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Step into the world of “LOTS to Talk About,” your new favorite podcast that promises engaging conversations and inspirational stories. Broadcasting live every Monday evening, we bring you a delightful mix of interesting dialogues, personal narratives, and visions of the future. Our conversational-style interviews are not just entertaining, but also enlightening, creating a warm platform for our distinguished guests to share their unique life paths and aspirations. We celebrate diverse experiences and encourage thoughtful discussions. Each week, our host skillfully steers captivating discussions with our guests, exploring their personal tales and dreams for the future. The result? A weekly serving of inspiration that’s as stimulating as it is enjoyable. “LOTS to Talk About” is more than a podcast—it’s a welcoming community of open-minded individuals eager to engage in meaningful dialogue. Our discussions are lively and informative, designed to satisfy your curiosity and have you looking forward to the next episode. So, if you’re ready to join an enriching conversation, tune into “LOTS to Talk About” every Monday evening. Get involved in the fascinating discussions, relish the inspiring stories, and embark on an enlightening journey. Your adventure awaits!


October 2, 2023 49 mins

Are you looking to plant your flag? My guest this evening is a Mom of 7, successful business owner, and World Record holder. As the first woman to climb the second highest summits on each of the 7 continents, she now spends her time inspiring others to create a thriving business and lasting legacy of their own. I exciting to have a chat with Jenn Drummond.

Find out more about Jenn:


Looking to plant ...

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My guest this evening is on the road solo in her 36' RV. Since 2019 she has been on the road and has been exploring the highways and byways of the United States, covering over 36,000 miles and visiting 41 out of the 62 National Parks. She is also the owner of an RV Club for solo travelers. I am excited to chat with Jenell Jones.

Find out more about Jenell at:




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Tonight on LOTS to Talk About we will be exploring the spirit world with Corbie Midleid. Corbie has been reading since 1973. She has traveled coast to coast and into Canada as a full time intuitive counselor and is an inspirational speaker and facilitator. Corbie's certifications and affiliations include Certified Tarot Master and Certified Professional Tarot Reader; member of the American Tarot Association and The Tarot Guild; ...

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Mike Kaeding is blazing a path to affordable apartments. From a loss of a parent to being shut down, Mike rebounded and approached a business he didn't know from a new direction. Let's Fix a Problem.

Find out more about Mike and his company Norhart here: https://www.norhart.com/

Find out more about me at: https://thelotsproject.com

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Tonight I am joined by Michael McGinnis

Michael McGinnis, Jr., AKA The Jungle Writer, author of Book One, The Essential Revolution, and Book Two, The Invitation, has dedicated his life to the awakening of humanity on a global level. Through extensive self-study and first-hand experience, Mike has been gifted to serve as a channel for the words the world needs to hear at the most crucial moment in history.

I am excited for this chat.


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This evening we will be diving into the adventures of a traveling artist. My guest this evening is the top producer of old school pinstriping, hand-painted lettering, gold leaf inscriptions and airbrushed imagery on motorcycles, hot rods, guitars, cake mixers and even top-shelf motorhomes. Writing fills every available moment.

He is is quick to point out that everyone’s mixture of life’s challenges is divinely choreographed to help ...

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Join me on the latest episode of "LOTS to Talk About" as The LOTS Project Podcast Hits 500 episodes. From the very first episode to this monumental milestone of 500 episodes, we've experienced a rollercoaster of emotions, shared countless stories, and connected with amazing guests along the way. In this special episode, I can't wait to reminisce about the highs that made us soar with joy and the lows that tested our resilience. If...

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In this episode we will be talking about landing great clients. My guest tonight specializes on qualifying clients to grow your business. We chat about how to identify your ideal clients and then how to go about landing them. It should be a great chat.

Find out more about Drake:

Primary website: www.ProfitCollective.VIPBook Link: www.ProfitCollective.VIP/bookComplimentary Training: www.resources.profitcollective.vip/3simplest...

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Tonight we chat about how to become the authority in your industry. Once you become an authority in your industry it opens up many doors. My guest this evening can show specializes in just that. This episode we will explore several ways to make it happen. Check out a couple links Beate shared with us: https://growthblockerquiz.com/ Find out what your #1 Business Growth Blocker is and https://AirtightAvatar.com Find Your Ide...

