Living the Reclaimed Life

Living the Reclaimed Life

Do you desire to live a life of freedom that is unhindered from the pain of your past? You may be putting on a smile to others, yet inside you feel stuck. Join Denisha Workizer, Pastor and trauma survivor, to hear conversations about healing, transformation, and hope. If you want to reclaim your story and boldly embrace your purpose, then this show is for you.


May 14, 2024 36 mins

Do you feel trapped in a cycle of shame or secrecy, believing  “no one will understand what you have been through” Or maybe you have thought, "If they only knew?"

You are not alone. We have found that many of the things we struggle with today actually began generations before us in our families. Dysfunction and wounding often get passed down like family heirlooms. By pursuing healing for yourself, you are bringing healing ...

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Why should we explore the profound journey of healing from the pain woven into our stories? In today's episode, Susan Habegger, the author of A New Song, articulates beautifully why this pursuit of healing is so vital to our lives. She reminds us that the healing process is a powerful antidote to despair, unveiling truths that illuminate our path forward and ultimately bring us hope.

Here's an exciting opportunity for you....

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What did you expect from this journey of life, and what has been your reality? We might think of bright skies, stormy nights, confusing bends, and uninvited suffering. How do we respond to that in our lives? The journey through suffering toward healing may sound complicated, but friends, it awakens courage and peace.

Today's guest is Susan Habegger of Thrive Life Skills, a beacon of hope and the author of A New Song, a transfor...

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This episode is for those of you who might feel discouraged or overwhelmed, or maybe you're just tired of life being hard. You are not alone. Our prayer is that this episode revives hope in you today.

For encouraging, healing content, be sure to follow Tanya Godsey on Instagram.

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1. Shame Off You: 10 steps to shattering shame in your life,
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What do we do with the heavy and hard realities in our lives? In today's episode, Katie Tramonte leads us through a reflective journey of navigating life's heaviness. How do we carry the weight when it feels overwhelming? What do we do when complex realities confront us? We hope you experience Jesus's nearness in life's heavy and hard moments. 

Stay connected with Katie >>

ODR Podcast: Original Des...

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Have you ever experienced that nagging feeling of inadequacy or self-doubt when embarking on something new? Despite having the qualifications or achievements, there's an underlying fear of being exposed as an impostor. In these moments, we say… But God… we can’t… When we could be saying, “But God… with you…. I can. "

Join Maurice F. Martin and me as we explore ways to overcome this widespread phenomenon known as imposter s...

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Meet Brianna Barrier Wetherbee as she shares wisdom from her and Roger Barrier's new book, Look Like Jesus: A Guide to Spiritual Growth. In Look Like Jesus, they line out the path to spiritual maturity so clearly that you can't miss it! In this episode, Brianna will discuss spiritual growth and the ultimate joy of knowing Jesus intimately.

We all at Reclaimed Story send our condolences and love to the Barrier fam...

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Too often, we make huge plans and major resolutions only to get burned out when we can't keep them. What if taking small, consistent, manageable action steps would lead to big changes in your life over time? In today's episode, we will discuss three things you can do today to achieve the change you want to see in your life. Your future self starts today.

Here are two FREE Ebooks for you!
1. Shame Off You: 10 steps to ...

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We are celebrating our fifth anniversary as a ministry.  We thought it would be fun to introduce you to our team, many of whom serve behind the scenes.

In the last episode, you heard from Alicia and Nancy. Today, you'll hear from the rest of our team. They will share how they came to be a part of Reclaimed Story and their hearts for those on a healing journey. We hope that you will be personally encouraged as you hear from them...

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Welcome to 2024 as we start a new year; what a great time to reflect on where we have come from. This month, we are celebrating our fifth anniversary as a ministry. Much like life with God, running a ministry is an adventure.

Today, you will meet each of our team members as they discuss how they came to this ministry, what they do to serve, and their hearts for those on a healing journey. 

We hope that as you he...

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December 25, 2023 39 mins

Have you ever experienced a miracle? Have you heard stories of them? We see many miracles in the Bible, but what about in our lives today? In this episode, Dr. Chet Weld will share several remarkable miracle stories.

Dr. Weld recently wrote the book, "God is in the Crazy." As we celebrate Christmas, let's look at some of the ways He is Immanuel, God with us today, even in the crazy!

Before we begi...

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There are many names for Jesus, but what do they mean? What do they mean for us in the unique story that is our lives? 

 In this episode, we will discover why He is called Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace. We pray that you will gain a new perspective on our Savior born in a manger over two thousand years ago and how those names are so relevant to us today.

Christmas is right around the corner, and we have designed 17...

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There are many names for Jesus, but what do they mean? What do they mean for us in the unique story that is our lives? 

 In this episode, we will discover why He is called Wonderful Counselor and Mighty God. You'll gain a new perspective on the Savior born in a manger over two thousand years ago and how those names are relevant in our lives today.

Christmas is right around the corner, and we have designed 17 brand-new...

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Have you ever been in a conversation where someone shared something incredibly painful with you, and you found yourself not knowing how to respond? Perhaps they shared about a traumatic moment in their life or a hurt that they are currently experiencing. What you say in those moments matters. 

In this episode, we hope to equip you with practical tools to confidently sit in those moments and be a helper when someone is hurting.

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Have you ever dreaded holiday gatherings because you and the people you love have different views on things that are important to you? We want you to look forward to the holidays with your loved ones, so let's get super practical today, as we give you eight ways you can navigate healthy disagreements around the table this holiday season.

Here is your free E-book from this podcast, Navigating Healthy Disagreements

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October 16, 2023 40 mins

If someone were to ask you , “Who are you?” What would you lead with…your profession, your personality type, your role as a spouse or parent, even your sexuality? Seeking fulfillment, many Christians turn to identities that promise to give their lives meaning; anything that can be held up to others as the empowering core of who they are. But what happens when these new labels don’t give you any real foundation for hope or fulfillme...

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Life has this way of throwing a lot at us; sometimes, we sweep the hard things under the proverbial rug of life. I have done this most of my life, sweeping the painful moments under the rug and then wondering why I am tripping over it. I wonder if you can relate. We have good intentions of cleaning our house, yet we are doing it our way. How do we heal from things we don't want to look at? It takes courage to heal, courage to ...

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Have you ever struggled on your faith journey? Ever navigated what may feel like an awkward relationship with God?  Or wondered how to trust God, when life is challenging? Then you are going to really enjoy our guest today, Maurice F. Martin.  We are tackling these topics and more in this honest, dynamic conversation.

Before we start, I will give you a little peek at something fun... Maurice and Reclaimed Story are teaming...

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We were delighted to have Wendi Lou Lee on the podcast for the last couple of episodes, who played Baby Grace on the popular TV series Little House on the Prairie. Wendi talked about how grace can hide in the most challenging moments and gave us practical ways to look for grace daily in our lives.  She described it as "unexpected, obscured beauty that is often ready to bloom in the best and worst times." Wendi went into d...

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Can grace be found in great loss, a brain tumor, a tense conversation with someone you love, letting go of control, learning to say ‘no’,  and more? The answer is ‘YES’!! Grace can be found in every chapter of our lives, the highs and lows, and even in our darkest, most desperate moments.  Wendi Lou Lee joins us again for this episode as we continue the conversation of looking for grace in every chapter of our lives.  

Wendi Lou Lee...

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