Love Made Easy With Susie & Otto Collins

Love Made Easy With Susie & Otto Collins

If you're frustrated and want more love and better relationships in your life, The Love Made Easy Podcast will help. As you listen to each episode, Susie and Otto Collins will help you see how you can put all your relationship struggles behind you. With your new insights, you'll start seeing new ways to show up that brings more love and fresh, new possibilities into all your relationships. While we're focusing on love here, you'll see the impact of what you discover here in all areas of your life. If you want more tips, advice and help in your relationships or life, there are many free resources at


January 7, 2024 25 mins

Would You like to have a "Love Miracle" show up In your life? Most people would and in this episode, (EP91) of the Love Made Easy Podcast, we're exploring the 2 kinds of miracles that lead to more love. The first kind of miracle appears to be a stroke of luck , a random event or "divine intervention." The 2nd kind of love miracle is what happens when there is a shift in perception within you and how the world appears to you t...

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Sometimes you just don't feel like "being" love--whether a physical or emotional challenge is standing in your way or  it's something else you're dealing with. What do you do when the sparks aren't flying, you're not excited about life or you're just down in the dumps for no apparent reason? What do you do then to keep your connection and grow your love when you're just not feeling it?   These things and so much more are...
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Have you ever wondered why people won't change when it's in their best interest to do so? This is such a big question especially when it seems like it's the best thing for them, the right thing to do or something that should make total sense to them. Well, here's a question that's just as good or maybe even better... What if he or she never changes? What do you do then? After all, you try and you try and they just won't...

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Everyone feels misunderstood from time to time and we humans sometimes misunderstand other people as well.

When you misunderstand someone or you feel misunderstood yourself, conflict ensues, drama ignites and any hope for more love and a deeper connection is lost.

In this episode (episode 88) of the Love Made Easy podcast, we're talking about one small three letter word that clears up big misunderstandings.

Sound too good to ...

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April 17, 2023 24 mins
When most people talk about forgiveness, it's usually about forgiving someone else who wronged them in some way. Welcome to episode 87 of the Love Made Easy podcast where we're talking about the other side of forgiveness--forgiving yourself and how this can be the doorway that opens to your best life ever. In this episode, our conversation is all about the freedom, the inner relaxation and the possibilities for your life (that ...
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We all have habits and when it comes to love, some of our "love habits" are healthy and things you want to do more of and some love habits are things you should stop doing right away. Welcome to episode 86 of the Love Made Easy podcast where we're taking a deeper look at healthy VS unhealthy love habits. In this episode, we're asking the question: What should you do more of to increase love and connection and what destroys love...
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March 13, 2023 24 mins
Hiding is one of the biggest barriers to love and connection in all relationships. In this episode of the Love Made Easy podcast, we're talking about "Hiding" in love and relationships in all its many forms. We're talking about this because we all hide--especially emotionally from ourselves and the people we love and that creates distance and disconnection. Listen now to Episode 85 of the Love Made Easy podcast and hea...
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February 20, 2023 24 mins
Welcome to episode 84 of the Love Made Easy podcast where we're talking about Jealousy and the fact that it can overwhelm you when you least expect it and can destroy relationships and connection when this doesn't have to be the case. In this episode, we're giving practical suggestions for letting go of jealousy and we're also taking a deeper look into some aspects of jealousy (and how to stop it) that you may not have considered...
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Loving ourselves is really important to having close, connected relationships, high self-esteem and much more.   But sometimes it can be really hard to love ourselves, especially when you aren't feeling good about yourself. In this episode, #83 of the Love Made Easy Podcast, we spend some time talking about what's going on when it's hard to love ourselves and how we can love ourselves even when we don't feel like it. In this e...
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You can have a new beginning anytime and In this episode of the Love Made Easy podcast, we're talking about the possibilities of new beginnings. As we settle into the new year, a good question to ask yourself is "What do you want in your life?" Listen to Episode 82 now as we talk about new beginnings, how to open to a new beginning and how a fresh start can be much easier than it may appear to jump start you into the love and ...
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December 5, 2022 23 mins
In this episode of the Love Made Easy podcast, we're talking about worthiness. We spend time talking about how our thinking and what we decide about whether we're worthy or not sabotages love and every aspect of our lives. We'll also reveal where to start if you want to feel more worthy of love or anything else you want in life. Listen to Episode 81 of the Love Made Easy podcast now as we share with you our belief that you are ...
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November 28, 2022 22 mins
One of the things we've found is the more you defend your heart, the less open you are to love. We defend our hearts in so many ways, and yet keeping our hearts open, putting down our walls and defenses and living with an undefended heart are some of the very things that allow us to be connected to another human being. In this episode, Episode 80 of the Love Made Easy Podcast, we're talking about the beauty, the gifts and the m...
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November 14, 2022 23 mins
Discover secrets of couples who stay in love forever. Welcome to episode 79 of the Love Made Easy Podcast where we're diving into the question, "Why do some couples stay in love over the years and other couples get lost from one another?" In this episode, we talk about the differences between couples who fall into boredom and become more like roommates than lovers...   And other couples who fall more and more in love the longer t...
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We all like to get attention but often in our relationships, we can feel like we don't get what we think we need. What we've found is that it's actually much easier than you might think to get all the love and attention you could ever want in a relationship *if* you go about it the right way. Welcome to episode 78 of the Love Made Easy podcast where we're talking about -- "Getting the attention you want and need." Blessings a...

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Everyone has complaints. It's a part of life. Sometimes our complaints are large and loud and other times they're quieter but still there. Welcome to episode 77 of the Love Made Easy podcast where we're exploring the question-- "Are your complaints helpful or getting in the way of love?" In this episode we're also talking about where complaints come from, how we use them (and why) but most of all we're exploring the dark side of...

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Black and white thinking kills a lot of relationships and the tragedy is-- most people don't even realize how much or how often they are mired in it. Welcome to episode 76 of the Love Made Easy podcast where we're exploring black and white thinking--what it is and how it shuts off love in your life.

Both of us have allowed our black and white thinking to get the better of us from time to time and we're guessing that this is true ...

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Sometimes we misinterpret (or not even see) the signs we get from those closest to us. In this episode, (Episode 75) of our Love Made Easy podcast, here's how to get those signs right for deeper connection, more understanding and love.

Blessings and Love to you, Susie and Otto Collins

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If you want to stop your spouse, partner (or anyone else in your life) from getting defensive when you talk with them... Ask different questions.

That's right, you want to ask them questions that pull them closer, make the two of you feel closer and more connected and

create more love between the two of you.

So, how do you do this?

It's both a mindset and a skill and this is what we're talking about in this episode (episode 74)...

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For far too many people, the "shoulds" or what people think they "should " or "should not do" is ruining their relationships and their lives. Welcome to episode 73 of the Love Made Easy podcast where we're taking on the question of "shoulds" head on and give you some new ways to see "shoulds." Best of all...we're giving you some ideas for dealing with that voice inside you that is barking at you all the time about what you shou...

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Sometimes you love someone but in spite of this, there are times you just don't like them very much.

It might be for a brief moment because you don't like the way they're treating you or the way they see a certain situation--or you might come to the realization that you just don't like who this person has become.

These are tough situations to be in and the good news is--there are solutions to this.

Listen to this episode, (EP72) ...

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