Journeys to Equity

Journeys to Equity

On Centerforce's Journeys to Equity Podcast, hear diverse leaders from across Corporate America, discuss the factors that led to their success. The goal of the podcast is to offer the strategies and tools to accelerate impactful and long-lasting change.


September 30, 2022 42 min

How Women of Color Can Self-Advocate

In this episode, Sabria A. McElroy, Partner at Boies Schiller Flexner, shares her perspectives on the challenges women and people of color face in the legal industry. She offers her insights on how firms and clients can create change by understanding the importance of the ROI of DE&I. She knows that gaining confidence and overcoming internal struggles were part of her path to success. Sabria ...

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Being Purposeful in Progress

In this episode, Indhira Arrington, Managing Director and Global Chief Diversity Officer at Ares Management, gives us valuable takeaways on how to succeed in the corporate space. She highlights that success is always accompanied with support and shares how her support team and sponsors have equipped her with the needed skills, attributes, and attitude to climb up the corporate ladder. As a DEI lead, Indh...

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Show Up For the Job You Want Not the Role You Have
In this episode, Courtney Statfeld, Principal at McKool Smith, addresses the importance of confidence, preparation and staying true to yourself as you progress in your career. Early on, she stayed open to different experiences which eventually led her to the law. Her passion for her work and competitive spirit has been instrumental in propelling her forward. As a result, she is rec...

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Creating a Culture of Belonging

This episode highlights the career journey of Kyle Lewis, Senior Counsel, Safety & Insurance Litigation, US East at Uber. Here, Kyle discusses the importance of cultivating a diverse talent pool. He also talks about vulnerability in leadership and its impact on company culture. Being open creates a forum for your team to fully express themselves, and this in turn, creates a sense of belonging so e...

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Cultivating a Sense of Belonging 

In this episode, Cassandra Labbees, Firm Member at Epstein Becker & Green, P.C., shares the importance of creating a culture of belonging. As a child of Haitian immigrants, Cassandra highlights her unique experience of integration into American culture. Having gone to a primary school that celebrated her ethnic roots, Cassandra developed a strong sense of identity and had a clear example of incl...

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July 29, 2022 52 min

Moving Past Passion and Utilizing Strategy 

In this episode, Natalie Edwards, Global Chief Diversity Officer at National Grid, highlights the impact of expertise in DEI initiatives. Her insights on DEI prompt change agents to examine their current inclusion strategy and ask the important question: “What does diversity mean and look like for our company?” Natalie encourages Chief Diversity Officers to become experts in their field an...

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July 20, 2022 55 min
Listen to All Voices but Trust Your Own 

This episode highlights the career journey of Marla Sofer, Financial Services Lead, Industry Solutions CTO at Microsoft. She has followed her passion through various sectors including Wall Street and Fintech. Marla emphasizes the significance of understanding your strengths and positioning them to evolve into new opportunities. Self-evaluation, commitment, and personal experiences are invalua...
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The Price and the Rewards of Pursuing Growth
In this episode, Tamara O’Neill Moreland, Shareholder at Larkin Hoffman, discusses her journey from  young attorney to making partner, and the difficulties women must overcome to make their voices heard. Tamara provides a candid perspective on the challenges of recruiting and retaining diverse candidates, calling out micro-aggressions, and developing personal resilience. 

Tune in for insi...

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Creating a Culture of Acceptance and Belonging

In this episode, LeeAnn Jones, Partner at Taylor English Duma LLP, shares her thoughts on the recruitment and retention of diverse attorneys.  With so much emphasis being placed on front-end recruiting, long-term impact is bound to fail if the follow-up back-end process, diversity retention, isn’t equally as effective. LeeAnn has experienced this first-hand as both a woman and a member ...

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Creating Opportunities to Change our Behavior 

In this episode, Janine Jansen, Global Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Lead at Organon, shares what it means to be authentic in our equity journeys. Janine explains how we all have the opportunity to change our behavior, but real change happens in our hearts and minds. This is what leads to true allyship and advocacy for those impacted by inequity. She highlights how the lac...

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Handling Responsibility and Recognizing High Potential 

In this episode, Lori Stacy, CEO at Trader Interactive, shares how to balance the responsibilities of career and caretaking. As a woman in a male-dominated field, Lori emphasizes how her professional and occupational experiences have equipped her with the skills, mindset, and motivation to juggle her passion for her work with all the commitments and obligations that come with b...

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Bigger is Not Always Better

In this episode, Susanne Jones, Founder of Jones Robb–a boutique law firm handling patent prosecution and counseling–and Elizabeth Burke, a Member of the firm, share their insights on being women in STEM and how they steering their small firm to success. Because both Susie and Liz pursued careers in engineering, they are used to being the only woman in the room. They then both decided to add to the challe...

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Defying the Odds through Science, Law, and Ambition 

As a physics major at Oxford University, Emily Collins, VP of Kilburn & Strode’s San Francisco’s Liaison office, knew early on that science was her passion, but she also had a unique knack for interacting with people. Patent law allowed her to blend the two into a rewarding career. But the path to success in the highly male-dominated field hasn’t always been a smooth one. In t...

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April 27, 2022 48 min

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

In this episode, Lale Topcuoglu, Head of Credits at Swiss Re gives her outlook on what true inclusivity looks like. She provides a unique point of view by expounding on her experience immigrating to the United States. Lale explains how transitioning to this country provided the opportunity to compare her preconceptions of equity in western culture with reality. Her own experience inspired her to claim her ...

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Performing Progressiveness

In this episode, Lara McLeod, Global Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at FullStory connects the intersection between identity and DEI work. She opens up about the impact racism, sexism, bias, and stereotypes have on women of color in the legal world and provides solutions for leveling the playing field. Lara offers insight into the difficulties of addressing macro and microaggressions while overcom...

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April 5, 2022 46 min

Change is in the Details

In this episode, Julie Honor, General Counsel, at 3Q Digital Inc., shares how her interest in business equipped her with the needed outlook to embrace and incorporate effective change management. She highlights the realities of implementing change, and what organizations must do to get the ball moving. Julie draws focus to the importance of leaders being able to express and show how DEI is integrated in the ...

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Know What Needs To Be Done & Make It Happen

In this episode, Ellen Bailey, Vice President of Diversity and Culture, at Harvard Business Publishing shares insights on what it means to “practice what you publish.”  To that end, she tells a captivating story about how her background in sales equipped her with the skillset to convert DEI strategy into a business plan and effectively sell the need for DEI application in the workplace...

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Change Starts with Self-Reflection

In this episode, Dawnita Wilson, Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, at JBG Smith Properties, discusses the evolution of her DEI career and more significantly, why her role is vital to business success. Dawnita asks a difficult question: How intentional are companies being with diversity implementation? As listeners, we too are invited to evaluate ourselves and our contributions to the inclu...

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The Road to Self-Discovery and “Confront”ability

In this episode, Nick Tiger, Associate General Counsel at Upgrade, Inc., reflects on his journey to self-discovery, guided by his ability to see the bigger picture. Identifying as a cisgender gay man, who lives with ADHD, it is no surprise that Nick had barriers to overcome. However, what society classified as hindrances, Nick transformed into stimulants for personal development and m...

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Transforming Workplace Culture

In this episode, Marina Severinovsky, Head of Sustainability, North America at Schroders, discusses her experience in the field of finance, her transition into the ESG sector, and the importance of empathy.  Coming from a family of refugees that fled the Soviet Union, Severinovsky was quickly introduced to the gatekeeping and lack of access to opportunity for those without the right contacts.  Rather t...

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