Living Stronger Longer (Your Best Life After 40)

Living Stronger Longer (Your Best Life After 40)

I'll be covering topics from proper exercise, nutrition, longevity, but also things like music, philosophy and anything and every thing that contributes to maximizing life quality!


May 14, 2023 60 mins

As fellow fans of both rational strength training and philosopher Ayn Rand, I really hit it off with Hawk. 

This was one of my favourite interviews, and hope to do more in the future.

He is located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  

In the past he's competed in both kickboxing and bodybuilding and today he trains clients, as I do, on a one on one basis, using primarily MedX equipment.


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I recently became aware of Jerome through the facebook page, "Mark's Health & Nutritional Group" where his youtube channel was recommended.

After listening to a few of his videos, I was very impressed.

First off, I was impressed by the thoroughness with which Jerome had done his homework, not just quoting study results he'd read or heard about, but rather evaluating various studies after ha...

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Have been a long time fan of Richard's "MedFitness minute" quick videos that make salient points about health and exercise.  And am impressed at his diligence of never missing a day!  (as far as I know)

Richard has a degree in nutrition and is a long time proponent of rational exercise.  He is very knowledgeable and does a great job with his clients.  For anyone near St. Charles, Illinois, you can get a free...

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April 2, 2023 10 mins

thanks Thomas Frayne for providing this video.... while there was undoubtedly some good info in this video, it reminded me of my thoughts on the 150 minutes of weekly activity that is generally recommended.  I give some thoughts on this, which I've done before as well as his comments on the "myth" that running ruins knees.

Lieberman video:

More about me:

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Recently I received an email from Thomas Frayne who had watched my interview with Mark Asanovich.  His questions primarily came from the field of athletics/sports, which is certainly not my emphasis.  I tend to focus more on helping regular folks, particularly an older population, stay as strong as possible, as safely and efficiently as possible, in order to maintain and/or improve their functional ability in order to maximize life...

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In which I ramble about whether pushing for maximum intensity will improve results, vs adequate intensity and making sure workouts are not so intense that you can't adequately recover from, particularly with an older clientele.

Interested to get others' opinions on this, from within and without the HIT community.

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Apologies for missing graphic:  here is link to youtube version:

This speaks to #2 and #9 of my 12 steps to health and happiness

Note thumbnail is not Don... just using a file photo...

1. Sleep
2. Strength train safely, briefly, intensely, 1-3x weekly.  ( see #7)
3. Move often at leisurely pace. More often, not more overall is better. Outside when convenient. 
4. ...

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In which I challenge to some degree the standard recommendations of 10,000 steps per day and/or 150 minutes of activity per week.

I suspect strongly that these are based on observational studies with a myriad of confounding variables and are pretty much arbitrary.  

Forgive listeners for not seeing screen share.  Here is link to youtube version:

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Clients sometimes come in with pain in knees and/or joints and/or shoulders and question whether intensely strength training might not be good that day, however they then go out and walk, snowshoe, hike, cross country ski or play various sports.  My opinion is that they are confusing activities that are not intense on muscles but high force on joints, with an activity that is intense for muscles but relatively very kind to their jo...

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Will elaborate in future, and/or possibly (almost certainly)  this list will evolve

  1. Sleep
  2. Strength train safely, briefly, intensely, 1-3x weekly.  ( see #7)
  3. Move often at leisurely pace. More often, not more overall is better. Outside when convenient. 
  4. Eliminate seed oils. 
  5. Emphasize protein. 
  6. Avoid or minimize foods that contain both fat and carbs in the absence of protein. 
  7. Minimize force.  Delegate high risk tasks. 
  8. M...
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Another very informative and entertaining conversation with an important member of one of the most successful exercise instruction organizations in the world today. 

"Discover Strength" is doing more than its part to bring proper strength training to the masses. 

It's about time that this important information becomes more widely disseminated and Luke Carlson, founder of Discover Strength, has cre...

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Arjan's youtube channel is one I've watched with interest over the years, and highly recommend.

Not afraid to try new things, and adapting them to work for him, he exemplifies the concept, I've heard called "Principles vs Practices".

I've come to suspect that many in the strength training community suffer from "confirmation bias", immediately rejecting anything that doesn&ap...

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.. why not live every day as if you had already died but magically was given a second chance and brought back.....

Note:  Thumbnail is of my late brother Yves.  (nickname:  "Charts")

footnote:  I wish I'd added the following:  "truth is, if you're reading (or listening or watching) this, you have that second chance that others did not get, and would they think that you were wasting that se...

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This was a lot of fun.  Javier was self-conscious about his english but I think he did just fine..... note that for some reason, Javier felt that he could learn from me, but based on the great questions he asked, he needs to give himself much more credit, as he obviously is quite knowledgeable.

Also of note, is his work with semi pro and professional "football" player.  (soccer for us North Americans!


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January 11, 2023 50 mins

Nigel runs a successful HIT facility but beyond that he works on behaviour modification with clients' nutrition and body composition goals.  This is something that I've struggled with personally (as we al do?) and also with the challenge of having more than minimal influence over what clients do before and after they spend their weekly time with me.  Enjoy.  Share. and Subscribe.

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In which I discuss how proper exercise, (the type that makes you healthier and stronger without destroying your body in the process) can be possibly the greatest generator of an overlooked "asset" on your balance sheet.  

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This was a great conversation with 80 year old Anibal who learned of Nautilus Principles after decades of conventional training, and was able to open his mind to the logic of the approach.  He met Arthur Jones, Ellington Darden and was trained by Jim Flanagan for about 2 years.

(not to mention training with or meeting many legends such as Steve Reeves and Chris Dickerson)

Today he ha...

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November 25, 2022 53 mins

In which we cover a number of topics 

-Proper form with a focus on good turnarounds
-Nutrition and how some elderly clients seem to struggle (unnecessarily) with getting adequate protein in their diets!
-Safety Concerns and how athletes and how "mainstream" fitness enthusiasts and coaches seem to have a "blind spot" when it comes to injuries seemingly accepting injuries as part and parcel with e...

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Think champions and elite athletes know how to train.  Consider the evidence you see but also the evidence you don't see.

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My thoughts on the following:

1.  The value of proper exercise on slowing down, stopping or reversing sarcopenia which has profound effects on quality of life (possibly longevity) and health care costs.

2. What the rate at which sarcopenia is thought to occur might tell us about how long it takes to "detrain" if we miss workouts

3. Based on #2, how even very infrequent exercise (signficantly mor...

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