Kickass Career Conversations

Kickass Career Conversations

Whether you work for yourself or someone else, everyone deserve to feel the work they do MATTERS. Join us weekly as we talk about the future of work, leadership development, and creating mindset shifts to support you in crafting your very own Kickass Career. #YourKickassCareer #CareerDevelopment #LeadershipDevelopment


April 6, 2024 46 mins

Finding that sweet spot where your passion aligns perfectly with profession isn't just a dream... it's a journey and it's absolutely achievable!

If you've ever found yourself wondering how to make your dreams a reality, or how to pivot away from burnout and towards work that matters and lights up your soul, this episode is your guiding star.

Join Kim and Louise as they chat with Laura Mickler, a mindset coach, yogi, and the fou...

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Ever notice how decluttering your space also declutters your mind?

In this episode, Kim and Louise explore the transformative power of decluttering for mental health with our guest, Caroline Thor. As a certified KonMari Consultant and Professional Organizer, Caroline brings a wealth of expertise in helping individuals achieve balance and clarity b...

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Have you ever experienced the daunting fear of the unknown when contemplating a career transition?

This week, Louise goes solo and takes a dive deep into the theme of "Facing the Fear of the Unknown" with our special guest Cory Kehler, who brings over two decades of experience in people development across various sectors.

This episode is chock full of invaluable insights into the challenges and triumphs of making a career tran...

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We all want to excel in our careers and businesses, navigating challenges with resilience, but how can we engineer this mindset for success, particularly as a woman in a male-dominated industry?  Join us in this episode of Kickass Career Conversations, where Kim and Louise explore the concepts of engineering resilience with their guest, Hannah Burns Dunham, founder of Climbing Trees Consulting.

Resilience extends far beyond te...

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Whether you're fresh out of an educational program or a seasoned professional, there is always an opportunity for growth and development. 

That's why it's so important to understand our unique ways of learning, especially as adults.   Join Kim and Louise as they sit down with Learning Design expert Catrina Mitchum to explore the importance of understanding how we learn as adults and how this can help shape our profes...

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 thing we all have in common. We're all human. And yet, humanity in the workplace (and elsewhere) isn't always what we're focused on.  Join Kim and Louise as they are joined by Behavioral Therapist Katheryn Bermann for an insightful episode where we delve into the importance of recognizing each other's humanity in the workplace, especially through the lens of neurodiversity. From enhancing collaboration to fostering a pos...

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Building confidence and belief in yourself is the cornerstone of crafting a career and life that truly aligns with who you are.

This isn't about overnight transformations; it's a steady, intentional process. As you nurture confidence, you're essentially handing yourself the tools to design the life you envision. Confidence becomes a magnet, drawing in opportunities, influencing the way you approach challenges, and shaping ...

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Change isn't a swift event but a gradual, transformative process. Often, we anticipate change to occur like a sudden burst of fireworks, but the reality is more akin to tending to a garden.

It involves nurturing, patience, and a commitment to the incremental steps that pave the way for lasting transformation.  Understanding that allows us a change in perspective. It acknowledges that meaningful shifts take time, encompassing m...

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What would your life be like if it didn't feel like an endless list of tasks and responsibilities but a vibrant tapestry of purpose and happiness? Imagine crafting a life (including your work) where every moment is a brushstroke contributing to the masterpiece of your existence. 

This comes from discovering your personal roadmap—a guiding light that reveals your true purpose, anchoring you to authenticity and steering you towa...

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Public speaking is a strong skill that can open many doors. When you talk with courage, confidence, and clearness, you can inspire people around you, make a bigger difference, and help your career grow. A good speaker can motivate others and start changes. By connecting with people personally, you become more than a speaker; you become an inspiration.

Public speaking lets you reach more people and make a bigger impact. Whether you'...

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Have you ever felt like you're deciphering a secret code in your quest for the perfect job? That's what we call the "Transparency Dilemma" – a tricky dance between wanting clear job details and the often murky realities of job listings. Navigating and decoding subtle nuances underscores the need for more straightforwardness in the job market.   The clearer companies are with job descriptions, financial compensation, value...

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Taking the leap to chase your dreams, no matter how old you are, is like diving headfirst into an exciting adventure. It's proof that passion and purpose don't have age limits. The real magic isn't just in reaching your goals, but in the amazing journey of growing and becoming the person you've always wanted to be.

Building a career that matches your dreams is a never-ending journey of learning more about yourself. This story, shap...

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Becoming a lifelong learner is a commitment to perpetual growth and curiosity, a mindset that transcends formal education and values continuous development throughout life. This mindset not only fosters resilience in the face of change but also sharpens problem-solving abilities, critical thinking, and creativity.

From reading and online courses to mentorship and diverse experiences, lifelong learners recognize that every moment pr...

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Crafting success through failure is a transformative journey that reframes setbacks as stepping stones, encouraging individuals to embrace each stumble as an opportunity for growth and learning. In this paradigm, success is not the absence of failure but the ability to adapt, persevere, and innovate.

Those who navigate failure with resilience and a growth mindset discover hidden strengths, untapped potential, and a deeper understan...

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Seemingly insignificant actions can have far-reaching and unpredictable consequences. This is known as the butterfly effect. In the context of living a good life, every positive choice and act of kindness can be likened to the gentle fluttering of a butterfly's wings, setting off a cascade of positive ripples in the world.  In this episode, Kim and Louise sit down with owner and CEO of myLife Planners, Crystal Reynolds, to tal...

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In the dynamic landscape of modern careers, the art of the pivot has become an invaluable skill. Pivoting involves an intentional and strategic shift, often in response to changing circumstances, personal growth, or evolving industry trends. It's not just about changing jobs but rather a thoughtful reassessment and redirection that aligns with individual passions, values, and goals.  In this episode, Kim and Louise are joined ...

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We cannot fully separate our personal selves from our professional selves (nor, in our opinion, should we).

Utilizing your personal development by cultivating self-awareness, enhancing skills, and seeking feedback allows you to be more productive and navigate challenges effectively.

We dove into an insightful conversation about the power of personal development in your career and on your leadership journey. We explored how cultivat...

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December 11, 2023 51 mins

Being a lifelong learner is essential for adapting to change, staying relevant in your career, fostering intellectual stimulation, promoting personal growth, and contributing to innovation and creativity. 

It empowers individuals to navigate a dynamic world, cultivate resilience, and achieve economic mobility.  

In this episode, Kim and Louise sit down with teacher-trainer Donna Fields to talk about the learning journey.&...

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Resilience is the superhero within us, the power to bounce back from challenges stronger than ever. 

It's the secret sauce that turns setbacks into stepping stones, guiding us through the twists of our professional journey.   

And here's the magic: when we combine resilience with radiance, our careers truly sparkle. Resilience becomes the bedrock, fueling our inner light, while radiance is the vibrant glow that turns...

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Discovering an aligned professional fit is the key to a fulfilling and thriving career.

When you're in sync with your work, you'll find joy, purpose, and increased productivity. It's a recipe for success and personal growth, leading to a more satisfying and dynamic career journey.

In this episode, Kim and Louise sit down with Chuck Allworth, Director of Gift Planning at NPH USA to talk about the importance of finding the right fit ...

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