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This evening Brian “Scramblin” Norton returns to LOTS to Talk About. We will be talking about overcoming lifelong fears, building skills and community and a bunch of other things we catch up on.  It is always an interesting chat when Scramblin is in the house. 


Find all Scramblin’s info at https://foodforestfarms.com

Grab 5% off on his whole site with discount code: Lots5




Find out more at https://thelotsproject.com

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Stories from a serial entrepreneur.   My guest this evening started out with a fruit stand in his mother's front yard.  Over the last thirty years, he has expanded his ventures to create multiple multi-million dollar companies in both product and service industries.  I am excited to hear about his journey and what he has coming up next.


Check out more from Rodric:

https://www.milliondollarflipflops.com/resources with access c...

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Catching up with Kyle The Backwoods Butcher with a simalcast of LOTS to Talk About and Meet The Critters. We plan to catch up and lay out what we both have going on, hopes and dreams and maybe a little SRF chat.


 Don't be afraid to follow Kyle: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@Backwoodsbutcher603

Nostr: https://snort.social/p/npub19dhdrmp65960qzysmc8x60d0jatfm9etj5tca0sfju4vurxp7ayswxr00n

 Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@ba...

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Tonight Kori and I recap our roadtrip to South Dakota and back to Tennessee.  We cover the stats, if we met our goals, the ups and downs and a recap of all our Hipcamp stays and travel days.



Want to learn more about Hipcamp?  Sign up for a free 30 min chat with me at https://thelotsproject.com



Get Outdoors and Do Some Camping (get $10 off your first visit),.  Check out Hipcamp as a camper https://www.hipcamp.com/en-US/users...

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My guest tonight is a recovering, hard-driving leader with over 35 years of Sales, Marketing, Educational and Entrepreneurial experience, he has successfully battled the negative effects of stress head-on and developed the LIGHTEN™ stress management model Here to talk about how people can better protect their health and handle challenging situations with grace and success. We may also go down several rabbit holes. I would like to w...

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I came across my guests through a listener to the podcast.  One day he started commenting before my live feed with history notes and eventually ended up providing a whole history segment.  He is also part of this really cool company that I took an interest in. Whether you are a Jeeper or just like cool little toys you are going to want to hear this chat.  I would like to welcome to LOTS to Talk About,  The Ductioncup Crew. It shoul...

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My guest this evening I a driving force behind the Kentucky Sustainable Living Group on FB and well as the Kentucky Sustainable Living Festival. I asked him to come on to chat about how he got into Sustainable living, about his group and what to expect from the festival.  I would like to welcome to LOTS to Talk about. Jason Sparks. It should be a great chat.


Check out all the related links Jason provided

Festival website li...

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My guest today has been a voice actor since 2007 working with major brands worldwide. She has also put out an album as a singer, is a podcast host and guest. Here to talk about the ins and outs of voice acting and some practical advice on recording audio. I would like to welcome to LOTS to Talk About Jodi Krangle. It should be a great chat.


Find more about Jodi and get a free download:   https://voiceoversandvocals.com/tips-for-...

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My guest today can help you design cost efficient solar and rainwater catchment systems among countless other things. With Hack my solar and now Hack my homestead he has gone on his own turning his passion into a business.  Here to talk about his journey and what he has going on now.  I would like to welcome to LOTS to Talk About Shawn Mills of HackMyHomestead.com It should be a great chat.


Find more about Shawn:    https://hack...

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LOTS To Talk About with Dwight Heck     What The Heck?

lots@getalby.com       Https://LOTS.ittybitty.tips

My guest today lived paycheck to paycheck as a single dad, struggling with budgeting and money. His life hit a turning point in 2001 with a major health issue and a suggestion from a friend.  His life is completely different 20 years later.  Here discuss the past, what changed and what he has going on now, It should be a great...

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My guest today owns and operates a website design and branding company with his wife.  He ditched the corporate world and is doing  it on his own. Like most of us he has started to also pulls some strings looking into some of the systems that control us.  Hear to talk about his entrepreneurial journey, taking that leap with your spouse and whatever else comes up. It should be a great chat.


Links to some of the books we talked abo...

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