? Do you ever feel like you have too many ideas and too little time? Are you fighting negative voices in your head that say that you can't do it all? This episode is for you!

In this episode of Journey of an Artist, Emmeline sits do...

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How to you fight for your dream in spite of the challenges? How do you use the obstacles as motivation? How can you turn roadblocks into new paths to success?

In this episode, Emmeline and Dr. Mona Jhaveri tackle these questions and more.  Mona is a research scientist with a degree in biochemistry who began her career in science by working on a cure for cancer. Her discoveries led her to start Foligo Therapeutics, Inc.--a ...

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Are you seeking proof that God has a plan for you? Have setbacks or traumatic experiences discouraged you? Are you looking for ways to get back into your art?

If you  answered "yes" to any of those questions, Cryste DeShields has a story you need to hear. As celebrity photojournalist and co-founder of Dallas Music Network, Cryste has found multiple ways for her artistic passion to manifest. However, she's al...

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Did your artistic journey take you in a different direction than you'd initially anticipated? Do you struggle between satisfaction with your current path and doubt about whether you should've stuck to your initial direction? This episode is for you!

Here, Emmeline sits down with singer-songwriter and music instructor Rebekah Prim to talk about the call to perform, the desire for connection through music, and the ...

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"Never discount any of your talents or that you can make use of them.” - Linda Lerner.

Want to learn more about broadcast media?  This episode is for you!

From television to radio, comedy to drama, writing to production, CBS to ABC, and NPR to Disney, Al and Linda Lerner have done it all! In this episode, Emmeline sits down with Al and Linda to discuss the decades they've collectively spend in broadcas...

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"God did not create you to  create by yourself." - Charlie Wendell.

Do you have a heart for service? Do you feel called to make a difference? Are you letting the fear of mistakes or inadequacy keep you from doing what you love?  This episode of Journey of an Artist is for you!

University of North  Texas and Full Sail University alumna Charlie Wendell started out with good friends and a dream to unite h...

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"If someone has to tell you to give them more, something is wrong." - Jim Greene

Calling all fans of broadcast media and aspiring sports broadcasters! In this episode, Emmeline sits down with the tireless hustler Jim Greene.  Graphics Coordinator for the American Airlines Center and AT&T Stadium in Dallas, TX, Jim is  a veteran of sports broadcasting and live events who has also worked for ABC Radio Networks...

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