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Lizzie Borden Audio

Lizzie Borden Audio is a new episodic series that appeals to lovers of the dark and macabre nature of a historical true crime investigation from the famous 1892 case. Told from multiple witnesses utilizing the primary source transcripts with short musical interludes, it is the first podcast made entirely from trial testimony with humorous bits of music to accent the absurd and sometimes comical nature of the crime. All work is nonfiction and comes from the trial, the published works of Borden scholars, and the newspapers of the time.


October 1, 2023 35 mins

This episode contains new information of Lizzie refusing a search and barring the officers from looking inside her room or bureau. Later this information would be disputed as tho it never happened. Read it for yourself in the book "The Jennings Journals, 1892" by the Fall River Historical Society. What was she hiding? Please leave a comment if you know.

Alice said she knew "it was cold blooded murder" i...

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Dr. Bowen was summoned shortly after Lizzie Borden discovered the body of her father, Andrew Borden, dead in the sitting room with his head smashed open by a hatchet.  Shortly after Doc Bowen arrived he encountered several witnesses and gave his timeline of events and sadly, described how Mrs. Borden visited his office early Wednesday morning stating that someone was trying to poison her the day before the murders.

Bowen m...

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On August 4, 1892, Dr. John Coughlin, the Mayor of Fall River, arrived at the residence of Andrew and Abby Borden only forty minutes after their brutal murders. Despite the passage of time, his meticulous notes and observations remain relevant today. 

Coughlin's observations include a haunting insight into the nature of the crime: the same person who killed Mr. Borden was responsible for Mrs. Borden's death. He w...

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January 27, 2023 24 mins

John Morse was the first person that gave his inquest to District Attorney Hosea Knowlton after the suspicious murders of Andrew & Abby Borden on August 4, 1892, just a few hours after he left the house to pursue his errands after spending the night in the same room that Abby's body was found brutally hacked about the head the same way as her husband with no bloody footprints leaving the crime scene. 

D.A. Knowlto...

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November 24, 2022 20 mins

Emma Borden, the older spinster sister to Lizzie Borden gave her inquest testimony to District Attorney Hosea Knowlton sometime during August 9-11, 1892 less than a week after the murders of her father and stepmother. 

The testimony takes on new meaning now that we know Emma was present with Lizzie in Fairhaven while she was asking for chloroform at Hypolyte Martel's Apothecary two weeks before the murders which can b...

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Listen while reading the transcript.  Emma Borden and Alice Russell discuss the burning of the Bedford Cord Dress after the murders.

Brenda McGinnis as Emma Borden, Mrs. Cyrus W. Tripp, Mrs. Jane Gray & Gossipy Church Lady.
Rina Sklar as Alice Russell.
David Loftus as Eli Bence, Dr. Albert E. Chase, Officer Harrington & others.
S.W. Conser as Eli Bence, Officer Medley, Reads the "Love Letter to Li...

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Defense Lawyer Ex-Governor George Robinson discusses "that one blue dress with the theory there were 2 bloody dresses to burn" and the prosecution's pursuit of "the Bedford Cord dress" played by Dennis Alexander.
Next door neighbor Mrs. Churchill testifies her discovery of Abby Borden's body upstairs in the guest room after Lizzie's urging played by Jody McCoy.
Officer Medley, Assist. Mar...

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The original witness statements from the case of Lizzie Borden by the Fall River Police Department immediately following the discovery of Andrew and Abby Borden's mutilated heads by their youngest daughter.

WARNING! There was a problem with the echo in one 30-second part that sounded like a year. My apologies!  

Dennis Alexander as Narrator
Tim Dennis as the Mayor of Fall River
Kati Dery as Bridget Su...

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April 28, 2020 18 mins

The exciting conclusion of the Inquest of Lizzie Borden as D.A. Knowlton queries Lizzie about the inconsistencies in her stories on the day of the murders.  Also discussed the eating of pears in the hot loft of the barn while looking out a closed window when she was "too sick to eat breakfast," looking for pieces of lead she "never found" to go fishing, her attempt to buy prussic acid,  and purchasing cheap dres...

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April 18, 2020 20 mins

D.A. Knowlton interrogates the 32 year-old-spinster daughter of the great Andrew J. Borden of Fall River revealing a sophisticated and clever liar.  All pleasantries have subsided as Lizzie uses her own brand of Bullshit & Bitchcraft to confuse her nemesis.

Narrator: Martin Dodge
Announcer: Dennis Alexander
Lizzie Borden: Tanya Montoya
D.A. Hosea Knowlton: Tim Dennis
Directed & Produced by Kate Lav...

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April 11, 2020 17 mins

D.A. Knowlton interrogates Lizzie Borden during her inquest until she admits she was alone with Abby Borden between 9:00 and 10:40 am when her father returned to the house. Soon thereafter, her father and then later, her stepmother are found dead and she declares she was up in the barn loft "looking for sinkers" and neither heard nor saw anyone.

Narrator: Martin Dodge
Lizzie Borden: Tanya Montoya
D.A. Hos...

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March 28, 2020 24 mins

Lizzie Borden was summoned to appear for questioning before Judge Blaisdell and D.A. Hosea Knowlton for the first day of her inquest five days after the suspicious murders of her father and stepmother.  She was the last person to see each person alive moments before their deaths even though they occurred two hours apart.

Announcer: Dennis Alexander
Narrator: Martin Dodge
Lizzie Borden: Tanya Montoya
D.A.Hosea ...

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100% testimony from the famous criminal trial of Lizzie Borden told from multiple witnesses as neighbors, spinsters, relatives, and police officers give their statements in a capital case that profiles the political history of women and minorities that is still relevant today.

Announcer by Dennis Alexander
Narrated by Larry Andrews
Recorded at KBOO Radio
Music by
Mastered at

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