Julio Caezar presents JuliTunzZz Radio

Julio Caezar presents JuliTunzZz Radio

You'll grow an addiction to this Audio Caffeine! Disclaimer: Do not listen to the show if you’re allergic to good vibes, productivity, motivation, physical fitness, or any physical activity related to extreme elation. Otherwise ... Let’s jam through 2024 with the continued discovery of new EDM in the worlds of vocal & tech house, progressive house, trance & more! #JuliTunzZzRadio comes in as a bi-monthly dosage of the grooviest transitions & House TunzZz available, broadcasted across the globe. Setting records within the Electronic Dance Music community by holding the #1 spot under the Music Podcast category in 2018, Julio Caezar continues to rock the house as a source of music discovery for ravers and DJs alike! Visit the website for playlists, free downloads, merch, personal blogs & more.


March 30, 2024 59 mins

Are you ready to move?

Episode 134 will have your car switching from Park to Sport and your keyboard clatter from strokes to strobes. Julio does it again with a caffeinated dosage of good vibes & river-like transitions.

Enjoy the refreshing & energizing sounds of JuliTunzZz Radio Here we go!! 


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  1. Noizu - Vog...
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You've been waiting for the new JuliTunzZz Radio Season, and it's finally here!! Yippee!!

The premiering Episode 133 doesn't disappoint as Julio takes you on a ride filled with all of the audio caffeine you can desire for your daily endeavors. Dive straight into the mix and enjoy the refreshing transitions Julio is well known for. Here we go!! 



  1. Darius Syrossian & Jena - E-Soul
  2. Alaia & Gallo, Kid Enigma - Work It
  3. Jazzy -...
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July 29, 2023 64 mins

As Season 11 comes to a close, Episode 132 plunges you in the JuliTunzZz Radio Underground for a heavy dosage of audio caffeine. Prepare yourself for a performance filled with all of the elements that make up a JuliTunzZz Radio season, from techno to a couple of throwbacks.

Join Julio Caezar as he closes out another chapter, and prepares for the new. Have fun listening to the show, and above all, a major thank you to the JuliSquad! ...

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July 4, 2023 62 mins

The Semi-Finale to Season 11 brings the darkest cup of audio caffeine for your listening pleasures, with a dose of Julio’s creative transitions & unique rizz. If you’re ready to celebrate any occasion with energetic vibes that transport you to the JuliTunzZz Underground, this is where you want to be.

Press Play, close your eyes, and RAVE through an adventurous dreams. If you’re driving, keep your eyes open & try not to get a speedin...

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June 9, 2023 61 mins

Awakened Juli … Check!

Dust of Shoulders … Check!

Audio Caffeine … Check!

Latino Flavor … Check!

A Memorable, Replayable Ride … Check!

Be warned, this episode will keep your blood pumping through your veins without a break. The energy in this episode keeps on going, and going, and going … with transitional finesse & timeless entertainment. If you need an hour to fly by, this is the episode for you.

Otherwise, stay clear of this audio caf...

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April 23, 2023 63 mins

Another experience filled with a unique dosage of audio caffeine, in an envelope of deep love & emotion. Julio never fails to take us on a rollercoaster where we all feel a sense of togetherness; it’s like he taps into our minds & unleashes a sense of unity with each performance.

Experience the Juli! Experience the Audio Caffeine!

Dive into Episode 129, for JuliTunzZz Radio.


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February 19, 2023 59 mins

Want some heat? Want to feel an experience filled with audio caffeine? Julio Caezar brings the house down straight into the underground with Episode 128. If you think you can survive from an uncontrollable desire to dance … this episode might be for you.

Believe us when we tell you, Episode 128 is not for the faint of heart; there are NO JuliMotions on this rollercoaster ride, so proceed with caution!


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January 18, 2023 62 mins

Beginning the 2nd Half of the Season with a BANG, Julio continues to shine with his ability to create an hour filled with #audioCaffeine through song selection & pure mixing artistry. Once you dive into Episode 127, you won’t want to take a break!

For the true JuliSquad audiophile, you’ll get a treat from Episode 127's upbeat energy that will put a smile on your face, a move in your waist, and a caffeinated taste … of lovely PLUR. S...

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November 20, 2022 59 mins

After a long hiatus, Julio returns with a BANGING performance that will likely force your body to move on its own. Don’t believe us? Press play and feel for yourself.

