Living a Parable

Living a Parable

This light-hearted but soul-searching podcast is based on Award-Winning Devotional, Living a Parable: Finding Lessons in Unlikely Experiences. Every day presents us with opportunities to learn valuable lessons. This podcast aims to demonstrate that God is always teaching and if we just take a moment to scratch beneath the surface of the seemingly mundane occurrences we might just find a deeper meaning. To learn more about Silvia Davis, the host of this podcast and award-winning speaker and award-winning author, visit


November 7, 2022 26 mins

This week I have a special episode AND a special project for you!

I interviewed all members of my family with the goal of having a little fun and letting them tell their sides of the stories that I have been shared about them in Living a Parable and that I continue to share about them in the podcast.

This is a really fun episode that will make you laugh and give you a little bit of a different perspective on the s...

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How healthy is your prayer life? Do you make it a point to communicate with God on a daily basis? 

There are several reasons to pray and they go well beyond making requests. Prayer can offer peace, protection, and strength that can help you to better accept and arise victorious over the many challenges that we are presented with day-to-day.

Life is hard and it is relentless. Listen to this week's episode to l...

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October 9, 2022 17 mins

We live in a world where often times we're expected to put feelings before truth, but when what we feel conflicts with God's word the only choice we have is to stand on the word.

Scripture References:

John 8:32
1 Kings 22
Matt. 18:21-22
Matt. 6:14
Eph. 4:14-15

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October 3, 2022 23 mins

This week I have a special episode AND a special project for you!

I interviewed all members of my family with the goal of having a little fun and letting them tell their sides of the stories that I have been shared about them in Living a Parable and that I continue to share about them in the podcast.

You've read the stories in the book, you've heard more in the podcast, now you will be able to hear direc...

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September 26, 2022 19 mins
Why are you a Christian? What keeps you rooted in your faith? How do you hold on through life's trials? 

Are you struggling with your faith? Are things happening and you feel like you're being tested and you can't understand why and you're searching for answers? How do you hold on through those times? You hold on by remembering why you have your faith in the first place! 

This e...
Mark as Played
August 8, 2022 19 mins

Being a parent is a tough job. You love your children but love doesn't mean accepting everything they do. Discipline, punishment, and being selective with our blessings are all a part of our Lord's "parenting style".  It can be so hard to remember He has what is best for us in mind when we are weathering our storms, whether it's in the form of discipline, punishment, or just not getting what we pray for.

Mark as Played

We are told to knock, seek, and ask but there is a reason the phrase, "Be careful what you ask for" exists. If you ask for success in life, are you prepared for what having it could truly mean? If you commit your life to Christ, are you prepared for what that could truly mean?

That's what we talk about in this week's episode! Listen and be prepared to let your light shine!

Bible references:

Mark as Played
July 25, 2022 20 mins

How can God be love, when love is not jealous, but the Bible says God is a jealous God? Have  you ever thought of the differences between what it means to be jealous and what it means to be envious?

In this week's episode we talk about envy and jealousy, their differences, and how God can be a jealous God and still be love.

Scriptures referenced:
Romans 1:29
Galatians 5:25-26
Romans 12:15
1 Co...

Mark as Played
July 18, 2022 20 mins

It's a given. In life we are going to have trials, it's unavoidable. Some of those trials may be self-inflicted, or maybe even disciplinary, but others, well others can make us just feel like victims because we can't figure out what in the world we did to deserve what we are going through.

Bible Scriptures and References:

1 John 5:3
Genesis 37: 1-36
The story of Moses is found in ...

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Going through trials and hardships are a part of life, even for Christians. There is no way to live a full life and not go through moments that will test us, push us, challenge us. It may seem impossible but we are to give thanks even during those times, but how? That is the topic of this week's episode and chances are the advice given isn't what you would expect.

Listen to learn three different ways that you can...

Mark as Played

When you stand up for Christ and let others know about your faith, opposition is inevitable. Opposition is a guarantee. Your faith will be challenged. Those who don't believe will mock not only your faith but in worst case scenarios, your intelligence. How do you respond without  meeting their hateful and hurtful words with hateful and hurtful words of your own? How do you keep a calm and level head? How do you refrain from fe...

Mark as Played
June 20, 2022 17 mins

Imagine if free will was not a thing. Imagine if everyone loved you because they had no choice not to. Would you really feel loved?

The free will God gives us is a gift and it serves a powerful purpose. This episode talks about the power of free will and piggy-backs on last week's episode. Episode Six asks the question, "What would you change in the world if you had God's power.... but you can't t...

Mark as Played

Today's world can be a scary place. What if you had the power of God? What would you change about the world? With the world's current events in mind it's easy for us to come up with a lot of things we would change.

Episode 5 invites you to explore the question a little deeper. In this episode Silvia shares her answer to the question and then shares how the answer gives hope even in a world where things somet...

Mark as Played
June 6, 2022 18 mins

We live in a world where how we "feel" is king, but sometimes how we feel and the things we want to be right can be wrong. Thankfully, we have a book that has withstood the test of time and serves as a guide for all Christians!

This podcast is based on award-winning devotional Living a Parable: Finding Lessons in Unlikely Experiences. To learn more about this podcast or to order your copy of the book be sure to ...

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May 30, 2022 20 mins

No matter how good of a Christian we try to be we all have those moments when our faith is tested. Have you prayed for something over and over again and you question why God is not answering your prayers? This week's episode will encourage you to hold on to your faith and to keep going forward in prayer during those times you may question if God is listening.

This podcast is based on award-winning devotional Living a ...

Mark as Played
May 22, 2022 19 mins

Trust in God is liberating! It enables us to do more than we ever dreamed we could. It gives us courage, confidence, and happiness. Since we know trusting God is so freeing, why is it also so hard?

If you are allowing fear to hold you back from getting more out of life, this is the episode for you! Be bold, trust in the Lord and do AMAZING things with your life.

To book Silvia to speak at your event or to order your copy of Living a ...

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May 16, 2022 16 mins

In this week's account of an unlikely experience we are reminded of God's mercy and His grace. If you are carrying the burden and guilt of past mistakes you've previously repented, take a listen and learn how to ease that burden and finally accept His forgiveness.

This podcast is based on award-winning devotional Living a Parable: Finding Lessons in Unlikely Experiences get your copy today! www.livingaparabl...

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