Losing Weight with ADHD

Losing Weight with ADHD

Are you an ADHDer who is tired of trying everything to lose weight and having no lasting success or actual change? This is the podcast for you where we will talk about the connection between ADHD and weight, and all the things that go into bridging the gap to see weight loss success! Where the cookie cutter programs and guidance just don't seem to work for you - I can relate and I can help to guide you to finding your own way to real change! You can reach your weight loss goals while living your life the way that makes most sense to you. No more trying to fit a square peg into a round hole! I'm your host Jennifer Watts, and I am a CPA, advanced certified weight loss, nutrition and life coach. I'll be here each week with new episodes for you! Find me on Instagram @jennwatts.adhd.


July 18, 2024 20 mins

Sometimes as an ADHDer, the idea of "keep it simple" is not actually so simple! Today we are discussing this concept, and if/how we can make it work for us in weight loss. 

We cover:

  • Is simplicity achievable for us?
  • Why our brains might not naturally think in simple terms
  • Why it might actually be overwhelming (at first)  to try to keep things basic
  • What are some steps to take if you want to simplify the...
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Today I am discussing why finding your best way to become regulated more often is crucial to your weight loss journey, especially as someone with ADHD. I discussed:

  • What impact does your emotional state have on weight loss
  • Why this might be a big factor for you as someone with ADHD
  • Why working towards more regulation than dysregulation could really positively impact you

As always, let me know if this resonates!!


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In this episode I am really diving in to my own relationship with alcohol, and how it has evolved over the years. Keep in mind that this is purely my own experience, I can really only speak for myself! 

I discussed:

  • How alcohol affected my life at various stages
  • Ways that I can see the impact being different as someone with ADHD
  • Why I feel like it was a big part of my life at times
  • Two different big shifts I made
  • ...
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Today is a short and sweet episode - I am talking about trusting your own gut feelings when it comes to working towards your goals. I covered:

  • This podcast episode that inspired the topic for today
  • What does your intuition mean when it comes to your weight loss
  • An example of trusting your gut vs. following what your are told
  • How I have noticed myself listening to my own instincts on my weight loss journey

As alwa...

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I'm covering the idea of whether "eat what you want" is helpful or a hindrance when you are pursuing weight loss as someone with ADHD. This all came about from a comment I saw someone make about this! I covered:

  • How the idea of "eat what you want" might make some people feel or approach weight loss
  • The messy middle between rigid structure and total freedom
  • Is it helpful to just be told what to do...
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This episode covers the topic of burnout, and how it can be different as someone with ADHD. We discuss:

  • What is burnout?
  • What are some of the main symptoms
  • My current experience as I am dealing with burnout
  • How it impacts your weight loss journey
  • 6 things you can do to help move through burnout

I know this is something that many of us have experienced, and I hope that you feel less alone in it after listening.

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I am so honoured to have had the opportunity to interview Megs Crawford of Organizing an ADHD Brain! Megs has an amazing story that you won't want to miss, and is just overall a wonderful person.  

We talked about:

  • Who is Megs?
  • Her ADHD journey
  • Her history with weight and disordered eating
  • What went into true, sustainable weight loss for Megs
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Losing 120lbs!
  • The impact of yoga on her life
  • T...
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This is a brief episode covering why it's important and relevant to visualize your future self as part of your weight loss journey as someone with ADHD. 

We discuss:

  • Why your future self is important
  • How it helps when it comes to weight loss
  • "Intention deficit disorder" and what that has to do with it all

I hope you enjoy this quick episode!

I'd love to hear from you! You can connect with ...

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This week we are talking about something that I am sure is soooo familiar to you if you have tried to work towards weight loss, and that's actually sticking to it! 

With ADHD it is easy to trail off and maybe not stay the course, even though you start off with a bang. In this episode we covered:

  • 4 of the main reasons I see that people veer off their plans and don't seem to follow through
  • Some differen...
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Today we're talking about four stages of getting to place where you can make real, lasting change in your life as someone with ADHD. These are the four that I have honed in on in my own life and experience, and recognize that they are what make the difference when I want to make change for real. 

