Life Reimagined with Wendy Deacon

Life Reimagined with Wendy Deacon

Is your life what you thought it'd be at age 42? at age 50? Now more than ever, we are pausing to evaluate and strategize what we want and how to make it happen. We will share insights of life in the middle of this awesome chapter, stories of these busy gals going after their NEXT and stories of folks who found themselves with an unexpected life interruption and how they've come through it all happier, healthier and stronger. Walk with us as we discuss how to reimagine all the possibilities, how to create your best life chapter and live your life inspired....your best NEXT!


November 5, 2023 13 mins

It definitely takes commitment and careful planning and it’s on the bucket list for many women.  It can come with hard work and training, sometimes it includes an injury or setbacks.  It can come with some tears, some smiles, and the opportunity to connect with a whole new group of women, sharing a common goal and the path to get there.

I am NOT a natural born runner – and it’s totally evident when you see me on the running trail.  ...

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I was 46 years old when I went on my first true hike on a trail in the Rocky Mountains and little by little, I began to learn all about hiking, took on longer and more aggressive trails, and grow my collection of great gear to support my new and healthy addiction.  I have hiked up over 15 14-ers (again a topic for another podcast), completed numerous EPIC hikes and now lead hiking groups.

The past few weekends I have been reveling i...

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Rachella Seeley didn't break a sweat until her late twenties and didn't start running marathons until her thirties, but she found herself increasingly surrounded by incredible women who inspired her to keep moving and to keep setting new goals. 

She and her husband and friends traveled to marathons in many wonderful places and she even qualified for Boston and ran it multiple times.  She continued traveling and ...

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Have you ever read something in a book, seen something in a movie or heard a great story from a friend’s journey that captivated you so much that you just HAD to see it for yourself?  What is that ONE THING currently on your bucket list?  The ONE THING that needs to move up to your Live It NOW list?!

My guest on today’s podcast is Melanie Michaelchuk, a sweet Texan who had a dream to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and just had to go for it...

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Have you ever signed up for a trip - maybe on a bit of a whim - only to find out how significant it would be in helping you redefine your life going forward?  Sarah Blake is with me today, sharing how she was inspired by Harry Connick Jr, H Company and a friend to take her first solo trip and historical tour in Europe to check out WW2 sites.  The stories she shares about her experiences, the Veterans she met, and the really fun Sup...

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August 18, 2021 46 mins

Celine Anelone Brozovich joins me today to chat about how she was able to manage an early diagnosis of depression using the power of her intellectual curiosity, how this evolved into a wonderful career and why now she has made a personal and professional life change and is feeling outrageously good.  She will share more about why she has a trampoline in her office  and why she needs to share it and tell everybody!!
She has turn...

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When something bad happens, it can be easy to be a victim, but today my guest Claudine will share how pretty early she decided she was not going to be a victim but instead really learn from it.  She realized her life was not in alignment but she ultimately decided to take action and now believes we don't need a hammer to create change or experience growth.  She became the author in her own life.  

What will happen to ...

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Have you stopped and really evaluated how your food is working for you - especially if you're over 50?  Is it working for you?  This is not a question I had often asked my younger self but as I get a bit beyond my 20s and 30s, I'm increasingly aware of the importance of what I'm eating and how significant my choices can be in how I feel every day and in how I'm setting a strong path for hopefully many healthy an...

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Have you ever truly felt that you were completely aligned with your feelings and what you want?  Have you ever experienced a time of dedicated focus on you that you received so many insights and wonderful ideas and you knew that no matter where you were headed, it would all be okay?  My guest today, Michela Fantinel, shares her stories of how traveling abroad by herself led to such clarity and peace and it led her to move from a fe...

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What 1 simple step or key decision you can make today to bring YOUR life back into alignment?  

Have you even defined what it is you want in order to even start to work towards that alignment?  

Today  I want to challenge you with a short podcast but an important one and message in that I ask if you’ve stopped and figured out if you need either a break or a mini-pivot and if so, if you’ve given yourself the permission and even the bl...

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Have you ever wondered what the heck people do when they go on a hike? 

What does some one mean when they say an Epic hike?

It was something I never even wondered about in my teenage years, or 20s and 30s. 

And Heck, even when I was growing up, the closest thing I knew about hiking was people eat granola. And john Denver sang about it. 

That was about it. I just was not raised in a family who got out and hiked, and it was probably rela...

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There are many negatives to come from the COVID challenges over the past year but I hope you also were able to find some positives from the experience.  If you're anything like me, there are many folks in our 40s, 50s and 60s who really stopped to think about where we are in our life and what we want going forward.

As our focus in this podcast is to reimagine our next chapter, it's a perfect time to also discuss how you wi...

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I love that my guest today, Coach Judy, shares her personal story and the journey that helped her realize what a gift it is to experience your own Mid Life Awakening and forced her to ask the question, "What Would Make Your Life Remarkable?"

What about you?  Have you given it any thought?  Have you had such an awakening?  

Coach Judy Prokopiak is a fellow swimmer,  speaker, teacher, best selling author, master life reinvent...

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Is it Critical?  Get away for a bit and take a vacation and before you totally stress about all that you "have to do," really evaluate the deadlines you set for yourself and if they're all critical.  Happy road trip and vacation everyone!!!

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We all have fear and I love how my guest Marjorie Fiore shares it's "False Expectations Appearing Real."  But join us as she shares her story and how she started to finally act and address her alcohol habit that had "spilled over into every day living" when the fear of regret became stronger than the fear of the change.  Listen in to hear how she kept answering those nudges, how she dealt with it all head o...

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Have you had a chance to pause and reflect on all the wonderful blessings in your world lately?

All the great steps you've made or all the great achievements you've made in the last few years, maybe some goals that you thought were impossible, something that you envisioned that you weren't quite sure how you were going to get there and have you paused for a moment and considered how blessed you are right now, right he...

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April 21, 2021 10 mins

I don't know about you but I love the movie with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicolson titled The Bucket List.  The term you're familiar with I'm sure.  A list of activities, experiences or destinations you want to try or visit yourself before you kick the bucket.  It's a great concept but unfortunately it's not resonating with enough of us early enough.  Maybe you think it's something to do when you retire...

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Or....How Floridians Survived Their First Snowshoe Hike!

When was the last time you inspired somebody either through your actions, through your words, or by sharing your knowledge and experience as a mentor?

You remember trying something new for the first time - how it can be intimidating and you have a number of concerns, fears and questions and how much easier it is when you have a trusted buddy or mentor with you.  Someo...

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April 7, 2021 12 mins

Hear from our amazing Inspiring Your NEXT VIP Community as they share their recommendations for something every woman over 45 or 50 MUST do on their bucket list or their Live It NOW list.  Denise Greer joins me today and we talk about her love of seeing the world on a bicycle, what she recommends and what she is planning on for her NEXT.  Check her out on YouTube or Instagram and follow her biking, hiking, backpacking and more adve...

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You know, everyone starts at zero.

 We don't like to, we don't even love it. 

 But every time someone tries something new, they're starting off at zero. And I think unfortunately, that limits us, keeps us from trying some new activity, experience skill, or travel to a new location.  I've discussed fear of failure and how to live curiously in previous podcast episodes, but join me today as I share the 4 ways to tru...

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