Learn From People Who Lived it

Learn From People Who Lived it

Our H.O.P.E. is to help you feel less alone, encourage you to talk it out and then when you’re ready share your story with us.


May 29, 2023 7 mins

First up, hope you will enjoy your Memorial Day. Instead of a new release on this holiday I wanted to make sure you were aware of some of the things we are doing here at LEARN FROM PEOPLE WHO LIVED IT.  

First up - July will be INTIMACY month here on the podcast. We will sit down with Dr. Elizabeth Fedrick and hash out everything from:

What is intimacy?

What do I do if I lose it?

How can I get it going?

Plus week is just for you. W...

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As mentioned today's podcast is my recording with Dr. Todd Hurst, my cardiologist. He has a podcast about heart health and what we can do to prevent most of the things that kill us. That is very interesting to me because as some of you know my father died in my arms of a heart attack at 47.

I have always wanted to sit down with a cardiologist and discuss that event, and what I can do to make sure my own children never witness that...

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*The following podcast was recorded inside the Durango Detention Center

Welcome back to another episode from the DDC. Today we are going to be treated to Lawyer Johnson and his journey. When he was 8 years old a trusted family friend molested him. That event forever changed his trajectory. After facing 200 years in prison a meeting with his mother snapped things back into shape. He vowed to make a change and never looked back.  


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In today's episode I wanted to expose you to and make sure you knew about my other project called, I Needed That.  It's a podcast about mental and physical health with my friend Chris Powell.  The podcast is fun, we share a lot of personal stories and hope to spread some joy while we are at it.

Our goal is simple, we want you to feel like "you needed that" after listening.  

In this episode you will hear:

- Chris on a dating show


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Raising Great Guys with Jennifer L.W. Fink

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • What it means to build strong boys
  • The age at which teenagers are the toughest
  • The difference between kids who consume and kids who create

(This is the subtitle of her book, unsure if we can use it as the title of the pod.)

In this episode, Mathew and Jennifer dis...

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In this episode, you'll hear:

  • The proper way to address someone who has died by suicide
  • What you can do for someone who just lost someone to suicide
  • Early interventions and preventions


In this episode, Mathew, Dr. Frank, and Jill discuss the suicidal mind and the impact suicide has on the people left behind. Jill explains why languag...

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LFPWLI: Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse, Setting Boundaries, and Fixing Your Picker with Lucy Alvarez

In this episode, Mathew, Dr. Frank, and Lucy discuss childhood sexual abuse, the importance of setting boundaries, and understanding what is appropriate. They also discuss what it means to lose sight of your "picker" and the negative impacts of letting the wrong people into your life, both platonically and romantically. Lucy speak...

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The Mindset Makes the Man + Choosing Your Path Past Prison 

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • The path that led Drakkar to prison
  • What caused the change in Drakkar’s mindset?
  • The power of delayed gratification 


Drakkar Wright grew up with six sisters, a single mother, and the pressure to be the man of the house as the only boy. Drakkar’s...

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Welcome to another episode with Mathew and Troy. Troy, as you may recall was instrumental in my healing journey and today we get together for a discussion on quitting your job.  We both walked away from a money, security and big jobs to take on something more meaningful.  


In this episode you will hear:

  • Why and how we quit our jobs
  • The way our bodies tell us there is something wrong
  • Plus, we go down memory lane and discuss th...
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LFPWLI: Stop SHOULDing On Yourself with Special Forces Veteran Jacob Wagner 


In this episode, Mathew, Dr. Dave, and Jacob discuss the moral injuries we often overlook and how to overcome them. They talk about what epigenetics are, how biochemistry impacts us, and the ways Jacob has been able to use neuroscience and quantum physics to find healing.


Jacob Wagner is a special forces veteran of the US Army who served in the Special...

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LFPWLI: Breaking the Cycle: Solving the Rising Mental Health Crisis Among Young People with Zahraa Alfatlawi, Founder of ZenDen

In this episode, you'll hear: 

  • Why Zahraa was inspired to start the ZenDen and what the group looks like today
  • The most common stressors kids experience
  • How Zahraa thinks the education system can do a better job teac...
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LFPWLI: The Long Goodbye of Alzheimer's + Jungian Art Practices with Brenda Man-Fletcher 

In this episode, Mathew, Dr. Dave, and Brenda discuss the psychology and the art process of Carl Jung, what it was like to be a caregiver to her mother, and how their last moments together changed their family. Brenda talks about being a caregiver alongside her father for her mother through several years of Alzheimer's Dementia. In 2008, her m...

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The following episode was recorded in the Durango Detention Center in front of 16 juveniles with the hope that our words impact them and their lives moving forward. 


Cordero tells Mathew his story is not just the story of a boy from the hood, and it’s not just a prison story. But rather, it's a story about the transformative power of education, battling impostor syndrome, being courageous, and the importance of community.

He tal...

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LFPWLI: Creating Your Own Meaning in Life with Jeff Wenzler

What you'll hear: 

  • The story of Jeff being stabbed in Jamaica
  • The impact of losing his brother at a young age
  • The tools Jeff has found to help him through to the other side

In this episode, Mathew, Dr. Dave, and Jeff discuss loss, being a poor receiver but an excellent giver, ...

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LFPWLI: Kimberly Koland, Widowed by Suicide and Working to Normalize Grief 

TW: Suicide 

In this episode, Mathew, Dr. Frank, and Kimberly discuss her story of hope and getting to the other side of trying times. They talk about the importance of normalizing grief and breaking the stigma of suicide by shining light into the darkness.

Kimberly Koland is a teacher, a mother, and a Suicide Widow living in Minneapolis. She married her hu...

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LFPWLI: Jill Reid on Emotional Resilience - Navigating Death in the Family and Dealing with Divorce


In this episode, Mathew, Dr. Frank, and Jill discuss divorce, the role of grief, and how her religious upbringing impacts her as an adult. When Jill was 22 her sister fell victim to suicide. Then, two years ago Jill's mother passed away, and just recently, her father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Jill has had to fight through har...

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LFPWLI: Life Coach Juna Mustad - Unpacking the Myths About Anger and Its Role in Our Lives


In this episode, Mathew and Juna discuss the stigmas around anger and why it is not always destructive but can be constructive too. Juna explains why a life without anger is a life without boundaries or a sense of self and why we often feel anger towards anger itself. By helping people understand what the “amygdala hijack” is, Juna is helpi...

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Relationship Expert Dr. Elizabeth Fedrick: The age of “Good Enough” parenting and what you do when you mess up

In this episode, Mathew and Dr. Fedrick discuss Relational Programming, what you do when you mess up as a parent, and constructive ways to “call each other out”. They also dive into how to use “The 3 W’s” framework in a practical way: What’s going on? Where is it coming from? What do I need?  Dr. Fedrick also goes through...

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LFPWLI: Stuart Preston, Psychedelics for Healing After Losing a Child 


TW: suicide, mention of molestation, eating disorder,  and addiction


In this episode, Mathew and Stuart discuss the shift in reality he experienced before the officer even finished explaining that his son had completed suicide. Stuart tells us about his relationship with his son Ian, why his suicide was a complete surprise, and how they are keeping his memo...

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In this episode, Mathew and Randall discuss what he saw and experienced as an officer investigating child crimes, the impact it had on him, the various therapies he has tried, and the ways society could be dealing with these issues in a much better way.


Randall Snyder is an experienced educator with 7 years of teaching at Arizona State University and over 15 years of professional training covering law enforcement topics. He was a...

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