Live Your Dream with Celina Lee

Live Your Dream with Celina Lee

"How did you figure out what you want to do with your life? How did you have the courage to pursue your dream?” These are questions Celina explores with people from different walks of life. Their journeys reveal stories about dreams, courage, inspiration and creativity.


March 24, 2021 25 mins

Welcome to the 50th episode of Live Your Dream podcast! 

I am so thankful that you’ve been with me through this journey! 

In this episode, I'm answering questions you have sent me.

I talked about how I choose guests and set up interviews for my podcast, what I would have done differently in the past knowing what I know now, what I did to get unstuck when I felt stuck, top 3 important mindsets for success, habits I want to change, e...

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The month of March is Women’s History Month and I’m excited to share with you my conversation with Kathrine Switzer.

Kathrine was the first woman to officially register and run the Boston Marathon in 1967. 

She was attacked in the race by an angry official who tried to rip off her bib number (#261) and throw her out of the race because she was a woman. 

She finished the race anyway and went on to win the 1974 NYC Marathon and dedic...

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March 3, 2021 37 mins

One of the hardest part about pursuing our dreams is dealing with rejections, and persuading other people to give us a chance.

The most difficult aspect of writing my book was that I had to convince successful and therefore very busy people to meet with me and give me a chance to interview them.

I got more rejected trying to write my book than I had ever been until that point in my life. But I was persistent. I tried and tried unti...

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February 24, 2021 23 mins

If you have been listening to my show for awhile, you know there’s a question I ask all the people I interview, and that is “Who helped you to achieve your dream?" 

I ask this question because we all know no one can succeed alone and achieve dreams alone. 

Everybody, including all the incredibly successful people I’ve met, all had people who helped them to get to where they are now.

Today I share with you the answers to this questi...

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February 17, 2021 16 mins

Do you clean your room or check social media when you have important work to do?

Do you procrastinate even though you know it’s a bad idea, and later feel guilty about it and get mad at yourself? 

If you ever felt this way, you are not alone!

I procrastinate a lot too, and so many of us struggle with this bad habit. 

Why do we sometimes become our own worst enemy?

In this episode, I talk about why we procrastinate and what we can d...

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Do you struggle with not having enough time in a day to do everything you need to do?

Do you constantly feel overwhelmed and feel like you are always behind because your to-do list keeps growing and growing?

If you feel this way, you are not alone. And I know today’s episode will be helpful for you because we are talking about time management. 

Kory Kogon is the vice president of global field development at FranklinCovey and is a ...

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February 3, 2021 18 mins

We all want to feel better. 

We want to be happy, and want to feel positive emotions. 

But unfortunately our brains have a negativity bias which means we are way more sensitive and give a lot more weight to negative facts and information than positive ones. 

So if you are feeling more negative emotions than positive ones, you are not weird or any different from other people. It’s because you are human, and there are ways to cope....

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Katrina Markoff is the founder of Vosges Haut-Chocolate, a $30M brand that was launched in 1998 and is now sold in over 2,000 outlets around the world.

After studying chemistry and psychology in college, Katrina moved to Paris to pursue her dream of studying the culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu. She worked for Ferran Adrià, the chef at the legendary restaurant, El Bulli, in Spain who advised her to “use your own imagination and your...

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Last year has been an unusual year, so our priorities and values may have changed.

I hope that you have given yourself some time to reflect and reassess what’s really important to you, so you can be sure that the goals you have for yourself and how you spend your time really reflects your values and priorities.

The pandemic has brought to our attention how fragile our lives are and how everything can change and end in an instant.


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January 13, 2021 25 mins

It’s the beginning of a new year and many of us have new goals and resolutions for the new year.

You might be thinking of exploring a new career path, a business opportunity, a side project or doing something creative like writing a book, painting or learning to play an instrument. 

Whatever the goal may be, I want this year to be the year that you make your goals and dreams happen! 

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For 20 years, Debbie Millman was the President of Sterling Brands, where she worked with over 200 of the world’s largest brands including Star Wars, Burger King, Hershey’s, Haagen Dazs, and Tropicana, and many other iconic brands.

She is the founder and host of Design Matters, one of the world’s first and longest running podcasts, where she has interviewed nearly 500 artists, designers and cultural commentators for over 15 years. 


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I am so happy to share with you another wonderful conversation with Michael Kim, the co-founder of the law firm, Kobre & Kim! 

My previous conversation with Michael are the most popular episodes on my podcast, so I invited him for another interview after so many of you asked me to.

In this new conversation, we talk about the positives we can take away from the struggle and pain of 2020. And he makes even this conversation filled wi...

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December 23, 2020 17 mins

I am so excited to start a brand new season of my podcast!! 🎊🎉🎊

I started my podcast with a mission to inspire people to live their dreams. To help those who struggle to find meaning and fulfillment in their career, like myself some time ago.

2020 was a tough year.  But I hope this challenging time has also given you an opportunity to stop and reflect. And to really think about what is important. 

I’ve learned that our time is l...

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July 21, 2019 35 mins

One of the hardest part about pursuing our dreams is dealing with rejections, and persuading other people to give us a chance.

The most difficult aspect of writing my book was that I had to convince successful and therefore very busy people to meet with me and give me a chance to interview them.

I got more rejected trying to write my book than I had ever been until that point in my life. But I was persistent. I tried and tried unti...

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July 11, 2019 10 mins

I share with you a story about how I got into MIT when the odds were very much against me.

I went to a public high school in a bad school district (so bad that a lot of parents in the neighborhood changed their addresses to send their children to another high school nearby). I had been learning English for less than 5 years when I was applying to college, and my parents didn’t speak English well and didn’t know anything about the e...

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I have been fortunate to have had many mentors in my life who encouraged and helped me to achieve my dreams.

One of them is Kyung-sook Shin, one of the most famous writers from Korea. I have been grateful to have known her for many years, as my mentor and a friend.

She is widely known for many of her bestselling novels including “Please Look After Mom,” which sold more than 2 million copies in Korea and has been translated into man...

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Dennis Hong is the Professor and the Founding Director of RoMeLa (Robotics & Mechanisms Laboratory) at UCLA. When Dennis was six-years-old, he saw Star Wars for the first time and he was absolutely mesmerized by the robots he saw in the movie. He knew that one day, he will grow up to become the person who makes these robots. And now he is living his dream.

He has invented many incredible robots, and the world’s first car that can b...

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Today’s episode is Part 3 of my conversation with Michael Kim which we have been continuing for the past two episodes.

In this episode, Michael is answering questions many of you have sent about goal-setting, time management, building meaningful relationships, and about happiness and unhappiness.

If you haven’t listened Part 1 (episode 31) or Part 2 (episode 32) of this interview, please go back and listen them and since this is a ...

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Today’s episode is Part 2 of my conversation with Michael Kim which started last week in episode 31.

We are continuing to talk about what kinds of situations lead to feelings of unhappiness and different ways of approaching them.

We can learn a lot about ourselves from our emotions including negative ones, like the feeling of unhappiness, if we pay attention to them and think about why we are feeling a certain way and what it is te...

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Michael Kim’s first interview, “How to Make Yourself Happy,” has been one of the most popular episodes on my podcast. Many of you wrote to me asking for a second interview with Michael.

Therefore, I had another conversation with Michael, and this time, we talked about “How to be unhappy” as a companion to our first conversation.

This may not be a topic you expected. Many of us resist feeling any negative emotions. Yet, as you will ...

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