Live Your Values

Live Your Values

What are values? In a nutshell, values are the things that matter to us. The trick is that you define and live yours in your own way. Taking the time to identify and connect with your own set of core values can help you in many ways, big and small, and everything in between. Our values can help us through life's challenges, guide our decision making and remind us why we do the things we do on a daily basis. Through this interview style podcast, we share real conversations with real people about what matters to them and what it means to live your values. Our hope is that each episode will inspire and help you discover or uncover your own set of core values as well as provide useful tools and strategies to help you align and practice them more consistently. In a nutshell, our goal is to help you do more of what matters so that you can live a more meaningful and fulfilling life, and who doesn't want that? Host and Jersey boy, Mike "Bagel", brings his own stories and experiences to the table in this insightful and entertaining podcast. Bagel has done everything from pulling an "Office Space" and leaving an anxiety-ridden corporate job, to moving to a completely new state to start a new life as a Career Counselor, only then to pursue his lifelong dream of hitting the road and traveling cross-country. This led him to discovering his new path of entrepreneurship, founding Free Your Time Virtual Assistants, and now primarily he works as a Small Business Counselor in the Charlotte, NC area. More important than any of these "credentials,” Bagel truly loves getting to know people on an individual level, and believes all are connected in some way. Whether through the lens of career and business, big life choices, or just casual water-cooler conversation, he finds joy in providing a platform for people to share their stories and helping them figure out what matters most, so they can do more of it and feel fulfilled.


December 21, 2022 50 mins

We've turned the tables for this season finale. This conversation features a special guest feed drop where friend, colleague, and former LYV guest, Michael Robert Moore, interviews Bagel on "The Significant Entrepreneur" podcast.

Bagel gets vulnerable and discusses his journey from the early days in his professional career, when he experienced immense depression and anxiety, through his more fulfilling years career co...

Mark as Played

Bagel invites friend and former guest, Scott Kaplan, back to the show to reflect on two previous episodes from Season 2 – interviews with Jen Rao & Chris Montero – in order to explore how good ideas can come from anywhere.

In this episode, we cover:

  1. How staying open and curious allows you to pull good ideas from anywhere
  2. The concept of "Closing the Gap" for personal growth
  3. Why simplifying & refining your life...
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November 30, 2022 10 mins

When was the last time you truly decided to take a break?

In a digital world that is constantly demanding our attention at every turn, it's so important to take a step back to rest, reset, recharge, and realign.

In this Bagel Bite, we identify the reasons for and benefits of taking breaks, discuss the difference between diffuse and focused thinking, and share tips for how to build in breaks into your calendar.


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Have you ever wondered who's behind the scenes at LYV making it all happen?

Making this podcast is no easy task, and it's all made possible because of the hours of work that go into production. Well, today, we'd like to welcome to the stage the person making so much of it happen (talk about giving thanks!): Our operations specialist, Rebecca Kittel. 

In this Thanksgiving-themed episode, Becca and Bagel talk about havin...

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November 16, 2022 72 mins

Do you feel like you struggle with decision making? How often do you turn inwards to trust your gut instincts? And is that the same as living your values?

In this episode with Brand Strategist and Coach, Lisa Speer, we cover:

  1. Using curiosity and exploration to better understand yourself
  2. Learning to trust your inner compass, especially when going "against the grain"
  3. Experiencing life through adaptability
  4. Dealing with c...
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November 2, 2022 11 mins

How often do you speak up for yourself? Does it come naturally to you? Have you ever found yourself in an uncomfortable situation, and you need to speak up or speak out but just couldn't find the words?

In this BB, Bagel gets vulnerable and shares a personal story of a recent challenge in with a mental health professional, how he acknowledged his feelings of discomfort, and decided to take a stand. From the experience came a lo...

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"I'm not ready for this adventure to end.”

Have you ever spoken these words after returning from an amazing trip or weekend away? What if you could live a life full of adventure each and every day?
In this episode, Jen Rao shares about her decision to relentlessly pursue exploration & adventure, and how her values have guided her to a live an “alternative” lifestyle.
We dive into what Alternative Livi...

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We humans are critical and judgmental by nature. But let's be honest. For most of us, no one gets the brunt of your critique more than... you guessed it... yourself. 

In this Bagel Bite, we focus on reframing our perspective in trying new things by providing a simple framework to let go of self-judgment.

