Larry Wilson Live: Conversations with Real Safety Experts

Larry Wilson Live: Conversations with Real Safety Experts

Cutting edge thinking and world-renowned safety leaders come together in this exciting show. Larry Wilson talks with real experts—the ones living it (not just talking about it)—to give an in-depth explanation as to why they make the decisions they do to achieve safety excellence and become a high-reliability organization. This podcast is recorded live during the Larry Wilson Live streaming broadcasts. Larry and his guests answer questions from the live audience in almost every episode!


July 13, 2022 61 mins

Tim does it again! He holds the prestigious title of "most listened to episode" with his first appearance on Larry Wilson Live , and his second time on the show does not disappoint! 

Our 30th episode features the one, the only, Tim Page-Bottorff!

Episode Description:

An older and somewhat bitter gentleman stood up and proclaimed, “There’s nothing funny about people getting seriously hurt!” and t...

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Larry Wilson Live with Alejandro Jaramillo

“Capturing Hearts and Minds” has been the goal for so many EHS professionals, and also for the companies they work for. 

The “why” is obvious, but how exactly do you do this? 

How can you get all of the employees to buy in, to take the safety message to heart-and, perhaps more importantly - to keep safety top of mind, without letting complacency creep in? 

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Larry Wilson Live with Chris Ross

"The Power of Positive Messaging"

Imagine increasing your sales by 400% just by changing a sign to say, “Remember the Ice” instead of don’t forget the ice? 

Such small changes, from negative to positive, can have a surprisingly big impact, and the good news is it doesn’t cost much! 

Unfortunately, far too many safety messages are framed negatively. More...

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Larry Wilson Live with Jack Jackson
"Influence vs. Control — The Power of Storytelling"

Controls are necessary but limited by time and proximity. Influence is not even limited by jurisdiction, but it can be more difficult. 

Storytelling, or being able to tell a good story that demonstrates values in action or teaches a lesson, can have a powerful influence on people.

Jack Jackson is a master...

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Separating The Wheat from the Chaff with Dave Johnson, Editor ISHN - Industrial Safety and Hygiene News

Dave has been in the field for over 30 years. He has seen many things come and go. He has seen what’s worked or has had enough substance (wheat) to make it around the globe. He has also seen many many supposedly great ideas launched with bright lights and big expectations fizzle out in less than two years (chaff).

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Managing contractors to zero (SIFs) without a big stick.

"Like anybody else, I didn't start off as the president of IOSH" Jimmy said, "more like in the trenches."

Almost immediately, I felt totally comfortable. He was low-key, easy to listen to - and when he told me about some of the amazing accomplishments he has achieved in construction and how he did it... that's where the idea for...

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Larry Wilson Live with Pete Batrowny - Engaging Frontline Supervisors: Techniques that Work in the Real World...

We all know the first line supervisor is key to so many things.

But what is the best way to develop or improve this group: classroom training, virtual or remote training or one on one?

If you promote from within should the new supervisor be with a new crew?

How much training, just on h...

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Although many safety professionals are aware of the latest brain science. Unfortunately, far too many still don’t know what to do with it.

“So they acknowledge it, and then go back to the paradigm of deliberate decision making being the main problem, not the subconscious, or they gravitate back to the ‘system’ and trying to improve the safety management system or administration or the engineering, etc. They’re still trying...

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It’s been said that Corporate America has the attention span of a squirrel. And it’s also been said that the concept of a “Learning Organization” is 20 years old. 

But learning and continuous improvement go hand in hand. And it’s doubtful that continuous improvement will ever go out of style.

However, the challenges of creating a learning organization when it comes to health and safety, and trying new things, when...

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From Error Reduction to Performance Enhancement
The story behind getting the critical error reduction techniques to high-performance athletes.

Whether at work or at the highest level of competitive sport, an error can have devastating consequences. Nobody knows this better than Mike Shaw. His rise, fall and return is truly inspiring from a human resilience perspective. But so is the story of safety that emerged.

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The Importance of Emotional Intelligence for Health, Safety, and Environment with Dr. Britt Andreatta

Almost all EHS professionals have “heard” about Emotional Intelligence or EI. But not nearly as many are aware of the benefits, in some cases tremendously significant benefits that training on EI can provide.

Dr. Britt Andreatta is an expert in EI and conducts workshops and training sessions for managers and leade...

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Safety management systems (SMS) like ISO 45001 and ANSI Z10 have been incorporated into organizations around the globe. 

There are certain aspects of the SMS’s that incorporate facets of engineering, design, hazard observations, management leadership, employee involvement and employee training. 

Where does Human Factors Management fit in? 

Larry will interview Tim Page-Bottorff Senior Consultant with Safe...

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Governance and Leadership in Health and Safety with Dr. Waddah Ghanem and Bob Arnold

Workplace health and safety matters have become of significant importance. With changing regulations and standards being introduced globally, the effects on companies and negative impact on share values and reputation cannot be ignored.

Many of the human, asset and economic incidents are caused by systemic issues emanating from a ...

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The Power of Napping and why if you snooze... you WIN!

Of course, the expression is, “If you snooze—you lose.”

But that is more aligned with, “He who hesitates—is lost.” We all know that fatigue causes many unintentional incidents and injuries. It also impacts creativity and can greatly interfere with customer relations, whether they be inside or outside customers. 

So the negative aspects of fatigue are ...

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When it comes to summer safety the numbers are staggering. Why are there so many unintentional fatalities? 

Do people lose their “common sense” or is there a problem with their common sense? 

And what if you had the wrong information in the first place? 

It’s hard to imagine how anyone’s common sense could help them then. 

But perhaps the biggest problem is that people rely too much on fear of th...

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"What's NOT New."
Larry Wilson Live with Gary Higbee, EMBA CSP
Gary is the CEO of Higbee & Associates, Executive Advisor SafeStart, and Principal Researcher & Forensic Investigator at North American Management Institute.

“Everybody wants something new” he just shook his head, “I was doing that 40 years ago. I can’t believe they’re saying this is a new approach”. He was talking about a session...

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“The Difficulties of Getting Modern Safety Into Old-School Education”
with Michael Cooke, Vice-President, Social & Environmental Responsibility at Jabil Group

“Why aren’t these concepts being taught in high-schools and trade schools?” he asked defiantly. “Well”, I said, “its not for lack of trying. But it's not as easy as you’d think.”

“Why” he demanded, obviously not impressed. “Well, one thing is mo...

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“It sounds like a food additive, or at least thats the look I get when I ask some people about it” he said. I was talking with Dr. Ghanem about governance - at the board level and the conversation naturally turned towards ESG. “Some parts of it don’t really concern the safety professional, like whether the company engages in bribery practices, but other parts do. The environment part is obvious, if you have HSE or EHS in your title...

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Taking Human Factors to the Far Side of the Moon
Featuring: Dr. Ajay P Kothari, President & CEO of Astrox Corporation and NASA Project Lead

“But the Dark Side of the Moon sounds better…”

“Yes,” he said “but we don’t say that, we say far side. Otherwise all the scientists and people at NASA will think you don’t know or that I didn’t tell you...”

“Right,” I said, “So ok, we’ll go with Far Side”

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The Evils of Automation vs. the Evils of Human Error
With Marc Riquelme
President of Signicast, CIREX, and OptiMIM, divisions of Form Technologies

People make mistakes and robots don’t. But are robots and technology actually replacing workers or is that just a misconception most people have? 

And is there really nothing you can do for human error except multiple layers of redundancy or is that also a widel...

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