Kevin Unscripted

Kevin Unscripted

Podcast Description: Kevin Unscripted is hosted by Canadian Kevin Willeboordse (Will-a-board-sa) Topics of interest ranging from hunting, politics and natural resources. Guests range in varying profession’s, expertise & passions.Podcast Goal: To learn, challenge and share varying perspectives through meaningful conversation with guests from every background and profession in the quest to have better understanding.


March 16, 2024 75 mins

We highlight Edison Motors, led by Chace Barber. In 2023, they debuted Canada's first Production Electric Hybrid Truck, merging diesel and electric tech. We'll discuss their quick growth, with 160 reservations in hours, and focus on their Electric Hybrid Trucks and EV Conversion Kits.


We'll also touch on their adaptability in tough environments and their approach to battery performance under extreme conditions. For m...

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We catch up on Kaylie since episode one, talk about last 2 years of Kevin Unscripted and answer some questions submitted from listeners. 

Thank you for listening.

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March 2, 2024 87 mins

Episode 99 Part 2-2 Danny Bulford 

Danny has a remarkable background. He's a former RCMP intelligence officer and sniper with over fifteen years of service, including time on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's security detail.

In this second part of our two-part series, Danny's takes us on a journey as a key figure in the 2022 Canada convoy protest, acting as head of security and spokesperson. His active role in the prote...

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February 24, 2024 97 mins

Episode 99 Part 1-2 Danny Bulford 

Danny has a remarkable background. He's a former RCMP intelligence officer and sniper with over fifteen years of service, including time on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's security detail.

In this first part of our two-part series, Danny's takes us on a journey within the RCMP. 

We've decided to present our engaging discussion in two parts. 

The first part will focus on Danny'...

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In the Second part of this two-part episode, in this final part of our two-episode series, we transition from the realm of hypnotism to hear about Jamie's personal experiences and journey. His story is not just about his exceptional artistic skills but also encompasses his battle with drug addiction. 

This episode highlights how his passion not only fueled his recovery but also propelled him to global recognition. It promises t...

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We talk about the art of hypnotism, Utilizing the power of the mind, 


Jamie Pruden is a hypnotist with a lifetime career, originating from a passion for acting during high school years. After graduation, he pursued the improv scene, through Theatre Sports to refine his spontaneous performance skills. This early experience laid the groundwork for his entry into stand-up comedy. Throughout the 80s and early 90s, he toured across Cana...

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Repeat guest from Episode 80, July 2023.
In this 1-hour episode, we talk about the electric grid with current and future demands on the electrical system, agriculture, climate change, SOGI 123, and open-air drug use.

John Rustad, born in 1963, is a Canadian politician and the current leader of the BC Conservative Party. He left the BC United party (BC Liberal Party) in 2022 due to a disagreement with its leader, Kevin ...

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In September 2004, Jay Stafford and his father, Terry, endured a grizzly bear attack while skinning an elk in Northern BC, following a two-week hunting trip. Terry suffered severe scratches on his back and shoulder, while Jay was knocked down and mauled but managed to shoot the bear. They were airlifted to safety after a strenuous five-hour horseback ride to an outfitter camp. The cubs involved were later euthanized due to behavior...

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January 6, 2024 129 mins

We discussed JD's exciting new venture, offering 11 courses covering a wide range of skills, from forging blades to resin epoxy work, tanning, and trapping.

The second half, we get into some free-form conversation that ranges from Rabbit hole conversation.

**JD Knives and the team on Facebook: 

Or call: 1 250-689-0845

**Biologist John Calhoun’s rodent experiments: https://sciencehi...

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Larry Neufeld, running for Peace River South as a Conservative Party candidate, is an experienced engineer and business leader. Raised in Peace River South, he values hard work, exemplified by his rise to Vice President of a major environmental remediation firm at 29. He founded successful companies in 2006, emphasizing fiscal responsibility and the principle of not overspending. A former Reserve Infantry Platoon Commander, Larry d...