The 4 A's are:

  • Awareness
  • Acceptance
  • Autonomy
  • Action plan

I hope you enjoy this episode!

I'd lov...

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May 13, 2024 4 mins

Just a quick update to let you know that the name of the podcast is changing! It will now be called "Balanced Living with ADHD". Same content, same topics - just a bit more all-encompassing of a name. You'll see the change on this week's full episode, coming on Thursday. 

I'd love to hear from you! You can connect with me in the following ways:

Instagram: @jennwatts.adhd
Email: jennifer@jenni...

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We are covering self-efficacy today, which is basically your belief in your ability to do something. We covered:

  • What does good self-efficacy look like (and not-so-good self-efficacy)
  • The ADHD connection
  • The weight loss connection
  • Specific ways your self-efficacy might affect weight loss as someone with ADHD
  • How to develop self-efficacy

It might not be something that you have considered before, but it has a really deep impa...

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Today I discussed the idea of aiming for 100% when it comes to our goals. Is that perfectionist thinking that could set us up for failure? Or is it actually an opportunity to give ourselves a break from all of the decision making? 

I also talked about what that means if you are aiming for 100% and you hit the inevitable roadblocks - how we handle the bumps in the road can really be the key to our success in reaching our go...

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April 25, 2024 27 mins
Today we are discussing how ADHD paralysis may be coming in to play. We cover:

1. What exactly is ADHD paralysis? How does it show up and affect us?
2. What it has to do with your weight loss journey
3. Some ways to help lessen it or move through it

I'd love to hear if this resonates with you!

And don't forget that The Anchor, my brand new membership, is now open! It is a great opp...
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This week I am talking about finding your freedom in your weight loss. Sometimes finding freedom to do things in our own unique way can be the key to success!

We discuss:

  • What does that even mean to have freedom in weight loss?
  • How can you find it as someone with ADHD?
  • Don't I have to follow a program or plan that already exists?

I also talked about my new membership program, The Anchor! It is now open and w...

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Today's episode is for anyone who has experienced emotional dysregulation (which is pretty much all of us!). We are going to cover:

1. What is emotional regulation and dysregulation, especially as it relates to ADHD?
2. What does this have to do with weight loss? (Believe me, it is STRONGLY connected!)
3. What are some of the things we can do to help develop regulation?

I also discussed at the end the...

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April 4, 2024 24 mins
Today we are discussing interoceptive awareness and how it might affect your weight loss and life in general with ADHD. 

I cover the ways it might show up for you, as well as 7 different tips on how to work on developing your body awareness. 

I'd love to hear from you! You can connect with me in the following ways:

Instagram: @jennwatts.adhd
Email: jennifer@jenniferwatts.ca

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March 28, 2024 22 mins

Is losing weight and dieting the key to having a happier life? To feeling better? Is dieting the answer? In today's episode, I talk about dieting and ADHD. Here are some key points that I discuss: 

  • Feeling like you want to be done with something, especially losing the weight, is a totally normal way to feel and when you have ADHD, it can be really easy to fixate on losing the weight. 
  • When trying to follow a plan, like a wei...
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In today's episode, I talk about something that I know you probably will understand, self-compassion. Sometimes things feel hard and you might not be very kind to yourself. I needed this reminder for myself, and I'm sharing it with you. 

I discuss what self-compassion means, what it is not, and why it matters in weight loss: 

  • Stephen Hickman defines compassion as "the awareness of suffering coupled with a...
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March 14, 2024 23 mins

Today I talk about your environment and how it can affect your ADHD. How are your surroundings impacting you? Is that affecting your weight loss? Find out in today's episode! Some things I discuss are: 

  • If you are a person who is naturally more attuned to your environment, it can be exhausting, and it can impact your mood.
  • More clutter can impact your mood and take up your mental energy, which can lead to overwhelm and being...
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