Living My Side Hustle: Inspiration for Anyone That Does Extra

Living My Side Hustle: Inspiration for Anyone That Does Extra

Are you looking to turn your passions into profit? Welcome to Living My Side Hustle, the podcast that's all about starting and thriving with your very own side hustle! If you've ever dreamed of turning your hobbies and interests into a lucrative venture, then this is the show for you. Having a side hustle is not just an advantage; it's a game-changer! Join your hosts, Dave and Jennifer Campbell, as they share their inspiring journey from starting their side hustle back in 2014 to watching it grow and mature over time. With countless lessons learned, fun success stories, and a few epic fails along the way, they have invaluable insights to help you succeed with your side hustle. Whether you're seeking extra income for your family's needs or saving up for those big expenses, a well-crafted side hustle can be the solution. Not only can it enhance your current job, but it also has the potential to liberate you from a passionless career. Living My Side Hustle believes that a side hustle isn't just something you do on the side; it's a lifestyle. Embrace the mindset of an entrepreneur and discover the endless possibilities of turning your hobbies and interests into a profitable and enjoyable endeavor. Join our ever-growing community of side hustlers by visiting our website at We'll bring you engaging and actionable content, covering various exciting topics, from ideation and business planning to marketing strategies and tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Unlock the potential of your side hustle and make it a fun and rewarding experience. Because remember, a side hustle should never feel like just another job—it should be an adventure you live every day! Tune in to Living My Side Hustle now and let's embark on this entrepreneurial journey together.


March 11, 2024 37 mins

Episode 47 - Daniel Voigt Godoy - Your're Not Your Job - Going above and beyond for yourself

Do you feel like what you're doing is not really meant for you? Would you rather be doing something else entirely but don't know where to start?

In our lives, we don't ask ourselves enough questions. Along the way, you may lose track of who you really are. You mistake your identity for your job. Deep down, howeve...

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EPISDOE 46 - Brian P Swift - The Quad Father is here to inspire you to move forward with your side hustle

Brian has a great story - a story of overcoming, everyday and in every way.  Brian was injured in his teens while playing football with friends changing his life forever.  Brian is here to inspire you to do the thing that you are wrestling with.

Starting something new can be overwhelming - what if you had no c...

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EPISODE 45 - Michael Hoffmann - Starting with a Side Hustle and Making it More - How Paid Ads Can Build Business

KidsPod is founded on a simple idea: Every kid should have access to the power of audio.

Buzzsprout is our podcast host for this show!

Ready to find a better podcast host for your show? Get a $20 credit applied to your new Buzzsprout Account by u...

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E44 - Jared Brenchley - Time Management for Side Hustlers - Sacred and N.E.T. Time Lessons You Can Use

KidsPod is founded on a simple idea: Every kid should have access to the power of audio.

Buzzsprout is our podcast host for this show!

Ready to find a better podcast host for your show? Get a $20 credit applied to your new Buzzsprout Account by using our l...

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E43 - What You Need and What You Don't Need To Start a Side Hustle
What You Need and What You Don’t

There are very few prerequisites to side hustling. To be successful in using this model, mostly you need:

• The right frame of mind.
• The willingness to act.
• You don’t need much money.
• You don’t need much time.
• You don’t need a business degree, or any kind of specialized education.
• You don’t need e...

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E42 - How side hustles can help students like you to create extra income while gaining valuable skills

In today's episode, we'll dive into what a side hustle can teach you, the skills you'll gain, and how you can create that much-needed extra income while still focusing on your studies. Let's get started!

First off, let's talk about the valuable lessons and skills you can learn through a side hustle...

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E41 - How to add a side hustle to your busy life and on a tight budget

It's true that some side hustles require a significant investment, but don't worry, there are plenty of options for those with limited funds. Today, we'll focus on low-cost or no-cost side hustle ideas that can fit into your busy schedule. So, let's get started!

Identifying Your Skills and Passions

When exploring side hustle ideas, it&...

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E40 - Danielle Fliller - Voice Acting as a Side Hustle, Audiobooks, Commercials and Cartoon Voices

About Danielle

I have a full-time career in education, but am looking to break into the voice-over realm! This is an organic journey that I would like to explore after years of doing phone recordings and morning announcements at various schools. I am professional and attentive to details and deadlines. Looking forward to worki...

