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June 16, 2023 101 mins

Thank you for watching this episode of KGUP PRESENTS. If you want to skip my scripture read intro, you can go to 8:00, but I recommend that you watch the entire video if you want to be spiritually awakened.


Today, we meet up with Brandon Joe Williams of to talk about the ins and outs of becoming a State National and getting out from under the United States Corporation under 28 USC § 3002(15), which is a F...

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Elana Freeland joins us on on KGUP PRESENTS, Ep 69 to talk about transhumanism, the 1960s, JFK, education, geoengineering, and 5G.

Elana Freeland is a writer, ghostwriter, teacher and lecturer who researches and writes on Deep State issues like geoengineering, MK-ULTRA, ritual abuse, targeting and invasive electromagnetic weapons.

Elana is best known for her geoengineering trilogy Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum...

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I've been enjoying not doing shows and not posting on social media as of late, but mostly because I've been on a spiritual retreat. During the last 4 months, I've been diving deep and studying the Bible everyday. This experience has inspired me to write a completely different kind of book that talks about how I became free from the evils of this world and to stop believing the lies. This does not mean I will stop doing ...

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Episode 67: Season V

Activist James Roguski of comes on KGUP PRESENTS to  bring awareness to the dangerous amendments to WHO International Health Regulations and the Pandemic treaty. 

The WHO must be stopped!

Join the fight at:

Sign the petition at

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February 24, 2023 104 mins

Episode 66: Season V

In this episode, Dan Falkenbach joins Mikey Jayy on KGUP PRESENTS to talk about earthships. His earthship is located in Taos, which is within the north-central region of New Mexico in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. We go off on several tangents, but we mostly talk about the benefits of living in a fully self-sustaining property completely off grid from local municipal utilities. Dan takes us on a tour of this ...

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Season V: Episode 65  Deplorable Janet invites Mikey Jayy to join her on an episode of Deplorable Nation to talk about radio, podcasting, radio, nutrition, education, and even NASCAR.

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Season V: Episode 64

Are our thoughts our own? Who is influencing who? Are we in control of our own minds? Doenut of Doenut Factory joins Mikey Jayy to talk about Tavistock, Disco, and the mind control operations that has been infiltrated on the world since the early 1900s. 

Watch on Doenut Factory Patreon, watch here, or listen on your favorite podcast platform. 

Get EARLY ACCESS & Exclusive Content: https://www.patr...

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Season V: Episode 63

Howdie Mickoski is a historian and novelist. He's written several books including, "The Power of Then: Revealing Egypt's Lost Wisdom", "Exposing the Expositions 1851-1915", and "Falling for Truth A spiritual Death and Awakening" and his most recent book, called "Exit the Cave: Ending the Reincarnation Trap" which is our main focus for this episode. Thank you for watching and we will see you next time! 


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January 19, 2023 98 mins

Thanks for watching this interview with Tyler Doka of Pillar of Truth Christian Church. 

You may know of Tyler Doka's work from the 2020 documentary World Upside Down (Biblical EARTH) and other documentaries relating to the bible including, “Changing of the Times”, "Lucifer, Son Of The Morning | Satan", "Angels & Giants", and "The Dinosaur Deception". 

In recent months, Tyler Doka has been the target of several attack...

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In this episode, we have Historian Ryan B. Ryan is a close personal friend and co-worker. He talks about his experience living in Taiwan and China before and after the lockdowns. He discusses a lot about history and about how he got into many conspiracies and what it's like being an educator knowing we've been lied to about our past and even where we live. 

Ryan B is not a podcaster or show host of any kind. If you would like ...

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Deplorable Janet of Deplorable Nation comes on KGUP PRESENTS to talk about a variety of topics from conspiracies, true earth, Tartaria, the medical industry, teaching, and a variety of general stuff about Janet. 

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Mikey Jayy from KGUP PRESENTS joins Legit Bat Podcast! We talk about Mikey's origin story in radio/podcasting, the red pill of 2020, and delve off into the deep realms of flat earth, the moon landing, and a lot of spaces in between. You can find his show and all related inquiries at and @kgupfm on IG. Thanks for listening!

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Official website: w...

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November 28, 2022 118 mins

Author and Historian James W. Lee comes on the show to explore Tartaria and discuss his up coming book on Pangaea, that it was a more recent even than we are told.  

Find more of James W. Lee at:

Official website:


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Moral Bob of Hidden in Plain Sight visits KGUP PRESENTS to talk about the mysteries of Tartaria. While we don't claim know to know everything about this topic, we are simply exploring what we have learned about about Tartaria,, so keep an open mind. 

What we do know is our entire history has been hidden from us with a false narrative. Historians like argue that they know our historical record is based on fact, but as we've lea...

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Adam and Debra of Debra Gets Red Pilled invite Mikey Jayy of KGUP PRESENTS to talk about the education system. 

#billgates #walmart #corruption

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Travis and I get into a conversation about a lot of things: building a local community, education, living off grid, tiny homes, surviving in a post apocalyptic environment, flat earth, and so much more!  

To learn more about Travis, VIBE, DFW True Earthers communities, go to his Telegram groups by clicking the links below. 


DFW True Earthers:

NTX Neighnor...

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October 17, 2022 98 mins

This is a follow up to the documentary "ALTERING OUR SKIES". If you haven't seen it, watch it here:

Director of the Documentary, FRANKENSKIES, Matt Landman joins us on KGUP PRSENTS. While we go off on numerous tangents, we mostly talk about geoengineering and what you can do in your community to stop this madness. 

Learn more about Matt Landman and his activism, by going to...

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October 10, 2022 73 mins

Altering Our Skies is a documentary about geoengineering. It's been around much longer than you think and the controllers want you to believe it is something safe to mitigate the spread of the climate change. The very thing they are doing to alter our atmosphere is exactly what is causing the problems we are facing today. They need to be stopped. Educate yourself and rise against it.   

Special Thanks to  


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(Written by Julia of Cosmic Peach Podcast)

Let's get down to business. What are we talking about in today's episode? Well, we have Mikey Jayy from KGUP Presents and we discuss flat earth! Yes, the long awaited flat earth discussion, in true conspiracy theory style, has to be covered! We also theorize on what the Bermuda triangle might be and what the deal is with Antarctica. So hold on to your hats folks, you're in for a wild ride!


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Julia and I talk about a lot of topics including the origin of her podcast show and what led her to create this epic show. Julia covers a range of topics including deep dives into celebrity murders, haunted history, the occult, paranormal activity, ghost stories, and conspiracy. As Julia puts it, “No topic is off limits,” so I hope you enjoy this episode and it inspires you to follow her podcast!  

Find more of Cosmic Peach Po...

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