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Guest Bi...

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Have you heard of code switching? For some, it's a privilege they don't have to think about. For others, it's a notion all-too-conscious that informs and impacts their each and every day.

Join Bagel and Chris for this vibrant, provocative conversation where they unpack the benefits and drawbacks of code switching, explore values-informed decision making, and discuss Chris' journey to launching his party rental bu...

Mark as Played

Do you overanalyze everything? Feel like you're constantly "spinning your wheels" without actually making progress on the things that matter? You may be experiencing analysis paralysis. In this episode, Bagel walks you through an eight-step framework to lean on your values and move from analysis paralysis into decisive action. 

Have a comment or suggestion for the show? Leave us a voice message or email us at con...

Mark as Played
December 16, 2020 27 mins

Bagel extends gratitude, shares some celebrations and lessons learned, and teases some news for 2021.

Have a comment or suggestion for the show? Leave us a voice message or email us at

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Brooklyn-born. Jersey-raised. Educator. Fitness lover. Rocker. Husband. Father. Son. Ancona shares his take on IG bios.

This doozy of a conversation with Bagel's "8th best friend" is for anyone out there who has resisted starting something, struggles with follow through, sets goals and sometimes doesn't stick to them, or even feels overcommitted. We break down the importance of both, "just starting," an...

Mark as Played

Jess Hainsworth, owner of Honest Thrift Studio and Garden Coffee in San Diego, CA, walks us through her journey of starting two people-focused businesses in her new home of San Diego. In this episode, you'll hear about her:

  1. Deciding to travel and work abroad, and making a gut decision to move to San Diego
  2. Starting an honest, accessible thrift store that has evolved over time
  3. Embracing the space to allow customers to engage an...
Mark as Played

In part two of this lively and passionate episode, you'll hear Justin continue his real-life text bombs on:

  1. Differentiating transparency and honesty
  2. Thriving BECAUSE of the hardships you face, not IN SPITE of them, like the Blues musicians of the 1930s
  3. Doing right by your natural talents instead of curating an image of success
  4. Considering both sides to all things and living your life in the balance

We neatly wrap up the ep...

Mark as Played

In this lively and passionate episode, you'll hear Justin's real-life text bombs on:

  1. Looking at your life through both the telescope and the microscope.
  2. Harnessing the power of the yin & the yang.
  3. Chasing other people's successes never adding up to your own.
  4. Acting truly selflessly, and whether it provides a benefit to us one way or another?

Guest Bio: Described by those who know him as: creative, quick-witte...

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In this special crossover episode LYV host, Mike "Bagel", joins Sharon Tewksbury-Bloom on the Do Good, Be Good podcast. 

Mike opens up about the impact of the economic crisis on his current role as a Small Business Counselor, and the two share some success stories of how some local businesses have adapted to stay afloat. Bagel also reflects on his career to-date and how it led him to launching the Live Your Values podcast....

Mark as Played

Quinn and Bagel uncover the story of the early days in their career and how they both left the same job that was dragging them down. Quinn shares her journey of discovering what type of work mattered to her and how she pursued opportunities that brought her fulfillment from things like skill based training for women in Honduras to nonprofit and community development work in the triangle of North Carolina. She emphasizes the value o...

Mark as Played

In this interview, Andrew shares many personal anecdotes about little and big ways he's both given and received acts of kindness. We also explore the world of Couchsurfing and hostels, and the uniqueness it can provide to travelers. "Beard" also shares his perspective on leading with trust and when to put your guard up. Overall, Andrew has a truly unique perspective on the world and how we connect with other humans, ...

Mark as Played

In part two of this two-part conversation with John Gray Williams on making and maintaining friendships with age, this conversation features a deep dive into maintaining friendships as an adult. What we look for in friends as we get older, discussing gender and family norms. Dig in for this open, honest, and insightful dialogue between two close friends.

Guest Bio: John Gray Williams currently serves as the Director of Recruitment f...

Mark as Played

How do you work on making and maintaining friendships as you age? Do you have the same type of friends in your 30s as you did in college or high school? In this two-part episode, we hit on a number of deep and insightful points on how we've made and maintained our friendships, what we value in others, the challenges and burden of toxic relationships and so much more.

Guest Bio: John Gray Williams currently serves as the Directo...

Mark as Played

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