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June 13, 2024 61 mins

In this episode Kay Dee explores the dynamics of TV show couples, focusing on their chemistry, compatibility, and storytelling impact. It covers couples like Joey and Dawson from "Dawson's Creek," Blair Waldorf and Dan Humpfrey from "Gossip Girl," and others, highlighting the transition from friendship to romance and the audience's reactions. This discovery also addresses the frustration with "How I...

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The NBA & NHL Finals of the 2023-2024 season are here. As a New York Fan, I'm not too invested in whoever wins BUT I am invested in is how each team got here. This bonus episode covers the predictions and gives an analysis of the finals for both the NBA and NHL, with a focus on the New York fan's perspective. I dive into the performance and prospects of the Dallas Mavericks, Boston Celtics, Florida Panthers, and Edmonto...

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May 23, 2024 55 mins

In this episode, Kay Dee & Bugge reunite after couple years since the last episode we entertained the podcast world (e24) and we dive into a lighthearted conversation about our journeys since we last spoke. Bugge, now a preaching pilot, shares captivating stories from her adventures and changes in life, while Kay Dee recalls recent Sunshine Acres mishaps and reminiscing on the past greats that brought us together. Listen in as ...

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April 18, 2024 38 mins

Discover the profound influence of music on our lives and emotions in this transcending podcast episode. From uplifting melodies that bring joy to soul-stirring ballads that evoke tears, explore how music has the power to shape our experiences and resonate with the deepest parts of our being. Join me as I unravel the mysteries of why certain songs make us dance with happiness or reflect on moments of nostalgia. Tune in and delve in...

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In this episode, Kay Dee and Nikki discuss dating do's and don'ts from their perspective as single people. They talk about the importance of showing up on time for a date and not being on your phone during the date. They also discuss the idea of offering to pay on a date and the etiquette around it. They touch on the topic of going on a date in a group and whether it's a good idea or not. They also talk about looking fo...

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February 29, 2024 50 mins

Happy Black History Month!! February 2024. In my return to podcasting, I thought it would great to leap into the new year with this episode all about Black Movies that have shaped and are widely recognized for their cultural impact, critical acclaim, and significance in cinema. This list includes films that span various genres and themes; showcasing the diversity of black storytelling. It was quite a journey and I had a great time ...

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Get ready for a festive journey as we dive into the enchanting world of Christmas cinema in this final 2023 special podcast episode. Join myself and my special guest Jude as we count down the top 5 Christmas movies of all time, celebrating the timeless classics that have captured the hearts of generations. From heartwarming tales of love and redemption to magical adventures that transport us to winter wonderlands, each film on our ...

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Welcome to another special Holiday episode of KDTIME podcast, where I embark on an intimate journey through the history of Christmas music. In this unique episode, I take you on a personal and melodic adventure, tracing the evolution of festive tunes from the 4th century to the present day.

As a one-person guide through the ages, I dive deep into the origins of Christmas music, exploring the earliest hymns that laid the ground...

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Have you ever wondered what some of the traditions were around the world? Christmas is typically a wonderful time of year. People are filled with joy and a sense of belonging. Find out how people celebrate compared to you. Have a Happy Holiday Season If you want to connect and be a guest on the show then look no further than to my linktr.ee/kdtime. Enjoy > Subscribe > Share :) --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.s...
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If you are stuck in a rut or stuck between a rock and hard place look no further than to listen to Michelle J. Lamont. She is a walking testimony for those who may not believe in being able to change your life for the good.

After having her on the show and listening to her podcast I can see the change in my life. Michelle J. Lamont is an amazing life coach who has the story to back up her claim. From hardship to meeting Oprah Winf...

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November 16, 2023 91 mins
So I vent... Tv Shows that get cancelled after 1 season is such a bummer especially when you get so invested. I HATE IT! At the very least I wanna know what would've happened or just an explanation on the cliffhangers. Ugh, whatever. I'm over it clearly hahaha ENJOY > SUBSCRIBE > SHARE linktr.ee/kdtime --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/kdtime/message Support this podcast: https://podcasters.sp...
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Pepper Anne is a 7th generation Texan, where she and her family currently reside. She gained experience working alongside private investigators where she learned to find detailed information about stories of interest and eventually expose their cover-ups.
Pepper's dream is to bring to light the story behind the stories we've all heard about. She is making sure that we hear all sides to the story so that we may make our o...

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Ne-Yo's third album is called Year of the Gentleman but I was not gentle in this analysis. This studio album gives story telling a whole new feel. Join in the fun and enjoy the rollercoaster.

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October 26, 2023 47 mins

Met this guy through the podcasting world and thought I'd absolutely love for him to be on the show. So we connected and now here he is. Matty is funny guy who loves to talk and draw. He has his own podcast link is below!




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October 12, 2023 34 mins

It is not easy to grow up nor is it easy to realize that your body is slowing down. You aren't the same quick whipper snapper you used to be and that sucks! In this episode, I basically rant about body changes and the changes that you don't see coming. What are some changes you've seen on yourself? Do you heal as fast? Are your aches and pains becoming longer compared to your youth. Yea you are going through that change...

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Got a desk job?

Do you find it hard to stay active?

Well look no further than to this episode where my special guest Sammy comes on to talk about exercising while having a desk job.

Here are the links to get connected

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ActiveThrivingProfessionals 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pocketptuk

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pocketptuk/



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Have you called 911 panicking, worried, needing help? Or maybe you called because you saw something and wanted to say something? Well I had the opportunity to speak to someone who was on the other end of those calls. His story is such an incredible one. And he used his platform to bring the #IAM911 movement to life. It was a great conversation and I hope everyone who listens to this feels something!

Here's his links and website...

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What's your favorite thing to talk about? Is it a certain sport, a favorite meal, or where you've traveled? Well that's exactly what we'll talk about right here on the episode of KDTime. Jason comes on and it feels like we've known each other forever! Listen in as we talk about women's basketball, WNBA, some of our favorite go to places to eat in New York City and some of the places traveled. It was a run of...

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September 7, 2023 35 mins

And that's why they call her the Lady of the Blues! On this episode of KDTime, I had the pleasure of speaking with jazz singing icon Miss Freddye! We talked about her journey, career, her love of music and singing and so much more. Check out this episode.

Here are her social media links





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Into-Me-See or Intimacy?? Is there really a difference? Find out here in this episode of KDTime where I have the pleasure of talking with Dr. Jeannelle Perkins-Muhammad. She is a therapist, an author, and speaker. She’s worked in psychotherapy and is a licensed family therapist with more than 20 years of experience in relationship and life coaching. She is the author of Into Me See which is a book about mastering Black intimacy for...

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