Lois Koffi's Healthy N Wealthy N Wise Podcast

Lois Koffi's Healthy N Wealthy N Wise Podcast

Are you living your BEST life as a salesperson or entrepreneur? Or find you are working ALL the time - on the hamster wheel of life while stressed out and not financially free and time strapped - especially during this global pandemic? Healthy N Wealthy N Wise is a show that focuses on all things health and wealth and wisdom to educate and equip salespeople and entrepreneurs to design a LIFE.....NOT just work...all the while creating time/financial freedom in living your BEST life I'm Lois Koffi, a recovering workaholic, professional speaker/sales trainer/time management ninja who lost my health back in the great recession, which led to losing my wealth AND my mind. I rebounded and today my husband and kids and I are pandemic and recession proof - living laptop lifestyle Tune in weekly for my tips and interviews for YOU to live your BEST life you deserve


November 24, 2022 11 min
Healthy N Wealthy N Wise Partners With Mindology   My passion here at Healthy N Wealthy N Wise is all about mental/physical and spiritual health and alignment with your truth   Releasing that which no longer serves you and moving you into the belief you are perfect, whole and complete as you are   Mental health and suicide has impacted me and impacts millions of people   We are uniting with Mindology to save lives and build...
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12 Week Year vs. New Year's Resolutions


As a 12 week year certified trainer (and former P90X certified trainer back in my Tony Horton fitness hey days!), I am all about getting more done in LESS time.


I have coached 20,000+ people since the year 2000 in both health and sales/wealth and have seen how many have been programmed to focus on new year's resolutions


And yet why do 80% of people give up on their resolutio...

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What the heck is mediumship and why is it even a topic pertaining to the Healthy N Wealthy N Wise brand?

Well, I can tell you if it strikes concern or fear into your mind, you have the wrong image - have no fear!

We want to talk about what Mediumship IS and what it is NOT

And it's ok if this topic doesn't resonate

We believe this topic can impact millions' health and wealth and it's time to share it!


Part of my j...
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Here is my new HUGE announcement for my community and the masses as we wind down 2022 and head into 2023!


I am making a giant leap to help 1000 people be and become healthy n wealthy n wise between now and end of 2023!


Here is the update!

You can be a part of my $77/month subscription for being/becoming superconscious for your best health/wealth and wisdom!


If you are in Sales, you can be a part of my Inner Circle HWW Member...

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Have you ever wished you had more money?


Or did you grow up hearing your parents struggling with it when you were a kid?


Or maybe even tired of how society seems to make much of our self-worth attached to money or credit score?


Or do you make money, only to "lose" it?


I can say yes to ALL of the above.


It can also impact your sales career if you are afraid of ...

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In a new series of working with you on MONEY

It's a hot topic

For better or worse




It spans the globe

And what does your relationship with money say about your current reality?

I can say A LOT

Helluva lot!


In this monologue today I will discuss the difference between money and abundance What is your relationship with either word? Let's do a deep dive on this and see what comes up for you   Wh...

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This is our last call to go over our passion/focus for the month, suicide awareness

Today my guest is VERY passionate about this and is a trained psychologist who has a huge heart for this topic


He has decades of experience in psychology, sales and marketing AND transformational work


Please share this message - it could save a life!


Dr. Donald Moine has dedicated his entire professional life to helping his clients create weal...

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September 29, 2022 32 min

The perspective on money is vast

But one thing is for certain - it is YOUR perspective on it that can either cause dis-ease in your body mind


It can create flow and spaciousness


It is ALL in perspective


Money is merely a tool or a measurement - nothing more


And yet, why do people stress over it?

Even to the point of causing health issues or (ironically) money issues over it?

Today we talk about that with Dr. Mel and she sh...

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September 26, 2022 14 min
MOTIVATION MEDITATIVE THOUGHT MONDAY MESSAGE   This kicks off a 12 week series of short monologues to help you transform your mind, connect with your heart and prepare for 2023!   Thought for the week:   What happens when you love yourself?   Have you ever noticed or thought about that?   I can honestly say one year ago, I did NOT love myself....honestly I hated myself   Because i wasn't fully following my TRUTH   I was...

