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July 11, 2024 51 mins

This week Steph & Ash talk with Natasha Nascimento, President and Founder of Redefining Refuge, a specialized Non-Profit Service Provider and Advocacy Agency for Sexually Exploited and Trafficked Youth. The data is astounding and so utterly disturbing, how prevalent child trafficking is…in our own city and country! Natasha shares her story of how she came […]

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This week Steph & Ash talk with MilkMate CEO, Patrice Meagher, and Taylor Cohen, Sr. Director of Strategic Growth. If you are a mom and have ever dealt with the challenge of breastfeeding in the workplace or are an employer that wants to create a great place to work and empower working moms, then you […]

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This week, Steph & Ash had the honor to be on the Law of Relevancy Podcast, with CEO Cordes Owen. They play a little role reversal here, because Cordes is interviewing them! They about everything from how they got started, to AI and how it’s changing our lives, to what are common traits people look […]

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This week Steph & Ash talk with Alison Spann with the Spookstock Foundation. Alison has an inspiring story of how she got involved with this amazing organization that supports the children of fallen shadow warriors. Spookstock is an invite-only concert that supports three scholarship foundations (CIA Officers Memorial Foundation, Special Operations Warrior Foundation, and Defense […]

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This week Steph & Ash sit down with CEO & Founder of Questmont, Taylor Ranker on a beautiful yacht. Doesn’t get much better than that! Taylor has built and grew his company from the ground up. Questmont is a very successful virtual family office that focuses on the needs of the families. Taylor & his […]

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This week Steph & Ash talk with Nate Klemp, PhD, a writer, philosopher, and entrepreneur. Nate is a New York Times bestselling author & founding partner at Mindful Magazine, and co-author of The 80/80 Marriage and the new book OPEN. He confirms what screen addiction does to someone and how it is affecting our mind. […]

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January 23, 2024 22 mins

Happy 2024! After a nice little break, Steph & Ash come back with some great tips on the job market and how to find that career you’ve been waiting for! Do you set resolutions or habits every year? Here are also some tips to help you achieve your goals and make them more attainable! Boss […]

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This week Steph & Ash talk to Amy Martinez-Monfort, Founder/CEO, Tampa Laundry Company. Who would have thought laundry could be so sexy?! Amy has a way of making something like laundry, sound so innovative and exciting. This is because she is an entrepreneur and has a true passion giving people a safe & unique experience […]

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This week Steph and Ash talk with the legendary voice of football, Gene Deckerhoff. Gene is the radio play-by-play announcer of the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the past 35 years. He also served as the longtime voice of the Florida State Seminoles, calling games for the football, men’s basketball, and baseball teams. He has […]

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This week, Steph & Ash sit down with David Kahn, owner & President of Bespoke & co. Bespoke is a custom tailored clothing company for men & women aimed at helping people look and feel their best. What you wear goes way further than just how you look, it actually has more to do with […]

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This week Steph & Ash bring back into the house Dr Gary Montoute! Gary was one of the original guests on the podcast, but a lot has changed since then! Dr Gary dives into Turnaround Leadership and the differences in leadership styles. He is so informative and impressive with everything that he does! Since we […]

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This week Steph & Ash talk with Christina Weaver, Co-Creator & Founder of Procure and The Women’s Creative, powerhouses breaking down barriers through their nurturing incubator for women-owned retail and merchandising businesses. It’s an avenue where dreams transform into booming businesses. Christina created a service for creative business owners to start, maintain and scale their […]

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This week Steph & Ash talk to one of the world’s top thinkers, Dorie Clark. Dorie has been named one of the Top 50 business thinkers in the world by Thinkers50, and was recognized as the #1 Communication Coach in the world by the Marshall Goldsmith Leading Global Coaches Awards. Dorie, a consultant and keynote […]

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This week Steph & Ash talk with Audrey McGuckin, CEO of the McGuckin Group. Audrey has developed a unique methodology that designs and delivers long-term talent planning to ensure the alignment of people, process and culture with their business strategies. A straight-talking and trusted partner to hundreds of executives, Audrey navigates the complexity of organizations […]

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This week Steph & Ash sit down with Meghan O’Keefe, Executive Director of Tampa Bay Tech for a fun and captivating conversation about tech in Tampa Bay. Meghan has a unique insight in tech in Tampa Bay by being connected with companies and leaders in a variety of industries from non-profit to manufacturing and everything […]

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This week Steph & Ash discuss the new commute to work and what this looks like. More & more employers are wanting their employees to come back into the office, but how is this actually going?? Employees have enjoyed their time at home and no longer are open to that commute into the office. Some […]

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This week Steph & Ash talk to Danielle Sherwin & Nicole Idziak, sisters and 3rd generation owners of Bay Stage Live. Running a family-owned business presents its own challenges especially when times have changed so much. We talk about everything from how they ended up running the family business, to acquisitions, to maintaining a great […]

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This week Steph & Ash talk with Danielle Laura. Danielle is a two time number one bestselling and award-winning author, Human Design & Gene Keys Expert, internationally acclaimed Spiritual Advisor, and founder of the H.O.T. Method™. In her private work, she guides conscious companies, celebrities, and power couples around the globe in igniting their innate […]

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This week Steph & Ash talk about the shift in the market….the past few years employees and candidates have had the upper hand in demanding what they want in the workplace. Not anymore! Employers are taking their power back. The days of unrealistic salary jumps, 4 day work week demands, and bougee requests are being […]

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This week Steph & Ash talk with Hope Shoemaker, who went from celebrity stylist to technology sales. How did she do this and how do these skills transfer?? After an injury, inhibiting her to perform her job as a hair stylist, she had to leave the world she knew and pivot quickly into something totally […]

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