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Kevin Falcon, BC United Leader, and Ellis Ross, MLA for Skeena and Shadow Minister for Energy and LNG. We talk about the significance behind BC United's recent name change. Falcon and Ross also share their perspectives on LNG's economic impact, the province's approach to climate change, and economic growth. We'll talk about crime prevention and educational reform, including policies on (SOGI). 


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Jeff and Rose Burkinshaw, along with their five daughters, Christina, Julia, Abigail, Keziah, and Sarah, are the family behind the popular YouTube channel 'Gridlessness.' Living on their self-built, eco-friendly homestead, they embody a unique blend of adventure and sustainability. Their story is a testament to living a fulfilling life away from conventional norms, focusing on debt-free living, self-education, and a deep ...

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In this episode, we get into the story of CANhaveTODAY, a skin care brand revolutionizing the industry with its essential oil-infused products. Our guest, Colin, a Canadian truck driver turned entrepreneur, shares his personal challenges and triumphs in starting and growing his business. He reveals how CANhaveTODAY caters to busy individuals, providing easy, effective solutions for skin care. Listen as we explore the unique aspects...

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In this extensive 3-hour conversation with Jordan Kealy, a Conservative candidate in British Columbia, we delve deep into the political landscape. Topics covered include:


- **The Workload of an MLA:** Understanding the day-to-day responsibilities and challenges.

- **Vote Splitting:** Exploring how this phenomenon impacts elections and party dynamics.

- **Political Ideologies:** Discussing the shift from United centrism to a more left...

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Michael Beaudoin, better known as Biker Mike, and Devon Braun, aka Kickstand, co-host the Blue Collar Philosophers Podcast. We get into their journey into podcasting, fueled by a shared passion for motorcycles, a deep exploration of faith, a keen eye on culture, and an up-to-date take on current events.


As we enjoy some whiskey and engage in unscripted conversation, Mike and Devon share personal anecdotes and insights, bringing a u...

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Michelle Worton, a Fort St. John, BC resident, found her life taking an unexpected turn after her second COVID vaccination in December 2021. What followed was a medical mystery that led her to confront a rare brain condition—a symptomatic pineal gland cyst. 

“The cyst is rarely symptomatic; however, when symptoms do occur, they are difficult to attribute specifically to pineal cyst. Typical symptoms include headache, eye movement pr...

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Dustin Porter, an Adventure Film Maker with a YouTube channel, "Destination Adventure," featuring 269 videos and amassing almost 32 million views. He formerly served as a Video Producer for Princess Cruises, allowing him to explore 53 countries. However, the cruise industry faced disruption due to COVID-19, prompting Dustin's transition to a career on YouTube.

Initially aspiring to be a film industry Stunt-Man, Dustin...

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Hannah & Jeff Barron are father-daughter outdoor enthusiasts, each with a YouTube channel featuring content that ranges from hunting and fishing to various projects.


**Hannah Barron:** An Alabama-based outdoorswoman who gained fame in 2016 with a viral catfish-catching video, earning over 25 million first-week views. Hannah now delivers popular hunting and fishing content on YouTube, champions ethical practices, and has collabo...

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This intriguing episode is with the talented duo from Sarnia, Ontario: Mat Gauthier and Lorraine Kraayenbrink. Mat is a multifaceted artist known for his skills as a singer, musician and singing impressionist. From a young age of 10, Mat began crafting parodies using a variety of instruments, showcasing his dynamic 5-octave vocal range that can cover legends from Sinatra to Ozzy Osbourne. 

Behind the scenes, ensuring each performanc...

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Sean Watson and Chanelle Munroe: Masters of Magic

Sean Watson and chanelle Munroe, a magnetic force in the industry with a legacy spanning three decades, and Chanelle Munroe, the trailblazing matée magician, redefining her craft's boundaries.

We explore the early days and sparks of inspiration that propelled Sean and Chanelle into the world of magic.

We touch on Sean's beginning and love for mag...

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