Episode 126 connects you with Julio energetically, and above all, will leave you wanting more. With the looming Holiday season, Julio brings out his Dominican swag & Spanish seasoning to give his listeners a memorable & replay-able experience.

Let’s dive in, baby! 



Mark as Played
September 22, 2022 60 mins

Julio celebrates the monumental episode with his new, unreleased track, “Ay Que Rico” !! It’s been a while since he shared some new beats, and this one does not disappoint. Not to mention, the man provides us with the much needed JuliMotions … tapping into our hearts & souls.

Episode 125 brings that sweet Audio Caffeine to your ear canals & fingertips, truly creating an ambiance of love & productivity. Whether you’re listening to th...

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August 15, 2022 52 mins

If you want an uplifting episode filled with JuliMotions, look no further because this one is for you. Julio dives heart first into this performance and share some of his truths when going through your emotions.

Press play, and feel the vibes … together. There’s no need to be alone, while JuliTunzZz Radio is around. Much love!


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August 3, 2022 58 mins

Julio takes his listeners on a roller coaster of an episode. If you're looking for energetic fun and lifetime advice, this is the episode for you. 

Trust the process, feel the audio caffeine, embrace the Juli


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  1. Tommy Trash & Go Freek (ft. Lucy Lucy) - Darkness Into Light
  2. Supermode - Tell Me Why (Meduza Remi...
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July 23, 2022 62 mins

Julio starts off this episode with global flavors, as if he’s marinating your movements for the vibes that are to follow.

Episode 122 has the rush you need to get you through a workout in the gym, or a roadtrip down the interstate. Press play and don’t look back. Enjoy the vibes!


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  1. Peppe Citarella (ft. Edu...
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July 17, 2022 59 mins

New look, new set, new vibes! The premiere you’ve patiently waited for, where Julio not only brings the audio caffeine, but also tosses in some high notes throughout his performances. That was not a joke; true story.

A season opener like no other, Episode 121 will make you want to press the rewind button a number of times; heck, you’ll probably want to replay the episode, over & over & over. 

Have fun; Julio is better than ever!



Mark as Played
June 13, 2022 59 mins

Juli returns with a blast of audio caffeine, sensually sweetened by his astounding transitional work and the adored JuliMotional segment. 

Don’t believe it? Here’s a summary of the experience rollercoaster:

You find yourself in a passionate summer time finding your way through a forest where you end up dancing the night away. Eventually, you find a lifetime connection undergoing turmoil, and you go down a rabbit hole together … down ...

Mark as Played
February 5, 2022 66 mins

Episodes like this are difficult to pause, especially when they kick you into high gear from the very beginning, and increase the tempo all the way through to the end. Julio’s second-to-last, season episodes always have an extra oomph for his listeners.

Before you press play, take a deep breath and prepare yourself for an hour’s worth of audio caffeine. Done? Ok. Let’s go!


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February 1, 2022 59 mins

As Season 10 approaches the end of a JuliTunzZz Radio saga, Julio shares some JuliMotions. Throughout this performance, you’ll experience hope, love, tenacity, vibes, and the desire to move your head in appreciation. You might shed a quick tear of joy!

Let’s save the waterworks though! Onward to the feels; new music is waiting for you!


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January 22, 2022 71 mins

Damn Julio! Back at it again with a repayable episode!!!

Embrace the JuliVibes, as you experience thrills & goosebump driving chills while listening to this episode. The media can call this one, euphoric, if they will.

Seriously though … I’m not sure what’s gotten into Julio, but this episode bumps all the way through!


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December 11, 2021 62 mins

Indulge in high energy that dives like a roller coaster into the Darkness of the Underground!

Are you game?


Share the vibes with a friend, drop a review, kiss your dog, water your plants, pump up the volume and let’s goooo!


  1. PAX - Snake
  2. Biscits - Wait A Minute
  3. GT Office - Nextel
  4. Galoski - Power
  5. Claptone (ft. Ben Duffy) - In The Night (Illyus & Barrientos Rmx)
  6. Farruko (ft. Victor Cardenas) - Pepas (GORDO & Shaun Frank Rmx)
  7. Kar...
Mark as Played
November 17, 2021 60 mins

Julio starts the episode with his upcoming November 24th release, Space Cowboy, which gives listeners a deep dive into a world of wild outcomes & actionable discoveries. What does that mean? It means you should be ready for an exciting ride energized by Julio Caezar, baby!

As we roll through the second half of Season 10, you’ll notice that Julio continues to build momentum. The energy can be contagious, especially if you immerse you...

Mark as Played

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