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In continuation of suicide awareness month and mental health focus, Coach Lois has another powerful interview of one of her very own clients/friends who had a massive shift since May and a radical shift over the past year

The pandemic killed her business, woke her up and also caused her to hit rock bottom in her life


Tune in today for her life giving story

Karen is a travel expert with over 20 years outdoor adventure and travel e...

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Today I interview an expert on the subconscious mind, Janet Wells

She is an Advanced Mindset Facilitator at Balanced You - a company I hired in 2019 to begin my own inward transformation journey

Together we talk about our superpowers - the power of the subconscious AND the superconscious minds working together for our greater good

This year I found my superpowers for success

They ALL lied within myself - within these two minds


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Zig Ziglar always used to say this


You gotta BE

Before you can DO

So you can HAVE the life you want


I got that intellectually and spiritually for quite some time


THEN I got caught up in the DOINGness of life


It's easy to do in sales


Especially when you are juggling LIFE - parenthood, friendships, work, money, stress, etc.


Here is how I overcame the DOINGness dis-ease I felt prey to for over 10 years


and NOW I real...

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Are you a Starseed?


Have you been wondering what your purpose is and why you are here?


Or why you've been feeling so much shifting mentally, physically and spiritually these past few years?


We will discuss this today and more with author and galactic channel, Alexander Quinn!


Alexander helped ME thru my own ascension and awakening process a lot in the last year in helping me KNOW MYSELF much deeper and better than ever ...

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September is suicide awareness month and are focus is on your overall health/well being for yourself and your friends/co-workers/clients, etc.


Today is our first of four guests that are bringing heart warming and deeply impactful messages


It could save your life or the life of someone you care about


  • Dr. Christine Sauer is a German-trained physician and naturopath, as well as a gastrointestinal disease specialist, currently wo...
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    September 8, 2022 13 min

    In continuation of Suicide Awareness month/mental health focus here on Healthy N Wealthy N Wise, I wanna talk about something that may seem "weird" or taboo

    Are you unique?

    Are you a Starseed?

    Have you felt like the black sheep of your family?

    Like you are alone or separate from society?

    Maybe even a bit of an outcast?

    Wondering - why am I so different from others?

    That was me for a looooooong time

    I hit my light for a long...

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      In honor of suicide awareness month, I am going to be not only talking to some life saving/life giving guests, I am also going to be sharing some deep topics that need to be heard/shared   Lots of people are struggling with mental health issues OR even simply being triggered by life events, societal pressures and a lot of external mistruths....   You can stop looking outside yourself for the answers   All the answers lie withi...
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    August 29, 2022 13 min

    How does abandonment impacts sales & lif?

    What do I mean by that?

    Do you find you have call reluctance in sales?

    Or don't do the follow ups you said you were going to do?

    Or maybe you are lacking intimate relationships with people or partners because you don't communicate your needs or speak your truth?

    I have been there!!!

    And I found the root cause of all of that for me (and my clients) is one thing: FEAR OF ABAND...

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    Is it a good time to buy?


    To invest?


    What is the forecast of the real estate economy?


    Many are saying this upcoming "recession" is going to be bigger than 2008 Great Recession


    Today I talk about all of this with a very experienced and seasoned agent/investor in Vinnie Enriquez


    Vicente Enriquez aka Vinnie is the team lead of The Enriquez Group and Host of the Road to Growth Podcast.


    His real estate team is based ...

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    In a day and age where many are all about "Think and Grow Rich", we have missed the mark (as have I!)


    Business and true success is all about the heart and if we can all shift in that direction, that will bring about our best health, best wealth, and best wisdom


    Today we talked to Brian Baird about this as it is a passion of his and throughout his 60 years of "research" of life as an entrepreneur


    Brian serves t...

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    August 10, 2022 18 min

    Do you struggle with trusting yourself?

    In business and/or in life decisions?

    Do you constantly second guess yourself?

    Perhaps because of past "mistakes" or "failures"?

    I can relate to all of the above!

    And for the past year I have radically loved and accepted myself AND my intuition I fell in love with my intuition actually - even when I was scared to go there

    And I wanna help you with that today

    For it is t...

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