Let‘s Talk HR - Humanizing the Conversation

Let‘s Talk HR - Humanizing the Conversation

This is a place for Owners, HR Professionals, and Employees to come together to learn from each other in a safe place. Employees more than ever want to work at companies that make them feel appreciated, companies need employees to stay and put forth the effort for their business to succeed. Let’s talk about what happy and healthy culture looks like and how to achieve it.


November 29, 2023 50 mins

Maria Kellis shares her insights on the significance of HR and the often-overlooked value it brings to companies. Drawing from her diverse background as an MIT graduate, international speaker, bestselling author, and business professional. Maria emphasizes the integral role HR plays in fostering employee engagement, motivation, and overall company success. She advocates for a non-judgmental approach to understanding individuals wit...

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Join me for and amazing conversation with William Vanderbloemen We discuss the importance of being able to articulate yourself during an interview. It's not about just saying what you think the interviewer wants to hear; it's about being genuine and demonstrating how your unique experiences and qualities align with the position and company culture. Having a level of self-awareness can set you apart from other candidates and help yo...

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Discover how to approach office confrontations and harness healthy debate to propel your team forward. Our latest episode with leadership consultant Dotty Posto who helps leaders overcome the "Curse of Chordal Hypocrisy". Don't miss it!


Contact Dotty

Website – https://inplainsightinc.com/

E-mail - dotty@inplainsightinc.com


Leighann Lovely: [00:00:00] HR professionals, business owners and operations at all levels are struggling ...

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Adam Gellert serial entrepreneur and lifer in the staffing industry joins me for a very enlighten conversation about the future of staffing and the workforce as we know it. Adam now the Founder and CEO of HireHippo and The Linkus Group Inc. permanent placement firms that take a different approach to hiring individuals. As he has moved through his career, he saw gaps in the market and have shifted to fill those gaps. Now offering a ...

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This brilliant guest has been recognized as top 30 under 30 and is a linked in top marketing, career management and HR voice with 12,000 plus followers reaching 2 million across 70 countries. Join this amazing conversation about, about a what candidates want and how we can improve candidate experience.


Contact – Matt

LinkedIN - linkedin.com/in/matt-parkin


Leighann Lovely  00:20

HR professionals, business owners and operations a...

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September 27, 2023 53 mins

Michele Price is a brilliant multi-faceted women with a keen ability to understand humans and help them better understand themselves. As a Lifelong entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience in leadership. As a leadership advisor and communication strategist for CEO’s, senior leaders and business owners. She is a master at asking the right question to bring out the right information at the right time to help leaders grow. Join u...

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Dr. Delaine Fowler a business owner, forward thinker and keynote speaker who works to actively help prevent injury before it happens. This is one great conversation with Delaine to learn how she works with organizations to educate them about how the body moves and what can be adjusted to prevent injury. She is a wildly brilliant women and this is a conversation that you don’t want to miss.    


Contact - accelerate-pt.com



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September 13, 2023 58 mins

With 30 years in corporate helping fortune 500 companies grow their brands Sara Hanaway took the leap into entrepreneurship. Now as a speaker, coach and consultant she focuses on helping people and teams embrace change improve resilience and navigate through chaos. As someone that has experience personal and professional change, Sara knows all to well to help others navigate this. Tune in as this is a conversation that you don’t wa...

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September 6, 2023 49 mins

Lisa Carlin is a Strategic Execution Specialists whom works within organizations to help mentor her clients through transformational change. She has a 96% success rate with the clients that she works with. She has a global reach with the clients that she works with and has a true desire and passion to help those that she works with. Lisa has an amazing background and understanding for people, this is a great addition to Let’s Talk ...

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After learning so much in her amazing career at CVS Health through managing and hiring others Jennifer pivoted her career. Jennifer Chavez advocate of women, especially veteran women, owns her own recruitment firm where she helps them transition from military life to civilian life by finding positions at companies that are veteran-ready. This is an amazing story and an amazing women.


Contact Jennifer –

Phone Number - 623-387-8995


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Planning an event is hard, they are meant to be fun, educational, festive, and so many other things. What we don’t think about, is that planning an event is not just about all the detail of who will speak, how many chairs you need, it is also about how to keep your attendees as safe as possible if and when things come up. This week's guest shines a light on what an event hall is responsible for and what the host is responsible for....

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Andrea Herran is an amazing business owner, that works to simply HR for her clients so they can say focused on what matters to them, their business. Join us as we talk about how much human resources has changed and continues to evolve as a profession.


Contact Andrea

LinkedIn – linkedin.com/in/focushr

Website – http://FocusHR.biz

Phone number – (773)531-8199


Leighann Lovely  00:20

HR professionals, business owners and operations...

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Join Wendy Terwelp and me as we dive into the world of AI and how it can be used as a tool to create resumes, but only a tool. Wendy celebrating her 25th year in business has seen a lot change over the years and continues to help her clients level up and find their personal brand. She also explains some of the challenges that come with using AI but also the great benefits if used as a tool and not the end all. This is a great conve...

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Trauma comes in many forms and affects everyone differently. This guest knows all too well what trauma can do. Michelle Vande Hey now a coach and educator, helping others be trauma-informed and making sure to take care of themselves before burning out from over giving. Michelle is a strong and brilliant woman, join the conversation!


Contact Michelle

LinkedIn - lightoflovecoaching.com 

E-mail – michelle@lightoflovecoaching.com


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Conversations that often get pushed off, are the ones that feel uncomfortable, whether that be because we have to give a bad performance review, break up with someone, or talk about our financial situation and retirement plan. This conversation is the latter and my guest Dan Stich, Founder and Investment Representative, specializes in helping people have uncomfortable conversations in a comfortable way in order to find a path forwa...

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Lori Goldstein has been an attorney for just short of 40 years, this offers her a unique perspective on how to serve her clients. She has an intimate understanding of both the employee side and the employer side and works to find a middle ground. This is an amazing conversation that dives into Metal health awareness in the workplace, non-competes and so much more. Join me for a great conversation with this brilliant women.  



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William Deck is a Success Mindset Coach, Keynote Speaker and so much more, by my account and conversation this is the person that you want to have in your circle. William takes real-world experience and understanding and helps people and businesses transform the way they see, feel, and understand the world. As he says in this interview and bio “People and businesses don’t need motivation, they need transformation” This is a convers...

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Something that we often that we forget is that people do better, even thrive, in environments that they feel comfortable and welcome in. Jennifer Rundell reminded me of this, she taught me a couple of tricks for my own space and has great advice on how you can make employees more productive with a couple of simple changes. We all know that sitting all day is not good for you and sitting under bad lighting is even worse, but there i...

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Addiction is a real problem, some hide it, some are openly fighting it, and others have support but not enough. The only way that we can begin to understand the battle that so many fight is to talk about what addiction is. How it affects people and how companies can support their people instead of punishing them. Accounting to my two amazing guests, living in recovery can be not only wonderful, but can also be fun, and they are pro...

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Mark Schneider is a true "Do and I Do", not "Do and I Say", kind of owner. He leads by example so that all the people that work at his company understand that they are there for a common purpose. To get the job done well and on time for their customers while still making it home on time to be with their families. We can all learn a little from this amazing conversation. 


Contact Mark

LinkedIN – https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-sc...

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