Living Stones Church, Red Deer, Alberta

Living Stones Church, Red Deer, Alberta

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May 21, 2024 46 mins

Pentecost Sunday

Mark as Played

Ephesians 4:17-24

Mark as Played

John 10:1-21

We often assume that the fullness of life that Jesus promised is without trials, tribulations, hostility, and opposition. However, we see that Jesus, who lived life to the fullest, experienced all these things but triumphed. How can we, like Jesus, overcome opposition and live an abundant life?

Mark as Played

Mission Sunday

Disappointment in God, Stress

Mark as Played

One of the subtle ways in which we can be deceived is when we have been raised in a genuine Christian home environment and then assume that we are Christians because we have an intellectual acceptance of Christ and the Christian faith. Yet, it has never been internalized, nor has it been our life's motivating principle and passion. It is what Jesus told Nicodemus, a religious leader in his day, that his need was to have a 'spiritua...

Mark as Played

The Feast of Tabernacles was designed to be a reminder of God's provisions and care for the nation during the wilderness wanderings. The pillar of fire by night and cloud by day guided them in their journey. The feast also pointed ahead to the new promised Messianic age. This is the context of Jesus' great declaration that 'He is the light of the world.' One of the aspects of the festival was the lighting of the huge lamps in the T...

Mark as Played

Easter Sunday

On February 27th, 1991, Ruth Dillow was at her home in Kansas when the phone rang. It was terrible news from the Pentagon. Her son, Private First-Class Clayton Carpenter, had stepped on a landmine in the Persian Gulf War and was dead.

It was an awful, sickening reality to learn that her son would never come home again. Three days later, Ruth received another phone call. The voice on the other end said, &lsq...

Mark as Played

Good Friday

Mark as Played

Matthew 21:1-11

Mark as Played

Philippians 2

God created the church to shine like stars in the world. What does that mean, why and how are we to do it? Looking at chapter two of Philippians, we glean insights and learn that our attitude and ideas about the church will significantly enhance or impede our ability to shine like stars. God created us to shine, not just as individuals but at a corporate level, as a community. We must understand and embrace the idea t...

Mark as Played

Hebrews 12:3-13

Mark as Played

John Series, John 8:1-11

Nobody likes to be disciplined. When it is done right, it brings about a healthy outcome. Disciplining your children is one of the most difficult challenges of being a parent. Everything is great when kids obey, but if they say or do something that needs to be addressed, then it causes tension. Discipline often creates pressure on the relationship. That is one reason why people avoid doing it. Some par...

Mark as Played

John 7: 37-52, John Series

Survival experts talk about the rule of three. You can live without air for about 3 minutes, without water for three days, and without food for about three weeks. There are exceptions, but that is generally the limits of human existence. Interestingly, Jesus describes the relationship with God in terms we can understand. In Jesus’ wilderness experience under significant testing by the devil, Jesus r...

Mark as Played

John Series

John 7:14-36

One of the most challenging things is shattering people’s biases and prejudices. People today speak of tolerance and openness regarding ideas, values, and lifestyles. Still, the reality is that our world is filled with self-righteousness, intolerance, and blindness in relationship to what is healthy, virtuous, and loving. This can be true both in a religious and a non-religious context.

Yet, what may ...

Mark as Played

John Series, John 7:1-13

It is a painful experience to have someone you love accuse you of something you are not guilty of, and the truth is the opposite. To be misunderstood is difficult to swallow, especially when you don’t see it coming. It is even more painful when it comes from people you love.

John is now about to change the geographical location of Jesus’ ministry from Galilee to Judea, even though it places Jesu...

Mark as Played

John Series, John 6:22-71

What is the main objective or priority in our life? Where are we expending our energy and giving our time? What we consider the most important is what we desire and pursue. What we are chasing often does not allow us to experience the most out of life.

What we are about to discover is what enriches and empowers our lives determines what we will get out of life. So, how do we experience the most out of life...

Mark as Played

John Series, John 6:1-15


What brings true fulfilment in life? Once the basic needs of life are met, then what? For many, it is simply acquiring more things, experiences, adventures, and novelties. Some people are looking to discover something new as the old becomes boring. There is a restlessness in the human experience, and it can be only filled with something eternal and not temporal. T...

Mark as Played

Ezekiel 20:7-9

In our broken world, painful things happen to people. What is tragic is the aftermath. How to handle those painful emotions. How do you handle hurt, frustration, infatuation, and anger, to name a few emotions?

One thing we forget is that God not only created us with emotions, He has them. How does God handle His emotions, and what can we learn from Him? How does God handle His disappointments, hurts and frustrations ...

Mark as Played

Cognitive dissonance is the mental stress people experience when exposed to information that conflicts with their beliefs, values, ideals, and actions. There are two responses to cognitive dissonance. You dig in and continue in your current way of thinking and acting by dismissing and fighting the evidence mounting against your position, or the simplest way to address it is to change your beliefs and actions.

Considering what Jesus...

Mark as Played

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