Lies & Garbage Show

Lies & Garbage Show

Life, the internet...adulting is just full of lies and garbage. In this podcast, we get down to the naked truth and dispel all the lies and garbage about the 3 S - lity's: sexuality, spirituality and sensuality. Tap in as host Ty Wonder and friends discuss adult life as a black woman, Veteran,2x business owner and sensual movement coach who just so happened to be raised in the black southern church.


April 5, 2024 74 mins

Join us for a tantalizing episode of Lies and Garbage as we delve into the witty world of Will Wilson., the charming host of Sarcasms and Orgasms.

Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of laughter and titillation as we uncover the hilarious, yet surprisingly insightful, tales of Will's personal escapades and stories from his Bad Dating Chronicles.  From the discussion of side-splitting sarcasms to toe-curling orgasms, we...

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Strap in for another rollercoaster ride with your favorite host, Ty Wonder, on the award-winning Lies and Garbage show! This week, Ty spills the beans on her wild adventure to Florida for a San Francisco 49'ers game, all thanks to a guy she'd never met in person but was totally dating.

Spoiler alert: it wasn't all touchdowns and sunshine – turns out, he had LDE in a serious way! 🏈😱 So, pour yourself a gla...

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In this episode of the award winning Lies & Garbage show, your host Ty Wonder speaks with the handsome mic virgin Miles Phoenix (Ty never gets his name right in the episode! SMH)  about sex, sensuality, and spirituality with no lies and garbage. This conversation is definitely not safe for work without headphones or the kiddos!

Miles talks about how sensuality affects the African American community. What DOES sensuali...

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December 25, 2022 26 mins

Welcome back to the award winning Lies & Garbage Show! It's a new season and a new er-thang around here!

Tap in as we discuss all the new changes and wrap up 2022 on a high note.


What's Yo Position - Capricorn edition: - It's Capricorn season! What should you do in the bedroom caps? I've got a few no cap tips for the Caps.

The Rising: The Rising is back! Merc...

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September 13, 2022 57 mins

It's been a minute, you missed us? Life been life-ing hard, but you know we gotta give y'all the you betta catch this n*t real quick!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Carisha (of City Girls) and how we love her show but one of the hosts don't care for her rapping voice. 
  • Speaking of rappers, did you catch Ty killing the beat on TikTok? 
  • Our love affair with podcasting yet what makes it difficult at ti...
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Building multiple business, being amazing Mom's, caving in foreheads and throwing them asses in the circle while life has been life-ing means we haven't been able to record a new episode..BUT here is a hilarious one that you probably missed from September 2021. Enjoy! 

We are officially back at it and nothing short of discussing the lies and garbage and everyt...

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This is probably the rawest Lies & Garbage Show we put out. In this episode of the Lies & Garbage Show, Sasha & Ty discuss life, love and of course sex & mo sex so raw that we actually had to bleep out a few things. Listening to this episode, raw-dogging it definitely comes to mind. Buckle up & use protection if you're not flying solo! 

In this episode we discuss:

  • When is the women's head d...
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Whewww...welcome to June & more random ass shenanigans from your pod besties Sasha & Ty. In this episode we welcome our sister that we literally threw on the mic, Tika!

In this episode we discuss: 

  • We straight threw Tika on the d*ck! Oops. 
  • Showcase season is OVER! Whew. We had our spring/summer showcase "Welcome to the Lair" at Inner Diva Fitness. We share all the incredible business thoughts about bui...
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Welcome to the Lies & Garbage show with your hosts: Sasha Monet & Ty Wonder.

In this podcast you get an unfiltered "view" of your new pod besties (aka hosts) and how different yet uniquely they view life, sex, business, family and mo sex as they see it.

The Lies & Garbage show has had humble beginnings of a threesome of show hosts, to a guest spot/audition to a re-structured duo with a name...