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E39 - Eight Things to Avoid When Considering A Side Hustle - Future Proof Your Idea Right From The Start

When considering a side hustle, there are certain pitfalls to avoid to ensure a positive and successful experience. Here are some things to avoid:

  1. Unrealistic expectations: Avoid falling into the trap of expecting instant success or overnight riches from your side hustle. It takes time and effort to build a successful venture,...
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E38 - Patrick James Elkins A Family Side Hustle Idea - The Amazing New App His Kids Help Create, TOYTLE

Patrick James Elkins is a husband and father with an inspiring entrepreneurship story about having an idea, not knowing where to start, but not taking “NO” for an answer. This meant not allowing his own insecurities to discredit, limit, disqualify, or STOP him from pursuing a dream. Instead, doing whatever it takes to ST...

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E37 - Josh Green - How A Side Hustle Can Be Your Super Power - Simple Ideas That Work For Your Next Side Hustle

Josh joins us to share the various side hustle projects that he has done over the years and shares his suggestions for your next side hustle endeavor!

  • How can having a Side Hustle become your superpower
  • Side Hustles that did not make it in the real world
  • What Josh has learned about himself from his Side Hustles?
  • ...
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E36 - Tara Furey - Side Hustling from Tutoring to Copy Writing and Beyond

Tara was a Math Teacher turned Tutor turned Copy Writer

Tara talks about finding a side hustle that works around your time, how helping others can lead to developing a great side hustle and leveraging what you already know how to do and building a community around you that is looking for your specific skill set


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E35 - Brettany Sorokowsky - Developing Your Personal Brand

Helping Business Owners Leave The Hustle Culture While Growing Profit & Impact

Brett Sorokowsky is a highly sought-after professional speaker, executive business coach, and author. Brett is a powerful presenter and has inspired thousands with her story and content-rich style. Brett specializes in sales, speaking, marketing, leadership, time management,...

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EPISODE 34 - Tony Lysandrides - Make Money on YouTube Without Being On Camera

Imagine making money from YouTube and never showing your face on camera - like, never!  Tony did it and he wants to help you start a side hustle!  With Tony's help, you can start a passive income side hustle on YouTube as a content creator!

Tony shares his first hand experience and wisdom on how anyone can duplicate his efforts and ...

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E33 - Janelle Jones - Stand up, Speak up, Show up, Grow Your Team With A Side Hustles

Janelle Jones is known as the “Queen of Side Hustles”. She has inspired many people to improve their life and earn extra income while they are also working full time. She shows them that by doing what they love they can create a “side hustle” and earn extra income.

She believes that this is the best way to eliminate debt, pay fo...

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E32 - Veronica Hanson - Your Side Hustle Can Fund Your Adventure - The Ex-American Dream

I turned my side hustles into an international nomadic lifestyle. Over the past 2+ years I've long term stayed in Dominican Republic, Egypt, Thailand, and currently based in Japan.

Hola! Konichiwa! Hello!

I’m a recovering “American Dream” addict. My entire life was carefully created to show off on social media. I bought the designer items, se...

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E31 - Sarah Berthon - How to Run a Side Hustle When You Have a Chronic Illness

Our Guest - My name is Sarah and I’m a business and chronic illness mentor. I have a number of health conditions including Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, POTS Syndrome, ME, IBS and Chronic Migraine.

Whilst living with these conditions, I have worked with a variety of blue-chip companies and have also set up both a product and service business. Prior to ...

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E30 - Bryson Tarbet - That Music Teacher Stumbled Into Creating a Community for Music Teachers

Hi! I'm Bryson!
I never thought I’d want to teach elementary music. Like so many of us, I always thought I was going to be the next great high school choir director. Through my undergraduate courses and field placements I soon realized that the elementary level was my zone of genius.

My classes in undergrad prepared me to...

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E29 - How to Start Your Side Job - Three Basic Steps

How to Start Your Side Job: A Basic Guide

If you've been toying with the notion of pursuing your big passion, cherished hobby, or eccentric interest and you're now thinking that you really must see if you can make anything of it, the very first question you must ask yourself is:

1 - Hold On To Your Primary Gig

Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself ...

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A Taste of our Other Podcast - Living The Next Chapter - Greg Cagle is our guest

We are back!  Busy time of year as we go through some major changes with our Side Hustle turned Store Front - we will get you up to date on that shortly!  Thanks for following along!

We wanted to share one of our other podcasts - yes, we have 7 different podcasts!

This episode features our Living The Ne...

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