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Light 'Em Up

"Light 'Em Up" takes a deep dive on the criminal justice system, crime scene investigation and leadership. We take you under and behind the crime scene investigation tape to get at the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help us God! Justice comes to those that fight ... not those that cry!


November 13, 2023 57 mins

On this in-depth, investigative edition of Light ‘Em Up we expose what we maintain is an illegal invasion of your personal privacy and an illegal search and seizure in violation of the 4th Amendment.

Picture this:  During your annual physical checkup — your doctor draws near to you with the stethoscope and asks you to perform a few deep breaths — is she really listening to your lungs or is she looking for signs of extensiv...

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Tonight, on this provocative, incendiary and investigatory episode of Light ‘Em Up.

 We return to the scene of the crime!  Your response was overwhelmingly favorable regarding our first episode with our special guest, the high-ranking police administrator, so we invited him back to the witness stand for another episode.

 With you in mind, we deliver another exclusive, in-depth, behind the scenes, “truth tellin’” s...

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Welcome to this incendiary edition of Light ‘Em Up.  We’re now being heard in 104 countries!

We have an exclusive in-depth interview with a high-ranking police administrator with a small police department in the “Magnolia State”.

Speaking on the promise of his anonymity, identified only by his title (Assistant Chief of Police), the municipality that he serves has about 8,500 people, staffed by about 30 accredited ...

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On this educational and explosive edition of Light ‘Em Up, we’re excited to announce that we are being actively downloaded in 103 countries! All thanks to you!

Ripped straight from the headlines from the Atlanta Fulton County Superior Courthouse where Donald J. Trump and 18 of his co-defendants have been indicted under the Georgia Racketeering Act — we’ll take an in-depth, investigative look at the Racketeer Influenced &am...

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With this comprehensive, investigatory edition of “Light ‘Em Up” we examine the hotly debated subject of consent decrees, pattern and practice investigations and the role the federal government has in trying to bring about just, equitable and constitutional policing.

What appears to be a never-ending national crisis has exposed deep chasms in the relationships between local police departments and the communities they’re ch...

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Tonight, on this intensively focused, informative, investigative journalistic edition of Light ‘Em Up we focus our spotlight on a problem that is often described as an unfortunate, intractable, unavoidable and daily reality among the members of law enforcement in the criminal justice system.

We reveal the story behind the story on “Testi-lying”— when police lie.

Blue Lies Matter!

It’s unfortunate, but law...

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This explosive edition of “Light ‘Em Up” — which is currently being downloaded in 100 countries — is packed from the beginning to end with rock solid information to enlighten, educate and empower you!

Our intense investigative journalistic focus is on recently breaking news items from the Jayland Walker case.  At the airing of this episode, it will have marked 1 year since Jayland Walker was gunned down in a hail of bullet...

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Thank you for tuning in!  On this revealing, exclusive and brand-new episode of Light ‘Em Up — our hope is that we enlighten, educate and empower you with knowledge that you previously didn’t have.

Keep ever-present in mind, learning can be fun!

As education is always a key component of Light ‘Em Up — we expose those things that many would wish to cover-up. The truth forces growth and shines bright light into dark...

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Peace be with you on this reflective and somber Memorial Day.  Thank you very much for joining us!   We are excited to share this investigative and educational brand-new episode with you!

We currently are being downloaded in 100 countries, globally!

On this incendiary edition of Light ‘Em Up, ripped straight from the headlines — we examine the New York City Subway choking death of Jordan Neely, a 30-year-old, unho...

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Thank you so much for helping us achieve our goal of being actively downloaded in 100 countries, globally!

On this explosive edition of Light ‘Em Up, ripped straight from the headlines — like a laser, we re-focus our attention on the breaking news in the killing of Jayland Walker, a 25-year-old, unarmed black man, in Akron, Ohio, our hometown.  None of this story is foreign to us, we live here, we work here, we’ve raised o...

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Welcome to this incendiary episode of Light ‘Em Up!

Tonight, on this explosive investigative edition we examine the death of Leevon Smith.
We’re certain that his name won’t ring a bell.

BANG!  BANG! BANG!  On January 18th, 2023 Smith was shot 3 times at point-blank range on a sidewalk near the 1300 block of West 90th Street in Chicago by off-duty Chicago police officer Precious Dunn.

Levon Smith grabb...

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We're proud to announce that we're being downloaded in 99 countries!

In this explosive episode we share our final installation of an incredibly informative and intense 3-part series of conversations with our most downloaded special guest, Dr. Sandy Womack, Jr., the Region 3 area superintendent of the Columbus, Ohio school district and a lifelong educator with 30+ years of experience.

He’s the author of t...

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As we promised, this is a continuation of our intensive discussion during Black History Month, a “Light ‘Em Up” “After-dark Special Edition”.

In this empowering episode, our returning special guest, Dr. Sandy Womack Jr., the Region 3 area Superintendent of the Columbus City School District (the largest district in the State of Ohio) defines for us exactly what Critical Race Theory (CRT) is.

He shares that CRT is a...

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Welcome to this Special Edition of Light ‘Em Up.  We are currently being downloaded in 99 countries globally!

Tonight, we feel very fortunate, highly honored and richly blessed to deliver this Special Black History Month “Short Sojourn” with one of our most popular guests, Dr. Sandy Womack Jr.

Dr. Womack Jr. is the Region 3 area superintendent of the Columbus, Ohio school district (the largest in Ohio) and a lifel...

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Welcome to this incendiary, investigative episode of Light ‘Em Up!

As we wrap-up our multi-episode series where we’ve analyzed how nuanced and deadly policing the mentally ill has become – tonight, we dig deep into the killing of Brian Umana at the hands of 2 officers with the National City, CA Police Department (NCPD), near San Diego. 

Brian, 28, the father of a little girl, found himself in the unrelenting grip of a menta...

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Happy New Year to You!  As we kick off our 4th Season, we are currently being downloaded in 98 countries – a fact that we are tremendously proud of and have worked extremely hard to achieve.

Thank you for helping us achieve this momentous goal!

On this premier, explosive, new episode, we drill vast, deep and wide to bring you the facts, not the fiction. This is another eye-opening episode as we continue with our i...

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It is great to be back with you!

As we prep to close out another fantastic year filled with one accomplishment after another for “Light ‘Em Up” … which included new sponsorships … and new underwriters - we wanted to focus on what is most important to us other than searching out the truth.

We wanted to take some special time to recognize you, our listeners for your (TSL) time spent listening to us throughout this past year. 

We thank y...

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Welcome to this impacting episode of Light ‘Em Up!

We are grateful to you for joining us. Please tell a friend about us!  Remind them that they can find our full catalogue here on every major platform where you get your podcasts!

How often do you see or hear where a person who is suffering extremely from some type of a mental health crisis which ends with the person being killed at the hands of law enforcement? On...

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Tonight, on this educational, empowering and explosive episode of Light ‘Em Up — our investigative journalistic focus is on the raw underworld of Confidential Informants or CI’s — a term that is often kicked around among the criminal element and the seedy underworld — but in the real-world very little is really known about CI’s and their intricate role and the crucial impact they have in and on the criminal justice system.

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THIS is the 50th episode of Light ‘Em Up!

We are excited and humbled to deliver this educational and empowering episode to you! Thanks to YOU, we’re now being downloaded in 95 countries!

With this historic episode we investigate and ask:  Is “Big Brother” & your police department watching you? Are your movements being tracked?

Whether you like it or not, your driving habits are being observed and spec...

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