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Whew chile! May is warming up to be bananas and Sasha & Ty are both staying booked and busy but blessed and not complaining! Get ready to laugh and connect with your favorite podcast besties in this episode as we tap in on:

  •  All of Sasha's birthday travels for Aries season including a family trip to the mountains, DC, NY, the No Cap Comedy Tour and the Cannabis festival. 
  • Big K.R.I.T. came to CharLIT and was it...
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It was only appropriate to drop our latest episode on our Aries Queen bday (aka Sasha's birthday!)We back on the d*ck..I mean..mics..SMH

On this episode we discuss:

  • Er'body in both house holds been booked & busy. 
  • Why ya'll so worried about what we look like? Just know we fine! *Kanye shrug*
  • Ty & her peppery madness
  • Inner Diva Fitness went to Charleston.
  •  Sasha's baecation to Broke-back-ston. We ...
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In this episode we finish up our chat with Mrs. Robbin who Sasha met at a friends dinner party which we discussed in the episode about if black women are raised to be strong women or wives.

Just when we thought Ty's celibate journey was killing her, we learn of Mrs. Robbin's completely celibate lifestyle for 9 (yes N-I-N-E) YEARS and how it lead to her finding h...

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We tried to be on our best behavior today, but thankfully our special guest and first guest in our studio didn't judge us! In this episode we start by discussing Ty getting her back broke in & upgrading her twerk level but dive straight in to our special guest, Mrs. Robbin. All "Shade" included!

In this episode we chat with Mrs. Robbin who Sasha met at a friends dinner party which we discussed in the ep...

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We had a f*ck it Monday last Monday. But before we did, we sat down to discuss a few things:

  • Sasha hates her nails..and feels like they look like press on nails. 
  • These theatre kids of ours are  dreaming about acting & not doing their damn work. 
  • Business Owner Prospective: How to be a better consumer & respecting minority businesses that actually do business the right way. People are really out here making Sasha's a*...
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Can you believe it's March already? In this episode of the Lies & Garbage show we get into all the current events:

  • Kanye and his new streaming device,  new album (Donda 2) and his Netflix special. Have you tuned in to either yet? Sasha and Ty both discuss their appreciation for Kanye and thoughts about his current state of affairs. 
  • Ty's enlightenment  about just BEliving and be-ing. 
  • Both hosts discuss their love fo...
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February 22, 2022 64 mins

If you caught the live video on Ty Wonder's & the Lies & Garbage show page, you caught the first 12 minutes of the show, that we will drop at a later date. Join in as we lead in from the live to discuss  so much shenanigans of Super Bowl weekend:

  • Ty's tea party
  • Sasha's Valentine card shenanigans 
  • The "Mary" dance caught on video at the pole studio over the weekend. 
  • Steak & Head Day is a thing?
  • B...
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How do you feel about toys in the bedroom? Are they a spicy add on or a no go for you? We have strong opinions on this one, but that's no surprise right? In this episode of the Lies and Garbage Show, we discuss:

  • Social media is a blaze with Rihanna news & why we are annoyed about the buzz. 
  • Sasha, the white party & all the shenanigans surrounding it. 
  • Each hosts opinion on vibrators and how they use them.
  • Swings...wedg...
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In this episode Sasha & Ty really dig deep to discuss their personal thoughts and opinions on if black women are raised to be strong women or wives.  Sasha discuss the amazing  things she's observed about her husband and his family and how their dynamic have carried over into their marriage. She also talks about lessons she's learned watching her family. 

Ty gives a few real life revelations she discovered ab...

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Happy February aka Black History Month!

In this episode we discuss the poll that we put out on social media. Are black women raised to be strong independent women or all they raised to be somebody's wife? We realized that this is such an important topic to our community.  We also discuss:

  • The "Bumble date". A Black woman dies after her date and her date, a Caucasian man, found her dead. What?
  • Sasha's ...
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February 1, 2022 23 mins

In this episode of the Lies & Garbage show, we finish the conversation about freak level. Buckle up and you might wanna grab a drink to listen to this sexy conversation about Sasha & Ty's personal freak level. 

  • Did Sasha find her soul freak? Freaky soul tie?
  • Has Ty even discovered her freak level? Is she manifesting her freaky link or did she find him already?


Mark as Played

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